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Mar 21, 2011

Shyne Concert to bring Def Jam Recording Artists

Moshe Levi Ben David

Moshe Levi Ben David, Belize’s Music Ambassador, will release his first album after being behind bars for nine years. Promoters say Ben David, also known as Shyne, is expected to have at least two Def-Jam recording artists present at his pre-release album party this weekend.  The promoter says that because of the hype being generated, they had to upgrade the event to a larger location that would be the MCC Grounds. News Five spoke to DJ Dalla who says you better get your tickets by the end of the week.

DJ Dalla, Promoter

“We had been dialoguing with Def Jam and Shyne’s Label and we have decided to change venue of the show from Princess Poolside to MCC Grounds.”

Jose Sanchez

“And why is that?”

DJ Dalla

“Well basically, you and everybody know that we had two guest appearance, we had now change it to now guest performance. They decided that the MCC Grounds would be a better venue because it is bigger and it’s a surprise. Definitely when the people find out who it is, definitely the M.C.C. will be the venue to fill the capacity that we are looking for.”

Jose Sanchez

“The identity of these guest performers. We heard Shyne talk about A-List singers that he has on speed dial. Is any of them coming?”

DJ Dalla

DJ Dalla

“Defintiely. It’s performers that as you hear the name you will be like boom, you know it.”

Jose Sanchez

“Male? Female? Any hints?”

DJ Dalla

“Well, male and female.”

Jose Sanchez

“And Shyne? there are rumors that maybe Shyne won’t even be showing up to his own party.”

DJ Dalla

“Well as we speak, Shyne is on the plane right now and he will be in Belize on Wednesday.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now the cost of it is how much?”

DJ Dalla

“The cost is fifty dollars for the tickets still until Friday. After Friday, the price will change, so we advise people to go and get the tickets. Tickets go in stores tomorrow.”

Jose Sanchez

“From what time to what time is this concert/party?”

DJ Dalla

“Well the concert kicks off at ten ‘til wee in the morning about four-five.”

Jose Sanchez

“The album won’t be available yet until May for sale?”

DJ Dalla

“No, it’s a prerelease album party, but I haven’t confirmed that as yet with him if the label will have the album available the night of the concert.”

Jose Sanchez

“Are we gonna see his famous minister relatives, like Uncle Mike Finnegan?”

DJ Dalla

“His uncle will be there, his dad will be there, brother, sister, family, everybody along with all of us Belizeans because you know Shyne is like our brother; family.”

Tickets are available at Cellular World, Bucks Best Buy, Record Shack, Venus and other music stores.

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40 Responses for “Shyne Concert to bring Def Jam Recording Artists”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. rod says:

    a disgrace to the country of belize this guy is nothing more than a disgrace to the belizean people just another criminal like father like son the apple doesnt fall far from the tree please stay away from belize dont even mention that ou were born in belize daddy you need fu go join him resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


    Earl I really don’t think $50 is too much bro after all we do pay about the same price for imported artists from Jamaica and other countries so why not ur own? Although as well I will agree with Rod that Shyne is somewhat very controversial when it comes to his roots and its indeed a very hard plum to swallow whether or not he speaks highly of his Belizean blood or whether he simply brush us under the rug! In most of his television interviews I have yet to hear him speak positive or at least give his respect and admiration towards his homeland or his fellow Bzeans. For all it might even seem that he is embarrassed to mention just where he is from. How sad.

  4. cg says:

    ayeeeeeee…..let the royal family out…time to bust a move with he “A-listers” lol…..poor curffy gwen go dig fuh the cost of ticket and new outfit…bling bing..

  5. BT says:


  6. Crazy says:

    more people will get robbed and killed so they could afford the $50. Barrow should make this free since he has millions of dollars from the belizean people.

