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Mar 15, 2011

Who will succeed Margaret Gabb McKenzie as Chief Magistrate?

Margaret Gabb McKenzie

The contract for Chief Magistrate Margaret Gabb McKenzie is reportedly about to expire.  The Prime Minister Dean Barrow expressed in February that the contract would be renewed for an additional three months, which should extend her time on the bench to the end of June. Since last week, there has been a lot of speculation about who possibly would replace the learned Chief Magistrate, who’s been on the bench for sixteen years; four as chief magistrate. According to one media report, the Judicial and Legal Services Commission will interview several persons for the post, including non-Belizean applicants. One is identified as a St. Lucian attorney. If the news is true, then there may be trouble brewing because another report reads “members of Belize’s Magistracy are considering possible strike action if the Attorney General’s Ministry considers going outside of Belize for the next Chief Magistrate… and that officially the position among the jurists is a “wait and see” one.” The Chief Magistrate has not spoken on the issue.

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19 Responses for “Who will succeed Margaret Gabb McKenzie as Chief Magistrate?”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    If the judiciary does not unite and and boycott dean barrow and his government for slapping them in the face, then let them take what they get. Foreigners are given first preferences and the citizens are third class in their own country!!!!!! LONG LIVE BELIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Say What? says:

    Lol seems like the magistrates have forgotten the Law. The judiciary is not allowed to strike. LOL LOL. This would be a bad move to strike as they could be fired and replaced en banc which poses more problems.

  3. BZNpeace says:

    @ Say What? The problem is that no one knows what the hell they are doing. There are people in positions of authority who have no right to be there. They are inexperienced and unqualified… but such is the politics and public service of Belize. Woe to the people!

  4. revolution says:

    @ Disgusted: I disgust you like puke! Can’t you see the entire judiciary is corrupt and that Belizeans are not getting any justice out of these caniving incompetent judges. Let them strike and bringing in qualified fair and honest magistrates. Long live Belize indeed.

  5. James says:

    hey get Belizeans not outsider. invest in your people not outsider. Gov’t is blind but i don;t blame them they don’t know what to do. to look outside for help. What a shame!

  6. Summer says:

    It is true that I am personally connected to this situation. The Chief Magistrate of Belize is a good lady and I am very upset that Ms Frazer and Ms Ford will do anything for a position let the junior speak of how Ms. Frazer is when the chief magistrate is not there. she is mean and all does illegal thing I know because I know all her dirty secret. Ms. Frazer is not suitable for the job because she is unprofessional and I have evidence that she call Aaron Humes for that story and Ms Ford help because she have the connect to Mr. Humes.

  7. sam says:

    I say put CORRUPTED magistrate LIno for chief magistrare!! that way all rapist will get bail and all murderes will walk free. I don’t trust Magistrate LIno (Belizean) How in d world do i know that the other magistrates arent corrusped too..

  8. BZNinCALI says:

    Storm & BZNpeace, my sentiments exactly, They will punish the people by striking & prove to us that we did not need their inefficient & possible corrupt arses in the first place. While we are at it, bring in panels of jurors from other countries too, they can render their guilt verdicts & get out of Dodge.

  9. CEO says:

    I am sure the entire magistracy is not corupt. One happens to be my personal friend and he lives a simple humble life with his salary and takes no bribe. He rules according to the law; justice but tempers his rulings with a pinch of mercy and common sense.

    I do not know her but I know of her and some of the things she has done that are outside of the law. I cannot say the same about Ms Gabb-McKenzie. She should not have gotten that job in the first place.

    When ever the legislators and the executives of the country no longer have direct control over the judiciary things will change and cronies will no longer get these positions.

    The Attorney General needs to start making real effort to get more Belizeans trained so they can fill these positions with out talk of hiring outside of the country.

    Then again having the qualifications is one thing, having the will to execute the law justly is another thing!

    Real changes need to be made but only when politicians are out of office they seem to know what to do.

  10. CEO says:

    Isn’t Lino the one that released the mexican the other with the revolver and the 10 G’s in US currency from the free zone?

  11. Disgusted! says:

    To REVOLUTION: Let me say this once and for all. I come on this blog to defend the people of my country against the horrors and injustices prepetrated by politicians, failed governments, the police department, criminals and the judiciary. I do not disrespect nor direct my anger toward anyone who posts comments on these blogs,even if I disagree with them because I respect people and their opinions.. That said, if you don’t like my comments, then don’t !@($ING read them @$$H0LE!!!!!!!! AND PUKE is how you were delivered by the #!#!@ that gave birth to you. !@#% YOU @$$H0LE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Legally Blonde says:

    Summer, Ur Rite to a certain extent, While I agree about the whole ford/ Frasier link up, to be honest , its liking picking the lesser of two evils between Frasier and McKenzie. While I don’t support the idea of a non Belizean getting the post, they are a hand full of competent Belizean who can fill the post. God help us as a nation if Frasier is even considered as a possible Successor to McKenzie. What an Achievement to be a Chief Magistrate lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The People Had Enough says:

    What I see lotta feelings the get ketch on ya, lol. You guys need to hug it out.

  14. The People Had Enough says:

    I am sure if Disgusted and Revolution had this argument in a bar someone would have been shot, stabbed, maimed or beaten. It seems that the movie “The Crazies” kinda whats happening to Belize and the planet as a matter of fact; we are reverting back to our primal instincts of pure survival; kill or be killed, survive by any means.

  15. camile brown says:

    iam going to blast u storm u noh know knowing about no one pointing fingers at every one on channel five who the hell are u have any heart at all are u a human being.did u come from out of ur mother.i do not think so.u are a wicked and useless human being,u need god on ur side.hidding behind a comment that so childlish.people like u should had being dead years ago.i so sad that u are a belizean.u need to find a life.because ur a waste of sperm by ur parent.i hope u have the worst death.silly !@#$%

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    Margaret been expired when was the last time she convicted one of those criminals that are terrorising the Jewel.

  17. Aaron Humes, Amandala Press says:

    Clearly my story has struck a nerve.

    Summer, this is the real Aaron Humes, so if you have evidence, let’s see it…

  18. Disappointed says:

    Once again our people look for outsiders to run the operations of important position in society. I am greatly disappointed as usual in our people. We are so dependent on outsiders and we don’t even attempt to give our own a chance, but instead condemn them. Have you seen or heard of any other Caribbean Country taking a Belizean in such position? People give our own a chance, for once let us aim to be thinkers and leaders of our own country and not outsiders thinkers and leaders for us. Even if u don’t agree with Ms. Frazer being Chief Magistrate give another Belizean a chance.

  19. Elgin Martinez says:

    I thought we were an indipendent Nation.When will Belizeans stop relying on foreigners to decide their fate?

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