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Mar 11, 2011

P.M. defends ex-wife as Government’s choice attorney

Dean Barrow

It was not on the list of budgeted items up for discussion, but the Prime Minister responded to a question from the opposition side on his former wife Lois Young. Young has made a substantial sum as the government’s preferred attorney. As you are well aware, there are several attorneys on employment in the government service, but the P.M. made no apologies for hiring his ex.

Dean Barrow

“The litigation and legal campaigns that this government is involved in are serious business. There is a number of public law and constitutional challenged cases that have been mounted and that are fundamental to a democracy. They require the best, most devoted advocacy and that is representation that the dedicated staff at the Solicitor General’s department cannot keep up with because of that staff’s small size and the large volume of contractual commercial drafting and advice and opinion work that that staff has to do for all ministries of government. And so as is the case throughout the Caribbean, this government retains senior counsel from the private bar. And I make no apologies in saying that so far, our principal go-to lawyer has been Lois Young. This has nothing to do with the fact that she was once my wife for we have been divorced now for over a generation. But it has everything to do with her outstanding abilities as a foremost practitioner in the areas of the law regarding which we are so much in Court.”

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17 Responses for “P.M. defends ex-wife as Government’s choice attorney”

  1. Bulba Martinez says:

    Hogwash. I know that someone has to do the job and as far as I’m concern, she’s no better than the others except for being paid extremely well. Just tell us Belizeans what she has done for us that was/is beneficial to us and our country. Our Tax dollars is being spent foolishly and yet we supposedly still owe (No name) for case that she lost in the UK. I have to say we because at the end of the day, we the POOR get to pay for everything one way or another. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Corruption and nepotism big time people, noh mek no ghost fool unu. Just look around the political circus and see for yourselves. If you can’t see then listen and you will get the big picture by now. Six a one and half a dozen a the other. Da who we fu trust but God!!!!.

  2. Sydney says:

    This man is evil. He is using the Belizean people’s money as payback for all the years of abuse he subjected his ex-wife Lois to. He is vindictive and insincere, No love for Belize in him.

  3. george alamilla says:


  4. Lucas says:

    Granted Mr. Borrow. However, the fact that Mr. Musa may have done wrong does not give you permission to also waste taxpayers money in that fashion and the fact that you know it was wrong but are doing the same, makes it more condemnable on your part. You bragg how much she has brought in and how little she has taken when in fact, those cases were a piece of cake. It was like when Jack is caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Those cases were clear. A law was clearly broken. No point to argue. Any lawyer could had handle those cases and the wealth would had been spread. If you cared about saving the taxpayer some money, a retained govt. lawyer could had done it. But no, This is about enriching the family. If you were a Governor in the U.S.A., you would had already been impeached and already been send to jail. And if she is as smart as you say she is, why is it that she is still battling the lord in court?

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Barrow is a F dictator i don’t think he understand what democracy mean.It’s all about the Barrow family and his ex.Only in Belize can you do all this bs anywhere else you would have been run out of office.

  6. BDF soldier says:

    CRONISM-clear as crystal-i am not a pup and udp dumb follower.

  7. OH Barrow !!! says:

    Yeah right… LIAD again !!!!!!

  8. BZNinCALI says:

    If Lois is capable of providing excellent representation & winning, then she should be rewarded for the work she is doing. If her wages are consistent with other attorneys of the same caliber, I am willing to ignore the fact that she was married to Dean. If he is correct & she is being paid from the money they have secured from the cases she has won, we are coming out ahead. Let’s not forget, in civil cases in the US & elsewhere, those bloodsuckers get 33 to 40 percent & that’s because most courts will not allow them to take all.

  9. BZNinCALI says:

    Elgin, it happens everywhere, how else could Bush Jr have bee placed in a position to get elected President of the US, Colin Powell’s son appointed to run a department he was completely unprepared for or Brown who managed FEMA in the US who had no clue that starving, thirsty people in a hurricane shelter in New Orleans were not suffering. Cronyism, Nepotism & whatever we want to call it but it exists everywhere & I a just grateful when they occasionally slip a sharp one in.

  10. Mayhem says:

    tru true Elgin. I think Lois is a good lawyer I seen her in court. So I no have no problema with her doing cases. As long as she does a good job then I no have no problem.

  11. eightoften says:

    @ Bulba, I wonder why a certain “no name” is unameable. Is he God?

  12. bOOBY says:

    Except another gentleman who I will not mention. But he probably doesnt want to do such cases because he wants to be seen as a man who takes each case as it comes and not give the impression that he is a politico.

  13. Blind Eye Jamesie says:

    4 million dollars for Lois in 3 years, then add salary for Board of SSB and salary and perks for board of BTL. I am a UDP mi cousin but this definitely wrong!!!!

  14. ruralpower says:

    come on people those millions of taxpayers dollars should be spent on the poor not on alimony!

  15. louisville,ky says:

    Unnu ku moan ahn groan all unnu want, but tell mi which politician in the past that was not guilty of nepotism and which one if elected will not be guilty of the same thing. Ahn…….. tell mi!!! You people keep electing mere men into office and when they do as is their wont you !@#$% and you complain. Can’t you all see by now that changing the blue for the red and ‘vice versa’, is tantamount to changing white monkey fi white dog. Who di fool who??……the joke is on YOU!!!!!!

  16. BDF soldier says:

    K all thos F belizean LAWYERS,and once belizeans get RID of those bloody parasites,then belize will be a reall free,democratic country,

  17. Nayo Lost says:

    I wonder if she is paying taxes on all those millions? I sure would not!

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