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Mar 10, 2011

Late evening murder of Andrew Moses

There was gunfire in the Old Capital this afternoon. At around five o’clock, a man was shot at the corner of Kraal Road and Ross Penn Road. He is twenty-nine year old Andrew Moses, who was in the employ of Minister of Works, Anthony “Boots” Martinez. Moses was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he succumbed to the gunshots. At least ten shots were fired and police recovered numerous expended shells from the area. Moses, according to what we have gathered, was being chased down Kraal Road from the direction of Cesar Ridge Road, warding off his attacker, who eventually caught up with him. He was dressed in a green polo shirt and jeans pants and a school bag was recovered near him following the shooting. Police Press Officer, Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, says he is appealing to the public to assist in the investigations.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“It’s a murder investigation. What I can tell you, the deceased, Andrew Moses was running from the direction of Cesar Ridge and Kraal Road and upon reaching this junction, the person that was chasing him opened fire on him hitting him several times. He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

Isani Cayetano

“I understand the victim was hit multiple times. The scenes of crime were here picking up several expended shells. Can you speak to us a bit on if they have been able to ascertain either a motive or to gather intelligence from this murder?”

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood

“It’s early in the investigation. What I am asking is if the public if they have information that may assist us in this investigation to please come forward or call 0-800-922-TIPS. Every little piece of information that they might believe is irrelevant could help us solve this crime and find the orchestrator of it.”

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17 Responses for “Late evening murder of Andrew Moses”

  1. chris says:

    this hurt , u always see other people getting killed on the new but when it is someone that u know and use to play ball with it makes u think men. we really have to put a stop to all this senseless killing over respect and gangs and colors. what we are forgetting is that when someone dies there is no coming back its not a game where u get such and such number of lives . i just want to see the killing stop men, it really hard to go on without someone who was right here with u just a moment a go , it hard to start over a new life without that person. i pray that God will mend the hearts of the relatives and let time heal their pain men.

  2. Storm says:



    Another case of old beef, or gang related really. This is now the second murder committed in the same style on two of Anthony “Boots” Martinez associates.

    The thugs and criminals/animals are fearless of the new “Gun law”, while Business owners consumed with paranoia have to carry a loaded gun everywhere they go for protection. Do we really have to sit this year out too before the law actually execute the sentence or penalty of the new “Gun law”. It does not make me feel any safer or sane to know that the criminals, gangs, and thugs are the only people in Belize who are allowed to carry guns.

    Sick and tired, really.

  4. BZNinCALI says:

    A couple days ago, someone shot the man whose truck stalled, he lived to tell the tale & the location of the gunman at the time of the shooting & no one has been arrested. The residents are in a NO WIN situation, damned if they tell, damned if they don’t. Until they start showing up for jury duty prepared to convict the criminals they can expect more of the same.

  5. UniqueBlkRose says:

    Another young life lost…Another senseless murder. One more family is left to grieved, 2 more babies will have to grow up without the love of their father. Just because someone decided to play God and take a life. Belize really need to get serious and start setting some examples. Because the murders know more or less that they will get away with it, they have no respect or regards for a life. They have no problem gunning someone down in broad daylight! I cannot understand why they continue to kill each other. Why do they kill their own brothers in cold blood? They really need to bring back the death penalty…I am really disgusted…sick and tired!!!

  6. Sister Augustine says:

    Lets take time out to truly reflect on God and his tender mercies. My sympathy goes out to the family of my friend Andrew. Christians we truly have to take a stand and finish what God has command us to do which is to finish his works and spread the gospel. No man have the right or authority to take anyone life. What if Andrew was your brother or your uncle or your father you would truly be in pain right now. Remember the commandment of God “Love thy neighbor as thyself” for we are all brothers and sisters if our father is God. May the family find strength to look up to Jesus as he knows what you are going through in your time of bereavement. Stop hating and start LOVING my brethren. Killers and lawbreakers you may get away now but God will truly be the Judge of You if you do not turn from your wicked ways. Reflect on that.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mr Yearwood maybe you need to start appealing to the GOB instead to start hanging these idiots.Why would someone jeoperdize their life by been a witness in court to this heinous crime when there is no witness protection in place,would you?

