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Mar 11, 2011

Murdered man was humble says “Boots” Martinez

Andrew Moses

At minutes before the five o’clock hour on Thursday evening, Andrew Moses was shot and killed by a lone gunman on Kraal Road, one of the City’s hotspots. Moses, a former postman, hardly had a chance of survival. Multiple gun shots hit on the left side of his chest, abdomen and leg.  News Five’s Isani Cayetano found out that the identity of the shooter is not yet known.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The late evening murder of twenty-nine year old Andrew Moses is eerily reminiscent to that of Raymond ‘Killa’ Gentle which occurred a month ago.  They were both south side men who were employed by their area representative and gunned down on Kraal Road, a short distance from the Cumberbatch Field.  In Gentle’s case he was a reformed gang leader whose past somehow caught up with him.  Moses, on the other hand, was said to be an individual who was humble and soft spoken despite his blood relation to several men who are considered active in gang rivalry.

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez, Former Employer

Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez

“He was never an at risk person.  I don’t know what triggered the murder but I’ve always [known] that up to recently he was working with the Ministry of Works hurricane project and when that project was over at the end of February he was working with a contractor who was also doing some work for the hurricane project.  I find him to be a reasonable man, always mannerly [and] has been a long, I think he worked with the public service.  He used to be a postman for at least five years.”

Fitzroy Yearwood

Moses, it is presumed, was on his way home from work when he met his untimely demise.  According to many the resident of Central American Boulevard in Port Loyola was a victim of circumstance.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer (File: March 10th, 2011)

“Andrew Moses was running from the direction of Cesar Ridge and Kraal Road and upon reaching this junction, the person that was chasing him opened fire on him hitting him several times.  He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

At the scene of the shooting personnel from the Crimes Investigation Branch processed as many as eight expended shells scattered across the street near its intersection with Ross Penn Road.  Moses was the cousin of Brandon Taylor who was recently exonerated of charges stemming from the March thirtieth, 2008 murder of Tyrone Castellanos.

Anthony “Boots” Martinez

“It’s a trying situation and to no ends it’s perfect but I still feel that by creating the opportunity moving forward that will make sure that it curves the incidence of crime.”

For the time being there have not been any arrests in this recent homicide and the police department is appealing to eyewitnesses to come forward and assist in their investigation.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“What I am asking is if the public if they have information that may assist us in this investigation to please come forward or call 0-800-922-TIPS. Every little piece of information that they might believe is irrelevant could help us solve this crime and find the orchestrator of it.”

On January twelfth another of Martinez’s workmen was ruthlessly mowed down in a shower of bullets while he was constructing a wooden home on Kraal Road at its corner with Faber’s Road.  Raymond ‘Killa’ Gentle, the esteemed Kraal Road boss was executed less than a hundred yards from where Moses met his fate.  For Martinez the next move is to relocate his workers.

Anthony “Boots” Martinez

“It will be going out in the districts and working out in the villages and so.  So I think that it is a good move too and I think it’s the marginal young people that we are targeting to eliminate that gang violence in the city.”

It is of note that Andrew Moses was gunned down a stone’s throw away from the basketball court at the Cumberbatch Field, adjacent to the home of Andre Trapp, in the presence of several young men who were around at the time of the incident. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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9 Responses for “Murdered man was humble says “Boots” Martinez”

  1. Storm says:

    If they convict someone for this crime, he should hang.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Relocating your workers in not going to minimize crime in the city.Furthermore you workers are not the only victims of crime?Why not try to find a solution to the crime situation Mr Martinez?Wouldn’t that make more sense?

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    Boots, mannerly or not, some of these children are worthless & incapable of any human emotion other than anger. They smile when they want something, they have manners & appear humble when that’s what they need to get over. No one is ever a gang member…… after they get shot. Their behavior along with that of many of the adults around them including some of their parents is predatory & this has to be addressed & dealt with. I don’t know Mr. Moses, don’t care who he is related to but we have to stop BS-ing ourselves, I have been horrified by the garbage I have seen that now passes for normal in our community & those of us from my generation who are now running the country, who have children in this age group must get our heads out of our tailpipes & deal with the monsters we created. You talk about Killa, he met the same fate he dealt others, end of story. If the news is accurate, these worthless effers shot a complete stranger a few days before murdering this one known who is known to them. Talk to your ignorant parents; these sick, stupid sons & daughters of Bs are still allowing gang rituals at their children’s funerals & trying to convince us that it does not stink..

    Relocating these creatures to the villages for any reason will only corrupt the villages that are still peaceful, why not just put piranhas in the river & entice the residents to dive in. The people in PG are about to resort to vigilante justice because our officers could not hit the two moving menaces well enough to take them out, thus leaving the cancer in their midst to return with a vengeance

    Try rewarding the children who have actually behaved themselves & kept their noses clean for a change.


    Unfortunately on the streets of Belize these days being “humble” is irrelevant in every aspects of the word in his situation.
    We cannot save all of them who made mistakes in the past and want to do good now that is the cold truth; I can only hope that from these deaths Belizean men will learn to make better choices in life before it’s too late for them

  5. j killa baby borther says:

    Raymond Gentle lives on for ever I don’t give a !@#$ what people have 2 say about him there was no man,no man n the city like him all these stupid mother !@#$%^& don’t know $#!% weh boots need fi do dah make public meeting with the youths not only boots everybody have 2 hepl keep the youths of belize busy give them somthing 2 do anything positive I mean anything its not always about money money all the time talk 2 them show them some tipe of love some of kids don’t even have a place to rest there heads at night . Stop being scared of our own people give them a chance … to the adults only way crime will slow down it starts with are children , let the teens take to these older murders they need to hear from the youths

  6. Reel says:

    Boots moved out of the neighborhood and now is spreading crumbs among the at risk youths, this is meaningless….he needs to have reeel investment in southside Belize, industry, tax free zone , no trade liscense and reduced land tax for new businesses on suth side.Boots turn out to be a fraud just like the others. I remember when he was in opposition and he was crusading to build septic tank for all port residents, how quick he forgot the people, but Jah no lash with stick!!!!!

  7. dogg501 says:

    Despite his relation to known street figure, Andrew Moses was indeed one of d most humblest person I’ve known..always advocating for peace and a cease fire on d war in streets. To really know who he was, its sad to hear he died in that manner. Be In Peace RAS MOSES!! Who Jah Bless No Man Curse!! One thing i’m sure of, is that imma see u in heaven when its my turn to go!!

  8. mole says:

    B.I.P. B

  9. Sharonda GARBUTT says:


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