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Mar 15, 2011

Reymundo Quinote murdered on 27th Birthday

Reymundo Quinote

Two men were arraigned this morning in court for the weekend murder of a market vendor. But even before the two suspects were hauled to court, there was another round of deadly gunshot blasts on Monday night. Hours later, while hospitalized, Reymundo Quinote died on his twenty-seventh birthday. The shooting occurred on Faber’s Road in Belize City shortly before eleven in the night. It took a single shot to cause Quinote’s demise. Those who knew him say he was not a trouble maker and what led to his murder, is under investigation. News Five’s Marion Ali sat down today with a man who was in the vicinity when the gunshot rang out.

Marion Ali, Reporting

The resident of Faber’s Road, who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity, told us that he was just about to retire for the night when the terrifying gunshot blast sent him scrambling.

Voice of: Faber’s Road resident

“Lee while after I lay down I hear this thing gone “BLOW” like wah tire buss.  Wah white car was parked right where your vehicle parking and the alarm for that start making noise.  So I jump up and push open the door.   When I look through I see somebody di lay down deh, but the person look light skin like the guy that rent the place from me so I thought it was him.”

It wasn’t his tenant but twenty six year old Reymundo Quinote, someone he knew well.

Voice of: Faber’s Road resident

“And ah gone and I look pan the guy, when I look pan the guy I say oh shux dah “Mundo”.  Then I say to myself but Mundo dah noh wah person – all he do dah drink, you know, and get drunk.   And you know when yoh di drink yoh talk big to people and dehn always di beat yoh up.  He always di get beat up and thing soh. Dah noh no bad boy.”

The resident told us that Quinote was probably in the area trying to hustle a quick job of disposing of garbage when one of two guys riding separate bikes shot him at close range behind the left ear.  Quinote died early this morning while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  Police have not established a motive for the killing, but the resident shared his own theory why he feels Quinote was gunned down.

Voice of: Faber’s Road resident

“The problem with him, I think is, that he lives eena the area and he’s family and cousin to some ah di crips dem.  And these guys over here dehn dah bloods.”

Police are looking for two suspects for questioning. Marion Ali for News Five.

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16 Responses for “Reymundo Quinote murdered on 27th Birthday”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    Just another ordinary day of cold-blooded murders in Belize and not a single word from the police department on what they intend to do to put a stop to this madness. It’s appalling how, in the wake of this crime spree, the minister of police has not conducted a single interview, press conference nor issued a press release to allay the fears of the general tax-paying public who voted them into office on the manifesto of betterment, accountability and transparency. I cannot fathom how there are people willing to defend these sons-of-b!@#hes in government when the only thing that concerns the about the Belizean people is where they will cast their vote on election day. This is sick!!!! I want nothing more to do with Belize where I was born!!!!!!!!!

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Another set of parents who will now bury their son. Again, for no damn good reason. Stop the insanity people…

  3. Storm says:

    People of Belize need to organize against these gangs, all gangs.

    And convicted murderers must hang. One hanging at a time, we will bring piece back to the Jewel.


    It is stunning to me that you characterized or depicted Reymundo Quinote persona to the media as a sort of “good guy”, yet as a person who was always inebriated, or intoxicated, related to gangs, talked big and got beat up a lot. (Where the contradiction in that, really.)

    The police are afraid of the gangs holding Belize as a hostage, they don’t dare go busting down gang leaders doors and put a beating on gang leaders before hauling their sorry @$$#$ down town to the confinement of a stinky jail cell.

  5. eyes on Belize says:

    New beef, old beef. It’s a revolving circle in Belize.

  6. j killa baby borther says:

    Raymond killa Gentle says bloodstain again , just make sure unuh stay weh fah my family…

  7. junkman says:

    so sad just so sad why are we waiting for nothing to happen let the public hanging begin please mr prime minister lets table a bill for public hanging now one day in the house it can be pass no worry bout them !@#$%^ human rights people we could hang all a dem too i support you 100% on this bill HANGING IS A MUST PUBLIC HANGING IS A POSSIBILILITY ON WARDS NOW CLEANUP MI CITY NOW

  8. cg says:

    These boys no longer have any conscience or make no further use of it. Cold blooded killers are allowed to walk free while those who steal to survive get locked up for years. It’s an unbalanced society and no human government has the solution. This will just keep happening

  9. Xaan says:

    What’s wrong with Mr.”j killa baby borther”—– Crimes like these will never stop if the Gov’t doesn’t come up with some serious penalty for these idiots.
    Who are they to take someone’s life!
    Life is a precious thing from God and should not be taken away by another Human being! (especially for stupidity)

    Pure nonsense!

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    J Killa baby brother:Who do you think you are God .Look how dumb this idiots is.What kind of Gangster are you?No real gangster wouldn’t come on a blog and write BS.Go read a book son violence isn’t going to get you anywhere.Turn all that negative energy into something positive.

  11. B groovy says:

    Oh some body wants attention……..

  12. j killa baby borther says:

    !@#$ of haters its not ova till its ova I’ll b wanting … love Raymond killa Gentle 4 life , unuh take the worng one 2 months ago , so get use 2 this !@#$ !@#$%… N I’m all about positive , u don’t know me u think my breadda was dangerous , well I dah like 2 a he enna 1…

  13. Byrd says:

    Too many guns in the hands of criminals. Implement the (3) strike CALIFORNIA law. Lock the criminals up for good….

  14. OriginalWoman says:

    j killa baby brother….I can relate to the anger u are feeling….i have two people in my family who were gunned down here in America two years ago….2008 in October, one cousin got killed in Virginia…November, 2008 another one got killed in Brooklyn, NY…unrelated killings, but still both were murdered….for a long time I was angry at every young, black man or youth that I saw in public…..But you know what, goes around does come back around……Your brother died doing something good, regardless of how he use to be….He change his life for the better. He became a part of the solution, Not the PROBLEM…and he died that way, DOING BETTER!!! So you have to remember this and try to live yr life in the best way possible…..for the sake of your brother…I do not believe he would want you to remain angry, or retaliate…trust me, those reponsible have a bullet with their names on it too…

  15. Xaan says:

    Crime is not the answer young man.

  16. eyes on Belize says:

    I could relate to Killa J Baby. Most people are fueling this violence undercover. So until believe in forgiveness the killings will not stop. Killing someone like Raymond will only cause fire here and abroad. Trust me u haven’t seen or heard nothing yet. Big heads just stay in your rat hole. But believe me, you have to come out searching for cheese

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