  8. Dissapointed UDP says:

    RESTORE BELIZE, this is the safe zone, how many salaries are currently being paid under this program. where are the tangible results.

  9. RG Belizean says:

    What the !**% they could always get to the crime scene and find expended shells AND THEN WHAT…Please tell mi because nothing nuh happen after that. They don’t investigate $#!&!!! May God Have Mercy On Our Country! RIP Andrew

  10. eyes on Belize says:

    Like I said before, it has to be a end to this bloodshed. The only way is for the people to leave the old beef behind. The more we have new killings it will continue to be old beef. Some idiots don’t believe in forgiveness like they never done nothing wrong in life. But let me tell u something to u hypocrites, judgement day will come. For all you readers who don’t believe is forgiveness is only fueling these jobless youth to continue to kill. What need to be organize is a walk, that people come together along with police help and walk through port Loyola, yarbough, George st, West st, Ghost Town, PIV, VictoriaST, then through Majestic Alley promoting peace. Then organize events to let the area participate in, in love and harmony. At least we can start with the youths because they are the future. We have alot of people that is promoting this violence undercover. They feed on it, until it hit their love ones. God bless Belize, because it needs all the blessings it can get

  11. Disgusted! says:

    Another of Boots Martinez’s employee murdered two days short of exactly 2 months apart. That’s quite an interesting point to ponder. What a Tsunami of massacre, crime, kidnapping, corruption and bloodshed weaves my Beloved Belize!!!!! And yet, the politicians and their families and close @$$kissing cronies can seek refuge in their heavily guarded fortresses in the Caribbean resorts and Miami at any given time with not a care in the world about the reality of the horrors in Belize. WELCOME TO PARADISE FOREIGNERS; HOPE YOU SURVIVE YOUR STAY!!!!!!!!!

  12. The People Had Enough says:

    last year’s murder rate will be beaten by mid-2011.

  13. Earl Grey says:

    Sister Augustine……….as YOU can see……..THE CHURCHES HAVE FAILED US.



  14. BZNinCALI says:

    I appreciate Boots trying to hire known gang members. At some point we need to make sure these children understand that their deeds will follow them. While unemployment may be a part of the problem, the bigger problem is that the adults have talked these young men into believing that working for peanuts is beneath them. There was a time when young men left the city to work at the sugar mill & citrus plant . Those jobs weren’t glamorous, they were hard work but those men were able to raise their families & grow old. Calluses on your hands & being able to provide for your children are a long shot better than not seeing your children grow up or being a burden to your loved ones after a bullet renders their lazy @$$#$ a vegetable.

  15. chris says:

    life, what is it? today we are here, tomorrow we are gone! WE CANNOT TRULY FACE LIFE UNTIL WE FACE AND ACCEPT THE FACT THAT IT WILL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM US SOMEDAY. LIFE IS MEANINGLESS, SENSELESS, AND PECULIAR. we get up everyday and do the same things just waiting for death to visit us. when u have Jesus in your life its different, you don’t fear death because you know that life continues after our spirits have been taken away from our mortal bodies. so i urge you’ll to give Jesus an opportunity to change your lives and hearts.

  16. BzeanSniper says:

    Have you noticed that a lot of people getting shot and killed did some type of work for a Minister? Hmm and have you also noticed that almost every minister has a family member or himself(ahem Gaspar Vega,Johnny Briceno’s Uncle(was busted years ago in the united states and has been banned from leaving the country of Belize or enter the united states) is involved in drugs. SO IF YOU ARE WORKING FOR A MINISTER BROTHER FIND WAH NEXT JOB SOME WHERE ELSE THESE GUYS DON’T CARE FOR YOU OR FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES. OPEN YOUR EYES BELIZE….

  17. G says:

    I visited Belize 2 weeks ago and Andrew Or Tayla as we called him, was the only guy I spoke to that was really do something, he was so happy about his job and told me welcome home one of the few guys that recognize me he was always a good guy and it it sad when I read the news last night I was hoping it wasn’t him but I saw his picture this morning on the channel seven news and I felt sadness for his life and his family. I hope that the killers of Belize get in touch wirth reality and stop killing good people for no apparent reason.

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