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Mar 11, 2011

Gloria Morales says she was abducted

Gloria Morales

We met Gloria Morales back in October 2010, when her five children were taken by the Department of Human Services and her thirteen year old daughter, Claudia Zetina, alleged that she was abused in a girl’s home. Today Morales came back to News Five studios following a court hearing in Dangriga and she had some good and bad news. The good news is that Claudia has been allowed to return home, but the case of the four remaining children is still before the courts. And the bad news is that Morales claims she was the victim of a horrifying abduction on Thursday night. She told us today that the father of her ex-common-law husband, who we will refer to only as Aaron. According to Morales, Aaron and his father were in the company of a third man, Choco, when they offered her a ride home but headed in the opposite direction.

Gloria Morales, Alleged Abduction Victim

“I si dehn di pass hospital and I tell Aaron, hey weh your pa gwein and he seh dehn gwein go drop Choco, cause Choco lie dah area. I seh alright den I si dehn di go, dehn di go; four miles, six miles and den I di tell Aaron, weh dehn gwein and he noh di talk, none ah dehn di talk dehn just di go. When I look dehn gone by wah orchard, dark, dark spot and dehn curve een deh and I my heart start to beat fast. I seh well something wah happen or maybe dehn wah kill me. So I look pan Aaron and I tell ah unnu wah kill me? He [Aaron’s dad] come out ah di vehicle and he gone dah back and he tek wah shovel and put it pan di side. And ih seh b****, ih seh come out ah di car now, come out now ih seh. Ih seh I wah kill yoh r*** and I wah bury yoh. I tell Aaron please noh mek yoh pa do me this, I tell ah I have my pickney fi live fah, I have to court tomorrow. Please ah tell ah, help me please. Den he look pan ah and tell ah dad, yoh noh wah touch Gloria, yoh noh wah touch my gial.  He get eena di car and den he drive den ih stop again ih seh alright, you noh want kill ah son, ih seh alright but mek we beat up ih [bleep] better. Mek we beat ah and black and blue ah den we just throw ah out yah and nobody wah know nothing bout ah. And den Aaron seh yoh noh hear weh I tell yoh, no yoh noh di touch dis gial, les go ker dis gial home dah ih house weh yoh tell ah yoh wah ker ah.”

Delahnie Bain

“You have any idea why his father would want to kill you?”

Gloria Morales

“Because he noh want me fi ih son. He noh want mek I live wid ih son so me and ih son separate bout two days ago and I gone dah Dangriga yesterday gone ker wah pot weh he mi want and my lee daughter tell me stay and from deh yoh go dah court dah morning. So I tell ah okay, but who mi know dis mi wah happen to me.”

Morales goes back to court on April fourteenth for the case involving her four children.

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11 Responses for “Gloria Morales says she was abducted”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    This whole story sounds like a bad soap opera. So if she as abducted why hasn’t she gone to make an official report and filed charges against her abductors. Why did she get into the vehicle with a father-in-law that she knows doesn’t like her. ??????????????

  2. Sasha says:

    Lady, when will you learn your lesson. Get up off your @$$ and go work for your own money, stop depending on man for a HANDOUT. I am so proud of my MOTHER, you know her, she raised 7 children by HERSELF without bringing another man into the house, she did all types of job except prostitution to raise us, and NONE ended in jail or used drugs. She never asked anyone for money either. When we became of age to work, it was up to us if we wanted to help financially, but of course we did. How could you not seeing all the SACRIFICE she did for us.

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    Utter Insanity…..


    Why did you not go directly to file a report at the police department about your horrifying abduction on Thursday night? It now seems to me that you went to the media first, but only a few days to report this alleged abduction.

    It seems like Aaron, his father and Chocó had a plan to abduct and killed you that night. It was not by coincidence that they had a shovel in the auto, and a burying place picked out of you already. Aaron, only had a change of heart of your repeated begging’s.
    Go to the police make a report, and have these animals picked up and investigated.

  5. Belizean says:

    If you ask me I think its a waste of time following this womans story. If you really know her you would know that she is no good…. SHE HAS A 17 YEAR OLD LOVER!! I have seen them hugging and kissing, at first I thought it was one of her son but the french kiss convinced me it wasnt. Disgusting to look at if you ask me. This woman is begging for troble and loves to play the victim. To be honest I wouldnt be surprised if she is found dead some where in the future.

  6. case says:

    @belizean, if what ur saying is true, then why is it that the law comes hard on men who have relation with under age women and not on older women who mingle with under age men, we havent seen parents making compliants about their teenage boys having relation with older women who can be there mom…Amazing…..Justice is serve…


    I have long since declared Gloria is a troubled woman in and out of unhealthy relationships, But whatever Gloria preferred to do with her private life is none of our business as long as her actions is not harming her children.
    Unfortunately, this is a cougar issue here for Gloria, a woman looking desperately to fulfill her specific desires and needs.
    Maybe the rumour is true, or………………… just not another hateful tale to tarnish a woman’s reputation.

    Rape is rape, there should be no exceptions.

  8. Snuggles says:

    I totally agree with MADDYVANDIJK/DEREALIST lets leave her personal life out if it does not affect her children afterall none of us would take care of her children for her. @ Sasha, babe i know how u feel my mom did d same for her 7 also and now were all making somebody of ourselves. @ Case, i agree, justice is served. This woman may be whatever people want to say she is but, if thats what it takes to support her children then by all means go ahead. LET OTHERS LEARN THAT THEIR CHILDREN COMES FIRST.

  9. BZNinCALI says:

    This woman was in the news last year, one of her children posted a comment yesterday in response to that story that should make most of us think twice. That child felt neglected. How we behave as parents affect the way our children see themselves. As a woman, having a mother who worked her backside off so that she was not completely dependent on our Dad made a difference in the way I saw myself & other women. Sasha, there are a lot of Belizean women whom we can be proud of.

    A broke, broke down cougar, that 17 year old would make an excellent case study. Anyway cougar or not, unless she is renting her services to feed her children, it is time to keep her drawers on, pay attention to her kids, stop putting them at risk & for God & their sake…STOP BREEDING.

  10. ladylove says:

    I cannot judge let God be the judge. Kudos to those parents who strive for a better life for their kids. I hope the government system protects the rights of the children. We may be one of these days a victim and until we internalize our mental and psychological imbalances in life then lets pray for the betterment in the protection of women and children.

  11. Danny J. Thompson says:

    She abandoned 8 kids in New York. I am her eldest son. I don’t ever recall her abusing any of us. She was always loving and caring. I still don’t know why she left us. The last time I saw this woman was in 1996. Before she left us, promising to return for us, which never happened. I have to say though I wouldn’t believe anything she say’s. She will tell the truth at first with a little white lie. And then if that doesn’t work she will just compound it with more lie’s. I could never believe anything she say’s. And I’m just DISGUSTED about this 17 year old person she’s with.

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