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Mar 8, 2011

Roaring Creek neighbor murdered because of a puppy

Lorenzo Ho

A spate of deadly violence plagued the three-day weekend. The bloodshed started on Saturday morning and in the next twenty-four hours, three persons had been killed separately in the City and in Roaring Creek. In the City, a grocery store owner and a father of two were murdered. But we start with a stabbing that ended the life of Lorenzo Ho. News Five’s Delahnie Bain headed to Roaring Creek where one man is in custody and Ho’s family is numb and only beginning to come to grips with the killing of one of their own.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting

After celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday on Saturday, the family of Lorenzo Ho, has been mourning his death since Sunday morning. Ho was killed during a fight with his next door neighbor, Erazmo Lino, who is said to have threatened him the previous night.

Albina Herrera, Mother of Lorenzo Ho

“Saturday dehn gone out dah some party and ih come hail me. Di bwai pass and ih seh I wah pop open yoh chest. I gone and I talk to my son. Ih seh ma I neva di faas wid ah and I believe ah because dehn mi deh pan di street dah wah vet house; dehn mi deh right deh di drink. Ih come home di next day and deh down yah all morning di hang wid my bredda dehn.”

Vilma Gentle, Aunt of Lorenzo Ho

Vilma Gentle

“From afta three Sunday morning Erazmo Lino come and stone up fi we house cross deh and ih ask fi Bush caz he want put a hole eena ih chest. My olda bredda get up and start to rail up wit ah and tell ah mek ih go from yah cause Bush no deh yah. Den aftawards Bush come and my bredda tell ah and he gone by fi he gialfriend uncle gone finish celebrate ih birthday and dehn gone afta dehn way deh so.”

Ho had been staying with relatives because of a dispute with his sister at home. His mother, Albina Herrera, says the confrontation was over a puppy, Ho bought a week earlier.

Albina Herrera

Albina Herrera

“Di puppy missing and dehn kill di puppy. But I neva tell ah cause I neva want ih do nothing out ha di way. All weh we tell ah dah how dehn thief di puppy and I gwein fi di puppy.   Ih just gone approach fi ih puppy cause ih cry living eye water, he want di puppy, ih want di puppy. Ih cry to ih auntie dehn and tell dehn ih want di puppy bad. Only dat, he noh want no trouble but ih want di puppy. I noh want ih go up deh fi avoid trouble so I tell ah right now but den ah di get ready fi go dah church so I hide from ah and tell mi sista fi tell ah I done gone fi di puppy but he know I gwein dah church right. By di time I reach dah church five minutes when dehn come hail me and seh—he had all right fi gone up dah ih house cause dat dah ih house—one ah mi lee niece seh Bina come yah, ih seh dehn just stab up Bush.  And ih hurt me cause dah een di house dehn stab up my lee bwai while other people mi deh de and dehn refuse fi mek dehn gone help him. My son-in-law tell one ah my bredda lef dehn mek dehn battle it out one fi one.”

Herrera says she made it to the hospital just minutes before her son passed away.

Albina Herrera

“By di time I reach dah hospital I si ah, ih holla Bina give me some wata, I want wata bad. But I done si di thing yah so, wah big chop, one yah, ih eye bruise up weh dehn mussy punch ah or something.  And I si dehn di pump ah and di pump ah. Ih eye turn up; ih lip blue, blue, blue and by di time my sista dehn bawl out I know my son gone. My son gone; twenty-fourth birthday. Only dat ih live fah, fi ih twenty-fourth birthday.”

But the reports reaching police about the incident are very different; in fact it is alleged that Ho made the first move.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Lorenzo Ho and Erazmo Lino were involved in an argument which led into some physical contact whereby it is alleged that Ho inflicted a cut wound to Lino somewhere in the forehead and his right arm. Apparently, he was attacking Lino again and Lino pulled out a knife and inflicted a stab wound to Ho somewhere in the chest area. I know that Ho was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

Police are now awaiting directives on whether or not to bring a charge of Murder against Lino.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Police have since detained Lino and we have in custody the apparent weapon used to inflict the fatal wound. So far as the charges, I know that the file has been forwarded to the D.P.P. for her perusal and for instructions.”

Albina Herrera

“I si my son eena di morgue and I couldn’t believe dat dah my son. I wah bury my son. I wah bury my son. I can’t tek it. I can’t tek it. Ih got one lee bredda, ih lee bredda noh even di eat weh ih can’t tek it.  I mi love he noh care how bad he was bad, I mi love him.”

Delahnie Bain for News Five.

While the D.P.P.’s office has not yet issued directives, Belmopan Police this afternoon charged twenty-six year old Erazmo Lino with a single count of murder.   The construction worker appeared before Magistrate Adolph Lucas Junior and was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until May third.

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