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Mar 15, 2011

Home sold for non-payments; now mother needs help

Linda Esquiliano

A mother of four is turning to someone, anyone for sympathy since she is about to lose her house at the Mile eight community on the Western Highway.  Linda Esquiliano says she admits that her delinquency in not meeting her mortgage payments with the Social Security Board led to her current situation, but now she and her children are in dire straits and have less than twenty-eight days to move and nowhere to go.  The domestic worker at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital says that since her marriage ended seven years ago, providing for her children has taken priority and meeting other commitments single-handedly has been challenging.  She says her arrears have skyrocketed well beyond being manageable and that she has sought help over time but with no luck.  Now Esquiliano says she and her family will be homeless if they don’t get assistance.

Linda Esquiliano, Asking G.O.B. to Help Her

“I come here because I get wah house from government weh dah fi Social Security and deh sell the house because I owe mussi over five years. And the reason why I get ina di debt becuase when I mi get di house, I mi deh with mi husband, but he move out seven years and dah me one with mi four pikney. So now they give me twenty-eight days fuh move out and I noh know weh fi do and weh fi go soh ah mi wah ask the government if they could please help me. I noh know weh fi go and I noh know weh else fi do.”

Marion Ali

“When did you get the house?”

Linda Esquiliano

“Like nine years—twentieth of august make nine years I live in there—seven years ih move out, so dah me one fi seven years.  I gone in and ask deh if deh cudda mi do wah deduct out of mi pay. They look pan it and they say they noh see how I could afford it. They tell mi go to the bank and all the bank turn mi down. Then I gone to Finnegan and he say he noh di see me because ah noh deh ina ih area, so make I go dah mi area representative, Mister Hutchinson. He give me wah letter fi ker to Finnegan fu ask ahn pan mi behalf to pay it off but ah noh get no way with that and meanwhile they done sell the house and they give mi twenty-eight days fi move out and I noh know. I noh know weh else fi do and how fi turn. Mister Hutchinson seh he can’t do anything; [that] ih lef to Mister Finnegan. So I noh know weh else fi turn and weh else fi do.”

Esquiliano says since the house was sold under her feet, she is willing to relocate through a low income government housing programme or any other medium.

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29 Responses for “Home sold for non-payments; now mother needs help”

  1. Josie says:

    No sympathy here, she had free ride for 5 years while other hard working belizeans struggle to make ends meet. The SSB was leinent on her for so long

  2. OnlyInBze says:

    Amazing!!!! I always thought the ministers should be there for their belizean citizens rather than just residents of his or her constituency, but again I shouldn’t be surprise because even my Area representative ‘Turo’ push me around with no effort any assistance..That’s G.O.B for you,only filling their own pocket…Its a pity with what u have to go through mam…keep ya head up…

  3. Disgusted! says:

    This, my fellow Belizeans, is the stark reality of all the promises made in the name of “Poor people” and “Single mothers” which is the mantra of all these thieving, cold-hearted Mother@#$%ers in dean barrow’s dictatorship regime. As to @$$%OLE Hutchinson the and Finnegan the human parasite, the misery of the people will come to your doors sooner than you expect and it will hit you like the Tsunami of Japan. UNEXPECTED AND DEVASATING!!!!!! HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A PEOPLE WRONGED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Storm says:

    It does nobody any good to be given a home they can’t afford. It always ends sadly, and the people are worse off than when they began.

  5. BZNinCALI says:

    Times are hard all over & divorce only makes it worse but not paying for five years without being foreclosed on is a feat most of us could never pull off. If the husband was employed which allowed them to qualify for the home &if he fathered the children, why is not paying child support?

  6. The People Had Enough says:

    don’t go anywhere lady. Stay in your house or burn that mada!@#$ to the ground before you leave. Our Government, the banking system, useless social security and all the other REAL criminals in the country is making Belizeans turn into barbarians, so we should embrace that and start behaving fully as such.

    I am sure Barrows is worth at least if not more than a hundred million, which is OUR money, he should be able to help you out easily.

    This is !@#$%^& sick and sad, what the !@#$ happen to this country, our people our useless Government?


    I sympathize with your situation, and I give you a plus as a working mom taking care of your kids, but regardless of all that I have to say that they acted in accordance when they gave you a 28 day notice for arrears not paid. If they have to break the rules for you because you cannot pay your debt, then it is only fair that the same be done for everyone else who cannot pay their rent. Rules are rules.
    Moving on, It can take a while before you actually get a Government house for you and your family, until then please seek other temporary options before the 28 day notice is up.

  8. Creole says:

    yup, if they were married, then authomatically he is also responsible for the house too, even if in her name. i feel really bad for her, but i can almost bet she has spent money on other things that are not necessary.

  9. cindy says:

    Five years? nothing is free is in this world. she should have thought twice before she got the shades she is wearing. BElizeans stop crying for everything and blaming this and that!! se didnt pay well she knew what was the consequences.