  7. a tired belizean says:

    what a paper rapper. the only reason he is around is cuz he took that fall for puff…puff is the one who pushed these deals for him. what a fake !@#$. that fool should go dig a hole and bury himself. he needs to resign and shut up. over-rated piece of ish. need to boycot his concert and show him and his buddy from deff jam that not even the belizeans got his back, just like he didn’t/doesn’t have our back. Boycott!!!

  8. islander says:


    Can imagine dem lee cuffi di go aff up da City, fih dis douchebag

  9. cyclone says:

    Hey! Despite all a dat. Meck wi suppot our kind and have a little fun. The peolple of Belize need a little bit a that rt now. For sure.

  10. fromafar says:

    The danger is that his guests will out Shyne him.. LOL

  11. Justice says:

    My Belizeans people, do not support this joker. His father has raped us and he is following. Who needs the music of a person who has done nothing to help humanity? There are many struggling and honest artists out there to help. There are many needy people out there to assist. Children are stariving, paents cannot cope with all expenses and this joker who is living like a king, does not acknowledge his hertiage (which is a good Thing!) Rememeber he claims to have a jewish Ethiopian grandmother. Send the message loud and clealy, we are tired of you and your family , stay out! Channel 5 please keep this piece of crap out of the news. Report the viloence after.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why not save that $50.00 to support real Belizean Artist like the girl Mellonie.

  13. enuff mein! says:

    Shyne is like a brother? maybe to you. but i no like associate miself wid criminals an ex-cons. i no wa help glorify what he call smusic because his dady and uncle big eena government. if unu support him and his nonsense, its a striking blow to belize culture because he will never be an andy palacio or a wilfred peters.

  14. enuff mein! says:

    especially since he only in bze cuz the US kick him out. go somewhere else. we no want yuh yah. u and yu royal family.

  15. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    First time in the history of Belize a major record label will release a record in Belize, just be happy for our brother.This man was given a second chance at life,and he is making the best of it.I do not see the big deal.All the anger towards this man tells me that some people are not happy with their own life , and that is where the resentment comes in.How could you hate someone who have never done anything to you.The man claimed that his Grandmother is an Ethiopian Jew.Big deal.He did’nt say anything about my Grandmother, so why should I be upset.I do not want anything from him,and I do not expect anything from him.What he erned is his,and if people want to give him 50:00 bucks that is their problem.They give to other artist who performs in Belize from other countrys,and these artist have no love for them.

  16. Tashy says:

    thats all you people can do is hate. talking about people getting robbed. You all the same @@#@#ers thats buy the $#!% from them. I am belizean I would disown you all disgraceful people with all the $#!% that goes on in Belize, people go around saying its the UDP party or even the PUP party that have the country FFFF-UP NO ITS THE NONE EDUCATED @$$#*!!#$. WHY the hell else is he having the concert in Belize if he didn’t like Belize stupid people. You all say $#!% and you all going to his concert anyways. Good something in the news other than mother @@@# getting kill or robbed. Thank God for EDUCATED PEOPLE.

  17. Do it right says:

    Haha whats funny is that you all complaining and come Sat night y’all gonna be right there. Many people not going for Shyne but for the guest performances. So i say stop hating and go enjoy yourselves bc the concert is also featuring performances by many of our local artists. What y’all don’t realize is that the more ticket that sells the more our local artists will collect too. It will be a good concert and an oppurtunity for people to enjoy themselves. So enough with bs talk bout boycotting bc the only people that will suffer is the local performers.

  18. janedoe says:


  19. Bulba Martinez says:

    Who give’s a Rat’s a-s?. A member of the Political First Family and the beat goes on. A bunch of ooprtunists, if you can’t do it in America, then bring America to Belize, like it or like it not. Read between the lines!!!!!!.

  20. nena says:

    hey………..kool huh? reveal d surprise artists mein. way from suga city we r going to d concert lol! feel hype ova dis! new clothes!shopping on friday.

