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Mar 15, 2011

5 year old girl alleges abuse by step father

She is only five years old, but a school girl is reporting that she has been sexually abused. The alleged perpetrator is her step-father and the girl says that the crime occurred at her home in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town. Last week she told police that her two younger brothers were at home with her when her stepfather took off her pants and underwear and fondled her. Even worse, she alleges that it was not the first time that her stepfather has touched her inappropriately and that he frequently did so in the absence of her mother. This past Monday, the twenty-five year old stepfather was arrested and charged.

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22 Responses for “5 year old girl alleges abuse by step father”

  1. Aint fair says:

    I really could not recall what i did when i was five years old but i guess I had a lot of fun time playing with my friends,and family now here is a five year old who is going to live with these horrific memories as she gets older, psycological trouble with relationships and trust..Chop his ****ing @!!$ Off!!! Sick #@$+@RD

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    The authorities have to err on the side of the child but what is wrong with our young men that some of them cannot seem to muster empathy for anyone or keep their paws off the children..

  3. chabelli says:

    shame and disgrace-chancey man -behind bars and euthanize these type of violent unconscionable monsters.

  4. belizeang says:

    Oh my!!! Poor Poor Baby Indeed thank God that God does not sleep and this creep will not get away with it.

  5. belizeanpride says:

    this goes as a reminder for mothers than tend to bring a stepdad at home . please, for the sake of your children think twice. this stepfather thing abusing little girls and little boys is getting too common in belize and yet mothers just keep thinking about their love affairs when they are risking their childrens life, physically, emotionally and mentally also. May the Lord help this little girl find some counselling and physcological help after this. Damn!! it really makes me angry to hear this over and over. alot of single mothers and independent have brought up their kids with no stepfather, ladies give it a try and don’t risk your kids like this with these bastards .

  6. Justice says:

    I am tired of hearing so many children in Belize are being sexually abused. When they are caught they get such a light sentence and the child has emotional damage that last a lifetime. It is about time that the laws are changed to address issues.
    Sexual molestation should carry a sentence of castration.
    Murder should carry a sentence of hanging.
    Stealing should carry a sentence of losing an arm.
    Drunk driving should carry a sentence of revoke of licence Etc Etc

  7. Xaan says:

    This child molester needs to be dealt with and with no mercy! There are so many “females” around why would he want to disturb this poor child! This is sick of him. The justice system needs to look at other alternatives rather than store these sicks heads away behind bars. Something needs to done about stuff like these or else it will never stop!

  8. Xaan says:

    Belizean Pride… i strongly agree with you. Its not about parents “pleasure” anymore. But rather the safety of their children against these idiots.

  9. ruth says:

    my heart goes out to that little girl.i have little girlsof my own and if anything like that happend to them .i know that i am going to jail.because that person will not live to see another day.mothers don’t leave your children with any matter how much you trust them.don’t trust them with your kids.sometimes it could be their own father and stepfather is worst.

  10. Sweetcheeks says:

    belizeanpride i must disagree with you to a certain extent, yes mothers have to be very careful with the men that they have around their children but there are stepfathers out here that are damm good fathers to thier stepchildren. My dad left my mom and went to the states and never looked back, and she found a man that loved her, and they got married. I thank God everyday for my stepdad as he is the only father that i knew. So let us not categorized the stepfathers that are trying, and let us not categorized the mothers that want love and happiness and decide to have stepfather for their kids.
    Big up to all the men that are great dads to their stepkids!

  11. sharonbze says:

    Yea there are good stepfathers… big up to them. But alot of sick perverts are alot of cases even the fathers are molesting the kids.
    Women!! Take care of ur children. Stop leavin ur children with these men. If u r so quick to get in a relationship with someone u dont know dont allow them as baby sitters. They wait for u to go out!!!

  12. belizeanpride says:

    thank you for sharing your good experience and yes i won’t disagree with you about that but it’s getting to be more and more in our belizean society everyday. And truly it’s concerning to me and to others but nice of you sharing your view also. have a blessed day.

    @ Xaan
    i know that you understood my point and concern. Jah bless.

  13. singleparent says:

    I have a daughter 4 years old… i cannot even think of what i would like to do to any man that touches her. i am a school counselor and teacher for 15 years and i have heard of so much abuse… like what someone said if our husbands leave us we don’t need the men… lets protect our kids… my husband left me 2 years ago and because of my kids and fear of them being abused and neglected and taken advantage of by another man i have decided to raise my kids alone…. yes there are challenges but at least i know no step father will rape my little son or daughter.. sex is not everything in life… we need to love, protect and care for our kids before we think of ourselves.

  14. Leo says:

    These PERVERTS should be castrated thereby ensuring that they will never again harm another child. If they do it once, given the chance they will again offend another.

  15. He is merciful says:

    An imagine that they are so many more children that are suffering abuse today. God give them the boldness to speak out

  16. daveyt says:

    I am a Step-Dad. Not perfect, but neither am I a perfect Dad to the rest of my kids. Who is? I try my best, and love them all to bits. If anything, I am guilty of spoiling them. One that hasn’t, or will ever happen is their being molested by me.