  10. Justice says:

    If the house is in the background it looks nice. My view is what gives anyone the right to miss so many paymnets. Where did the the money come from to build the house? There are other commitments to be borne by other parties as welland if she falters then they falter. If you cannot afford, then rent and move to a smaller place that is within your menas. I had a house renting once and the tenants felt that they were not obligated to pay me as they could not pay. Yet they were indulging in unnecessary parties and trips while I had to be scrambbling to pay the mortgage. Forgive me if I do not feel sorry for her but this went on too long and she needs to work things out. It isno one’s responsibility other than her children’s father and herself. If she needs to work two and three jobs that should have been done ever since.

  11. Women's advocate says:

    Social Security taking away a house from a single mother,,,, wow. I can recall the Godfrey scandal and their are many other politicians who has loaned million of dollars from SS. The question is do SS tackle poor people that can’ t afford to pay house or they pardon politicians who can afford to pay a house loan?

  12. syd lowe says:

    We with no positive comments so far let me make a change. Maybe some of you have no children or no heart or you are a bunch of LOOSERS. In alabama we help people it is minboggleing in how this family is treated by these people in authority. The two area rep are just waste of time, From the time I came here to belize I am still trying to figure out why belizeans don’t get along, look at the Central Americans, the Asians, the Nigerians the all cooperate and suceed. All you belizeans do is lie, steal, cheat and Murder. You all need to educate yourselves,stop being imitators and start living peace fully. In Alabama we have bad and good but you all need to support. Lets do something for this family.

    g lee

  13. leah says:

    maybe we should give the woman a break …fiance are very hard to come by …although she should have give up along time ago .. i feel for because of the fact that she stood her ground for the sake of her children feed them .. went thrue sickness, educational expense, food ,babysitting expense clothing and shelter amazing she did not go crazy… they should have look at her income and at least deduct the minimum they can on her pay… but unfortunately it does not work that way…. the man on the other hand should be responsible for the children as well…life sometimes suck.. Sigh

  14. Justice says:

    Come on if she should get a house just because she cannot pay rent, well then every single Belizean should be entitled to a free house as well. Again noi ympathy for her. She has a shades, nice clothes realxed hair and so on. All those things cost money. Where are her priorities. She should pay just like any other hard working Belizean! maybe she should sell the contenst in her house that is just there and not a necessity as a start!

  15. Do it right says:

    I sympathize with the woman, but 5 years and not a single payment? Come on. She got the house thru GOB which means the payment are not that high. Its amazing that they didn’t take away the house 4 years ago. Im sure if she was at least paying half the money she wouldn’t have lost her house. But what happens is that a few payments are missed and SSB wasn’t pressuring her so she just let it slide for so much years. Now her arrears alone will be bigger than the monthly payments. SHe wants GOB to help her again, when she wasn’t even trying to make the effort to make a payment. I feel for you maam but we have to help yourself too. Plenty of hard working Belizeans struggling to make a better life for themsleves that deserve a helping hand too.

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    Five years and you couldn’t fine a Suga daddy to assist you with the mortgage Sista.Why didn’t the Govenment lower this young lady’s payment and extend the time on the mortgage?I think the Government contributed to this young lady’s situation by allowing her not to pay her mortgage for the past five years.

  17. Btasty says:

    Hahahaha.. I like this.. People begging polititians and high authorities for help intheir personal lives. What happened to family. 5 Years withut payment?? She should be thankfull for small mercies. For the UDP bashers, she got the house under PUP.. Blame them. SSB sould have taken the house away many years ago. I wish her the best.

  18. javier solis says:

    Everybody wants to have free this and free that. You did not feel something was wrong when you made no attempt to pay even a penny for 5 years? Even if you were renting you had to pay something. Now when told to leave you want to give a salary deduction or have a minister say abra ka dabra? Look, you have to face reality, in life there are no free meals. People have to work to own something, even back in the cavemen days. I feel sympathy but its the fact of life. You have to rent, work, save then build your own. Ask the minister for a land. Thats your right, but free everything????

  19. B groovy says:

    Why is this news? This happen all the time…..Sorry lady free ride is over..

  20. enuff mein! says:

    yes, i agree that times are hard..for everyone. but if you havent beenmaking payments for FIVE YEARS, i think, just my opinion, in her mind, she thought she would slip thru the cracks and no one would notice. as someone who left a comment had said, “rules are Rules”. besides that, its tougher and tougher on EVERYONE when a single mother, or a family with a sick baby, or a couple whose house just burned down, keeps asking the public for assistance. gas prices are high, garbage littered in the streets, jobs hard to find, and the salaries always stay at the same low rate. belizean peopel already spreading themselves thin without having to give handouts to every jack and johnny that asks. i feel sympathy for this woman, but now, it seems that the easiest way to generate income for belizean people is now to steal and kill someone for it, put their kids in A&R and SAv-U parking lot to beg for it, or go on the news to ask assistance. THINGS HARD ALL AROUND FOR EVERYBODY!!

