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Mar 8, 2011

Police Inspector Dennis Lopez to go on trial for Attempted Murder

Dennis Lopez

Steven Buckley, a civilian, was shot a little less than a year ago by a police inspector.  The shooting angered the community because Buckley was shot even as he complied with a police order. Now, Inspector Dennis Lopez will stand trial for the attempted murder of Buckley.  That was the outcome of a preliminary inquiry before the Chief Magistrate, Margaret McKenzie, which determined that there is a prima facie case against the inspector.  When Inspector Lopez was asked whether or not he has any alibi witnesses to come to court he indicated that he must first check with his attorney. He was given seven days to do so and was released on bail. Inspector Lopez is accused of shooting Buckley on April, twenty-eighth, 2010 near the Cumberbatch Field in the Yarborough area. Buckley was along with his boss and friend, Marlon Myers in Myer’s vehicle when Lopez ordered them out of the vehicle.  Even as he did, Buckley was shot twice in the head and the officer claimed the shooting was an accident. Lopez will stand trial in the June twenty-fifth session of the Supreme Court. Buckley has also been attempting to secure damages from the police department since the injuries left him unable to work.

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18 Responses for “Police Inspector Dennis Lopez to go on trial for Attempted Murder”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. Disgusted! says:

    FINALLY! it appears as if mr. Buckley will get justice providing that the case file does not mysteriously disappear or the case is not pre-determined by corupted influence. This poor, hard-working law abiding citizen was taken for target practice by a rogue cop and left maimed for life. His life was disrupted, he faced eviction, his wife and children were reduced to mendicants in order to survive each day, he is left with a barrage of medical bills to pay etc. etc. etc. and yet nobody from the government, police department nor human rights came to his aide in pursuit of justice. They were probably hoping he would die like another ordinary black nonentity and everything would’ve been forgotten after a few months, but his fighting will and God’s grace has sustained him to face this baboon in a court of law. I hope and pray that Mr. Buckley will be granted fair justice and compensation. As to the cop, I hope he rots in jail along with the B.D.F. soldier….. 2 down, and counting!!!!!!!!!

  3. soldierofgod says:

    i hate belize police, i hate the whole system. They are all corrupted. And indeed justice will be served to that baboon police and all other killer cops as well as criminal. Justice will be served either here on earth and definately in the presence of the almighty. Are u kidding me! Do u seriously think god will forgive killers. Ha ha! Omg! God forgive the ignorant, those who really dont know or understand that their actions are wrong. Not a big old cop or criminals who knw murder is wrong and the list of crimes goes on, not those who knws and still do it and say to themselves that they will pray later and ask for forgiveness. NO NO NO! It doesnt work that way my friends. You are already stained by the devil and his demons, you knw what you were doing when u did it ugly cop. Your soul is for the devil your ugly inside and out. All of u evil being.

  4. Earl Grey says:

    Disgusted…………..We want them in JAIL………..BUT NOT TO ROT…….BUT TO WORK and repay their debt to society at no cost to tax-payers.

    Kolbe is too close to Belize City.

  5. islander says:


    I thought the gun laws were such that no one got bail for gun crimes ….

    This cop should get at the very least ten years.

    @ DISGUSTED you got some serious issues, what does the color BLACK have to do with anything? Really? DIDN’T you see the picture of the cop, he is creole too or are you accusing the cop of racist violence just cause he is a shade darker than the victim? This has nothing to do with color but everything to do with unecessary use of force.


    This fat bastard almost got away with Attempted Murder of an innocent man, and
    Don’t even have the decency to admit to a mistake as an officer of the law or as another human being. Since this case is sufficient and has the minimum amount of evidence necessary to allow it to continue in the judicial process, then let’s get the deal started, and stop wasting time on this animal.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    Don’t hate the Belize Police,hate Barrow he is the mastermind of the corruption.The Police out there in the streets is just been used by these lame leaders.

  8. Edith says:

    Maddyvandik you must be a very lonely bitter person – always lashing out with never a postitive thing to say – always referring to people as animals – they are not animals – they are criminals an shoul;d be treated as such.
    However try to think of ways to improve your country – don’t always put down everything and everybody – we have to be the change we want to see!

    As for this police officer – it’s good to know someone will be charged for shooting that poor man wrongly. They ruined not only his life – but the life of his family and especially his children. I hope if this officer is convicted – the victim can get some type of compensation form the Police department.


    Edith, it is like I said to you before pull your head out of your @$$. He is an animal in book, devoid of any human emotions. A decent hard working man almost died because of negligence on his behalf, and you hold me in contempt.

    What are you his mother, his stay at home wife/girlfriend, baby-momma? As far as I’m concern this animal should be shot, along with you.

    And if this makes me seem like a heartless !@#$% soooooooooooooo be it.

  10. daveyt says:

    He’ll walk. My money is on the case file going missing, and no witnesses turning up for the traile, either because they are too scared or too dead! The fact that he is on bail and given 7 days to consult with his Attorney over a possible alibi (Which doesn’t exist now, but one will in a weeks time) is proof already that he won’t do jail time!

  11. Bruce says:

    @Elgin Martinez Hate is very strong in this country!!!!!!!!! Towards all living things Parrots are SAVAGELY hunted by kids with sling shots. and on and on
    So you know about corruption?
    THE previous administration did NOT hire any new Police for a few years YOU are witness to those actions today!!!
    Hate is generated by lack of knowledge so look before you leap!!!

  12. rural north says:

    I sure hope that beside convicton the Govt compensate Mr Buckley and his family for life.This man wont be able to provide again.

  13. BZNinCALI says:

    Why does Officer Lopez need an alibi witness, there is no question that he shot Mr. Buckley, that fact was never in dispute, I believe he admitted it & blamed his gun or is it the little monster in his head that told that story. I hope we are not about to witness this man’s attorney pull some shenanigans & try to blame the other officer who was with Lopez.

  14. Disgusted! says:

    Islander……… I am not mentioning anything about race dude/dudette. If it of any interest to you, I am BLACK. I called the cop a baboon because of his actions. That of an uncivilized creature!!!!!!

  15. Earl Grey says:


  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    Am i to understand that Mr Lopez was given seven days to find a witness that didn’t exist?What a joke this case will drop through. This man should have known if he had a witness prior to appearing in court come on inspector you need to step your game up.

  17. Edith says:

    I am laughing at you Maddy – God Bless u and the wonderful woman he blessed with such a stupid child.

    If trying to pull me down is gonna make u feel better about your lowly pathetic self – go ahead sweety – i live to please!

    Have an enjoyable day and an even better week – you stupid stupid soul!!!!!!!!



    I think that Dennis Lopez will walk free, and then he will be sent elsewhere to conduct this same negligent behavior. I want justice, and that’s my ruling.

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