    One thing I hate more than anything in the world (Even more than Polticians) is, as we call them in UK – Nonces – child molesters. They are the lowest forms of scum in the universe.

    The trouble in Belize is that there are so many of them, and innocent Step-fathers get tarred with the same brush. They also get off with light sentences, with the courts seemingly endorsing their actions!!!!!!

    As a result, many who see Step-fathers, no doubt think (go on, admit it) “I wonder what he does with her when her Mum isn’t in the house?”, and in Belize, who can blame you?

    My step-Daughter is 14, thinks she’s 24, and, being a teenage girl, is a bag of hormones – thinking she doesn’t have to do what she’s told, showing an interest in boys, hates everyone, love texting (on my phone) etc. etc. But I’ll tell you this, annoying though she can be in her teenage years, I love her. She is my eldest Daughter, and even God wouldn’t be able to help anyone sick & stupid enough to try and interfere with her, or any of my kids, even if he wanted to!

    I agree, on conviction, chemical castration (Better still, do it in public with a pair of pliers), and very long jail sentences should be mandatory, as their ‘reward’, No bail either, as too many threaten the victim & family, with the usual Nul Proseque result – if the case ever goes to court!!! Their names should be entered permanently in a ‘Sex Offenders Registry’, available on-line to the public, so they can find out if the Nonce is living in their area, and better protect their kids, and they should never be allowed to travel overseas either. Their vicitims suffer for the rest of their lives, so should the Nonces.

    They should also be made to pay in full for any relocation of the victim and family, councelling, medical care etc. , and finally, have a permanent protection order slapped on them. If they get within 50 ft of their victim – back to jail for 5 years – no parole.

    There is a saying in UK prisons, “Once a Nonce, Always a Nonce” – they can’t ever be allowed near children again!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. HOPE says:

    Thank you all for the comments and concerns with this case I want all mothers out there to take care of your children this child is in a much better and secure place where she will live the life that is every child’s dream. The Mother of the child is a strong woman who listened to her child and has contributed to getting one more sick perverted man off the streets of Belize. WOMEN lets stand up and fight against child abuse and domestic violence. LISTEn to your CHILDREN they don’t lie about these things and TEACHERS when you hear children commenting these things PLEASE PLEASE take it seriously.

  18. angrybelizean says:

    these dirty mada!@#$%^ deh di yah di tek weh deh lil baby innocence dis is ludacris they should be hang for it just like the murderers. the justice system needs swifter and stricker laws when it come to this and also these mothers needs to look after there kids especially when they bring these men around there babies. they so in love they forgot to take care of there babies and protect them from scums like this.


  19. BZNinCALI says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Sweetcheeks. Ruth, too many of our men give men a bad name. I had a father, grandfathers, great grandfather & uncles coming up & at no time did I ever feel threatened as a little girl. I often tell folks that in this day & age if I say that I was in bed with my grandpa, he would be hauled off to jail. I loved spending the holidays in the village with him & still remember lying beside him reading by lamp light , falling asleep & waking up to find him still talking or reading to me. I still remember his housekeeper having a melt down, years later, I understood why. In her mind nothing good could come out of a little girl sleeping in any man’s bed. My sisters & I always knew that we could go to our Mom if anyone tried to take advantage of us & we would be believed. I can look back & be grateful that we had men in our lives who valued us as little girls enough to allow us to be children.

    I say all this to remind us that despite the garbage we see on the news, there are still good hardworking men out there who are not pedophiles. While as a parent I believe that we should make our children aware of predators, their father has the same obligation to them as I do & no woman worth her salt should procreate with a man she cannot leave alone with her child or any child for that matter.

  20. belizeaninterest says:

    I can sleep well when I hear that these individuals caught go to jail right away. I hope the guys in jail had a party with him and took second turns.

    I grew up with a step dad and he was the best dad my mom picked for myself and my two brothers. I only have good memories of him, thank God for sending him into our lives when I was the same age as this child. This child only deserved to be treated as she is, a lovely little girl and given all the opportunities in life. This !@#$%^& had right to rob her of her innocence.

    The mom had the strengths to beat the $#!% out of him and put him where he belongs. Nothing can change what has happened but is good eye opener for those that have young children. MOMS!!!! Be over protective when it comes to who you decide to take care of your children when you have to go out there to work or to do an errand.

    Hats off to the mom that made sure that the police did their job to put this sick son of gun in jail!

    If you know of any child molesters in your area start pointing your fingers at them so the society know who the are and what they are capable of doing. BELIZE WAKE UP AND START PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. HOPE says:

    There is still HOPE for a hapy life for this child I will make sure she is happy and live as a normal child Thank you all for the support and I must say how proud I am of the mother WOMEN LETS WAKE UP AND PROTECT THE CHILDREN OF BELIZE!!!!! dont hide these stories bring them to light listen to your children so that they may be happy and get these Perverts off the streets. I must also thank the Police for quick and positive response and for taking this matter seriously. Thank you alll

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    Hello Department of Social Services?What are you guys doing?

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