  21. What! says:

    Hey I don’t have any money in my wallet! I’ll go to channel 5 tomorrow! This has to stop, If the goverment does something I will be truly dissapointed.

    Five Years, that is not an excuse!

  22. CEO says:

    I am sorry for you but if they let you live there all this time and you not paying any rent or mortgage why didn’t you save what you could pay so when this day come you could move.

    You had a free ride for 7 years! Let’s just say you had save only $100 per month for seven years you would have had $8,400 now to move. Then where is their father is he paying support?

    I am sorry for the children.

  23. Oscar965 says:

    It is clear that Linda Esquiliano is not getting any sympathy and she is not getting mine also. I agree with a previous blogger…???. ………. Radio stations get the same requests for radiothons on a weekly basis but we cannot have a radiothon every week. (I work at a radio station so i talk from experience) Now, 5 years and not a dollar paid in rent!!! ( A big NO NO). She should have moved to a smaller more affordable house when she broke up with her husband and IF she in not getting maintainence from the daddy for the children, she should have done that years ago.

  24. NED says:

    Belizean we really need to wake up and smell the coffee, where in Hell have we gotten the idea that we should get something for free. You cannot harvest a corn crop unless you sow the seed first and this take work. Please mom pay your bill and you will be able to stay in your house. And to the rest of the country we should be outraged that SSB waits 5 years to forclose. SSB is the peoples money and should not be spent giving people houses for free.

  25. BZNinCALI says:

    CEO it is too bad no one sat down & gave her a little accounting 101, a budget would have saved her this grief, banks will work with most people who are trying to pay. Taking her story to the media brings up an even bigger problem. What landlord who owns a decent place will rent to her now knowing that she cannot or will not pay him/her either. This is a two edged sword.

  26. camile brown says:

    i agreed with the lady from alabama.u all are some really sick bunch of people living here in belize.that’s why we are on the botton and some of us are far ahead.i in usa for years living peaceful.out here we are be treated with’s not like u who talk about people all day and noh help each other.belize will remain to the disappointed in this country especial the people just haters.judging a woman like her.some of u laid on ur back to make a living.she not like what if she has on a shade.and u storm i must say u sound like a wicked person. i hope ur not a man cause i bet ur a real !@#$%.if ur a woman i noh surprise at ur @$$.cause woman like u are nothing.and i bet u have a mess up life.i wish that one day all come down at u and u left alone.u selfish !@#$%

  27. Damn Right says:

    I agree with storm…Why take ona debt you can’t afford in the first place

  28. daveyt says:

    A couple of thoughts here:

    As they were ‘divorced’, both parties were entitled to 1/2 of all assets, and by the same token, could have been held responsible for 1/2 of the liabilities that they had since their marraige.
    They should have either sold the house, paid off the balance of the mortgage, Then shared any sum left over, freeing her to seek another home which she could afford as a single parent, either renting or buying. OR asked the court to enforce payment arrangements where both parties contribute. The second option would have been a lot more difficult to enforce than the first though, and the first would have given both parties the opportunity for a clean break.

    Secondly, why didn’t she have the Family Court order the father to pay maintenance for the children (If she hadn’t). If they aren’t his, make the real father(s) pay. That could have then gone towards the monthly Mortgage payments, and I’m sure that if, some months, she didn’t receive the maint. payments, she could have spoken to the SSB, who would have more than likely have made alternative payment arrangements, as long as something was being paid.

    I notice no photos of the interior were shown. Probably looks like a veritable mini-palace, with all the top-range furnishings and accessories??????? Maybe not, but judging by those expensive looking designer shades, who knows????

    Knowing that the house that she and her kids live in was at risk if she didn’t pay at all should have encouraged her to do something, and pay something before it was too late! Understood that when they were together/married, they could have afforded the mortgage payments, but as soon as the relationship fell apart, she should have realised that something had to be done. But no, she sat there and made every excuse under the sun for not making any payments, and now blames the government for her predicament, yet at the same time, is begging for their help.

    Though I feel sorry for her, she brought this on herself.

    It’s the kids I feel sorry for, as all their felloe students know what’s going to happen, and they will delight in teasing them. Not to mention the uncertainty for what’s ahead!

    You get nothing for nothing in this life, especially in Belize – Unless of course you are a Politician, preferably in the ruling party!!!!

  29. Margaret says:

    This is what happens when a woman has children and depends on a man for too much support. In the name of her children she is supplicating. I wonder why she thinks that anyone should feel sorry for her because of that? I remember how my mom used to “write Prime Minister Price for a house.” Every time the response came she got a glimmer of hope that she would get us four kids out of the rat/snake/cockroach infested swamp that we lived in but everytime the answer was no. I think women simply need to be smarter and to never depend on a man for survival. But since she put it out there – isn’t the media a wonderful thing – someone might feel sorry for. Good luck lady.

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