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Mar 10, 2011

Housekeeper’s experience now includes robbery of employers

Donatila Najera

A brazen home invasion in Belama Phase Two made headlines on March second. The story was that three armed men ambushed a helpless housekeeper, ransacked her employer’s home and stole over seven thousand dollars in jewelry and electronics. But it turns out that the maid, Donatila Najera, wasn’t a victim at all; in fact she fooled homeowner, Zita Small, the cops and everyone else. Today Police Press Officer, Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, gave the stunning update that Najera and another woman were the masterminds who planned and executed the theft. Yearwood says they have recovered most of the items and the women have been charged.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Sixta Medina

“Our intense investigation led us to the detention of the maid, Ms. Donatella Najera whereby after our investigators interviewed her several times, she admitted and gave a caution statement admitting that in fact, it was not an aggravated burglary, but a theft that she herself conspired along with one Ms. Sixta Medina, a friend of hers, a businesswoman. Our investigations led us to the recovery of all items except for an iPhone and these women were charged jointly for Conspiracy to Commit Theft, they were charged for Theft and Ms. Medina was charged for Handling Stolen Goods. We have all the items here and I must commend our officers for an excellent job in detecting this crime.  We even charged her for a Mischievous Act, making a false report.”

Jules Vasquez, Channel 7

“And were the items recovered at a place known to or controlled by her, within her realm?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well, the items were actually recovered with Miss Medina after she herself was apprehended by police and also gave a caution statement where she confessed to her involvement in the actual theft and the handling of the goods.”

Delahnie Bain

“What about the men that actually took the items from the house?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“My friend, no men were involved. This thing was conspired by two women, orchestrated by them and committed by them that’s why…”

Jules Vasquez

“They did the heavy lifting?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Everything. That’s why she was additionally charged for a mischievous act.”

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18 Responses for “Housekeeper’s experience now includes robbery of employers”

  1. Lisamarie says:

    Are they even from Belize? Hope they have the proper documents to prove it.

  2. belizeanpride says:

    damn, we can’t even trust the maids now, what the hell is happening, if they are not belizeans please deported them but make them serve their time first and later send them home. jeez it’s unbelievable what people has come to, just for being a trusted worker to stabb you in the back with no remorse

  3. Concerned says:

    @Lisamarie: Just because they are Hispanic doesn’t make them illegal, I’m not saying they aren’t. If you know anything about Belizean culture, there are Mestizos who live here! You are discriminating and that’s a major part of our violence problems in Belize.

  4. BZNinCALI says:

    This is not the first nor will it be the last maid with sticky fingers who were robbed by men they cannot describe. The “poor thing” was underpaid & overworked & gave herself a big tip since the boss did not give her a raise. Now she will wear those nice Police bracelets & hopefully spend a few years in prison doing something other than getting fat

  5. Justice says:

    Because I have also been robbed by maids, if and when I do employ them I am in the house overeseeing their activities. I also ensure that all valuable are locked away so that they have no knowledge of what I have . It is sad and I hope that they are punished. Once examples are set, then others sort of review their activities.

  6. Jan says:

    Gosh !!! Come on it doesn’t matter if whether she was getting underpaid or overworked. You simply don’t play with this stuff. Now as you know police will be reluctant to process these kind of crimes like home invasions. And here we read this news when she cried wolf. Really disappointing. Well we all are no saints but come people try as best as you can to live an honest life.


    Actually, racism, or stereotyping/discrimination in Belize are not among any of the reasons or factors why Belizeans are killing each other (SEE STATS).
    Not so long ago in the news a black woman working as a house maid stole jewellery from her boss. I hope she is in Belize legally too.

  8. Mimz says:

    I think the point about their immigration status is valid in the sense that sometimes these people come and have false documents, they rob, kill and do all sorts of things then jump back on the boat and GONE…we can’t even look for them because we don’t know their real name. Yes, I’m aware that Belize has a Mestizo population so no need to bring up the obvious. We all have to be careful of who we have in our homes.

  9. RG Belizean says:

    Ok Mr. Yearwood I know you and your men feel good because you slove this crime, but seriously BELIZE have major issues with the youths killing up each other, every minute of the day. And you are up hear talking about “Our intense investigation” Why can’t your men put that same kind of intensity in dealing with senseless killings in our Country!

  10. Disgusted! says:

    Well, I guess the @$$hole police press officer, (YES! I AM TALKING TO FITZROY YEARWOOD) thinks that he and the whole incompetent police department deserve grammy awards for doing what they’re paid to do but hardly ever accomplish. It was probably by a strange twist of fate that they solved this case. Now go out and do real professional police work!!! like solving the “JACK” serial murders which saw the gruesome slaughter of those little girls. I am absolutely not !@#%ING impressed.

  11. Disgusted! says:

    As to the matter of those two thieving #!#ches!!! throw the book at them and melt the key after they are banished to Hattieville Department of (Corruptions.) I hope they’re placed in a cell with the most hardcore bull dykes!!!!!!!! And to think the victim was defending her and was so gratetfully overwhelmed that she wasn’t hurt during the (alleged invasion.) That is the outcome of hiring cheap labor and not doing a complete background check on these people who migrate to Belize under the guise of “looking for a better life.” These women could have killed that family and absconded back to their country of origin. Think long and hard about that people!!!!!!!!

  12. Earl Grey says:



  13. Me says:

    I agree with disgusted but majority of us belizeans are to blame. this is not the first time that the spanish or latinos are taking advantage of the black. But that is what Blacks get for being stupid and letting them into their homes. Same thing happened with the Stuart family. Hire illegals for cheap labor and end up dead.

  14. Elgin Martinez says:

    That’s what you get for been cheap.HaHa.

  15. eightoften says:

    The thing is that they were quick to describe 3 “black” men as the invaders. So to those who are crying that some people’s comments are racist towards the two hispanic women…I hope you realize that they were also racist in making their false claims.

  16. BZNinCALI says:

    @ Jan, no one believes that there is any justification for stealing. I was being sarcastic.

  17. Lisamarie says:

    The reason why I asked about their status in “OUR” country Belize is not just because they are hispanic ( I have many hispanic relatives ‘n friends there) it is because usually domestic workers of this sort are from one of the neighboring countries and as most of us who read the news can see, there have been many instances of crimes committed by foreigners who slip back over the border before they are caught. For example with the lawyer and his wife who were said to have been stabbed to death in their home by a workman who was from Guatemala and was not legally in the country. And there are countless other situations.

    Crimes will take place in Bz anyhow but i think we run the risk of having excessive crime rate increase when we are not strict with who comes in and stays there and for what reason. This is in reference to my previous comment. It was not intended to injure anyone.


    This is a very sensitive case; the housekeepers blamed black men for the robbery. It is a shame and disgrace that this is the way most people are looking at Belize, so BZNinCALI this is not the place or time for sarcasms.
    According to the media the Black men of Belize are committing more crimes, and murders. It is no wonder that most crimes are pin-pointed to the black population.

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