  21. belizeanpride says:

    no a fan nor a supporter of shyne, with the fuel price so high when will i affrod to run from cayo to belize city no mein his father rising the cost of fuel and his son charging $50.00 for his concernt which he feels shame of our nation and on top denies his nationality neeeh rather save my 50 bucks for the gas for my next quince to run to work. let him bring down the price to a $20.00 make a bargain people lets play the game of bargaining good price or no concert.

  22. Joe McGuire says:

    Jaaaaaaa! I wouldn’t pay $1 to go see Shyne, I rather save dat $50 fu try and fill up my gas tank with dem new outrageous prices a fuel, I could bet u Shyne no even going d there bekaz d man doesnt want to be a part of Belize!

  23. Shy says:

    Its a dam shame that some Belizeans would bring down there own people instead of bigging them up and trying to lift them up. I personally will be there and will support this Belizean man!

  24. Interferring Mary says:

    It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat a……nd blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.Belizeans need to wise up and stop rididng against each other,at the end of the day he is a born Belizean weather he is Dean Barrow son or ,Shyne Po,or Moses Levy…..if you can;t beat him join him he is not in Belize asking anyone for $#!%,the youngman did his time so get off his back and let him get a breath of fresh air.Obviously he is a topic of conversation,so he must be important?cheers….stop the hating be proud another black man is striving to make it,shucks mein,damn cruffy

  25. The Educated One says:

    When you know nothing. You keep your mouth shut, otherwise, you may end up looking stupid. I’ll take a cup of quiet on this one. :-) lol

  26. No Bias says:

    Look; I’m really surprised at the responses posted here; not that I don’t respect others opinion but this is definitely uncalled for. Politician leads, athletes play sports and performing artist or singers simply entertain. That’s my strain of thought; that’s how knowledgeable I am; to expect anything else is just as negative as these comments. From Tiger to Beenie-Man; we are known to look forward to great concerts in Belize. This one might be the best, with artists like Barrington Levi, Black Rhino and US performing artist all valuing your $50. Like I was taught, if you don’t have anything good to say; keep your !#$@%!^ mouths shut.

  27. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    Gas price is high all over the world,but what the price of gas have to do with Shyne.I know his concert will be great.Let the haters hate.

  28. Earl Grey says:

    CAN ANY ONE NAME A SHYNE HIT SONG?????????????????

    ANYWAY……..The kind of music SHYNE is putting out……………….. IS OUT-DATED………….

    HE needs to give people SOMETHING THEY CAN DANCE TO.

  29. Bulba Martinez says:

    Ok, at the end of the day, we all have the right to voice our opinion. Damn if you do and damn if you don’t. I personally respect that. Just read between the lines. There are more important things to worry about that is going on in our Beloved Country, than to waste our time with this bs. Right or wrong, we don’t have any control over the $#!% anyway.

  30. Elgin Martinez says:

    Tashy: Everyone on this blog is entitle to express his or her opinion.Furthermore no one on this blog is obligated to agree with your views on this issue.With that said we all can disagree with someon’s opinion without refering to them as stupid.

  31. Elgin Martinez says:

    Tashy:Shyne having this concert in Belize doesn’t necessarily mean that he love Belize.So all the Jamaican artist that have held concerts in Belize love Belize and you on this blog refering to people on this blog as being stupid when you can’t even think logically.

  32. raggaragga says:

    f it all pros &cons just have fun

  33. Disgusted! says:

    He is banned and REJECTED from the U.S. for the common piece of $#!T that he so Belize is his last resort where he is still accepted and adored by a few starstruck, confused @$$%OLES. Shyne, Lois. Dean, Kim, Deanne, Anwar and all their stray dog followers needs to get the !@#% out of Belize and go to Ethiopia where their non existent relative comes from. WE COULDN’T CARE LESS!!! JUST !@#$!@# GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Eyeswideopen says:

    @No Bias, finally an clear perspective…. My thoughts exactly. Just goes to show you crabs never die

  35. Taliban says:

    Shyne Shine shine, he is nothing both an ordinary human being who is ambitious as I am. My problem is he is getting what he wants and his royal family is f… with us. Our plans, ambition and the very basic necessity is being drawn from us, hindered. Wise up my people do what is best for yourself, if you need food etc well let that be a priority and forget about the $50 tickets. I feel disrespected with the way things are going on in this country. This is a prophecy I am sharing with you all, “if this government, the big fish that are involved with crisis ocurring an example will be sent to him until he gets the message. Nothing is more meaningful than blood shed, especially a ROYAL BLOOD. TAKE HEED”

  36. The People Had Enough says:

    His father plays us for fools; his ex-wife plays us for fools, the entire royal family plays us for fools and once again, shyne or whatever the hell his name is today, plays us for fools. He comes to our country, not willingly, got posted as the ambassador by daddy to make up for his past mistakes, shyne slaps him in the face, ran off to whatever that $#!%hole is called in the middle east, he $#!%s all over belize by disrespecting belize by doing this, now he is making more cookie cutter gangsta rap music that teaches absolutely nothing positive and we have TRUE Belizean artists like Super G, Melanie and then some who have been in the Belizean singing art game for all their lives, yet they were not competent enough to be the ambassador of music to this great nation? These local artists who are supporting shyne are sell outs, they have been disrespected, yet they throw all their values out the door for a chance of ‘making it big’, ‘selling their soul’ to make a buck; to buy the bling and all the shinny things. A cold reminder as to why i dont even bother supporting many local musicians, they are all willing to sell out at the drop of a hat…have some values and self-respect, money isn’t everything and a true artist is about the art…boycott this concert people, boycott this concert REAL Belizean Artists.

  37. Crazy Chic says:

    No Bias…I applaud your comment….it’s funny…we as Belizeans quickly run to hamper the progress of one another…without completely analyzing situations and seeing the greater good in everything!…why do you think we always fail..our businesses hardly ever flourish and the foreigners are the one’s who control mostly everything…if we’d just stop and think…and listen to how we sound…it doesn’t matter how much education we may have …if we continue being consumed in our selfish ways…we’ll never achieve anything and be nothing more than educated fools….I may not agree with everything the one Shyne does…but I applaud his efforts in bringing his music back home…because he could have easily had his pre-release party in Israel or wherever he now lives…

  38. B groovy says:

    We concas can’t eat they spoil…

  39. tashy says:

    march22—-Shajeem Espat Charged for ROBBERY
    march22—-Micheal Neal accused of RAPING
    MARCH22—BURGLAR shot 3 times
    MARCH21—LA Popular Baker MURDERED
    march21—Brandon Gibson GUNNED down
    and so it goes on over and over each week with the news, now is that what the BELIZEAN people like to see or hear each night on the news or around town, well I for one don’t. So forgive me if when viewing the news or hearing people say $@!% when something good is happing in BELIZE.He must LIKE belize more than the @$$holes that is going around doing these crimes, do you see or hear Shyne doing these things to our people, I don’t. its a great business decision on his part,well IF he is in it to make money like every other business man do. GOOD FOR HIM. Most of the people up there don’t like his dad anyways, so why then you all do like him for doing the same. JUST GO TO THE CONCERT AN ENJOY YOURSELVES, you all going anyways. PEACE

  40. minc says:

    Sad truth
    Some Belizeans got no ambition.U guys really expect your local artists to make it on their own?Have u guys sat and think of the publicity surrounding this event in other countries?Shyne might not be a true son of Belize,who cares ?He’s his own person,but what belize should think of is capitalizing on the fact that on the 26th of March they’ll be out in the public eye.You guys should look to move foward from the ice age that u’re living in at present and stop complaining about every little nothing.If you want to go to the concert to enjoy yourself by all means go,if u don’t then sit home and sulk,but stop trying to blame other people for u not being able to go.Belize has potential people start trying to maximize on that .I for one see the shyne concert as a positive for Belize.

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