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Mar 8, 2011

“Clear the land” Castro’s thatch houses on fire in Maskall

Edmund Castro

His sheep were all slaughtered just prior to the last General Elections and about a year later someone broke into his constituency office and left a hog’s head on his desk.  Now Belize Rural North Area Representative, Edmund “Clear the Land” Castro has lost three cabanas containing fish feed, an amount he says is valued at around a hundred thousand dollars total.  The incident occurred at around one on Sunday morning, and while the police and fire officials continue their investigations and he can’t lay specific blame, Castro has his suspicions that it is all the work of dirty politics.  It is a loss that he says he wished he had covered by insurance.

Edmund Castro, Lost Cabanas to Fire

“We have currently burning approximately ten tons of tilapia feed that is burning up to now. If you go tomorrow you will still see the smoke and the burning of those feed.”

Marion Ali

“And you are laying blame. I heard this is an arson and you have your suspects.”

Edmund Castro

“Not really. It is hard to say because that is the job of the police to investigate and find out who are the culprits who actually light the fire. But it is clear case of arson. The building, there is no way—we don’t have forest fires in Maskall, it’s not like garbage was burning next door and anything of that sort. It was clearly set, the cabanas was nice little distance away so set one set two set three. And whoever lit them, but hopefully the police will do their job and find out more through their investigation. The ones that burned down were the same ones you had shown on the television—those cabanas with fish feed.”

Marion Ali

“But I had gone there and there was a stench. Even the U.D.P. village chairman had a problem.”

Edmund Castro

“But darling, right here dah flour mill, I noh see the people ina the flour mill area di move because they make the feed. Dah the same feed we get from the flour mill. If there’s a scent from fish feed at the flour mill, nobody from the flour mill area noh move. My good friend, Cutbert Bailey, live right there for years, he neva did complain. So it’s not like excessive stench and people can’t eat their food. That is garbage—the whole village in uproar and the whole village people can’t eat food because fly and all deh nonsense.”

Castro says he is not fazed by the suspected arson and he intends to contest in the 2013 General elections.

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14 Responses for ““Clear the land” Castro’s thatch houses on fire in Maskall”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    RETRIBUTION IS A B!#(H!!!!!!!! Castro stole enough from the very people he vowed to represent and was convicted of engaging in fraud and deception while in political office, yet, he was only given a slap on the wrist by his boss Dean Barrow, to save face. Well, the people have had enough and someone decided to literally “clear the land” with fire. Hell hath no fury like a people oppressed. Tax payers money paid for it and taxpayers burned it down. The people have spoken!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. p.s. Get the message? “Predator- the sequel”???

  2. Storm says:

    We must not tolerate GANGSTERS in politics. Find the arsonists, and throw away the key.

    I’m no fan of Castro, but I’m a big fan of democracy. If someone wants him out, beat him at the ballot box.

    We must not compromise on political crimes.

  3. Junito says:

    Castro deserves alot more than that. He has stolen huge amounts of tax payers dollars he should be lucky they only burnt those things.


    Where did Castro get a hundred thousand dollars in total from?

    Beside my monetary curiosity, it is obviously a political assignation of his job, and character by his corrupt counterparts in politics.

  5. Bruce says:

    Let me see the losers always cry and these ones are actively participating in illegal activities!!!!!!!!
    And MAYBE there is good money in fish farming I guess it would be a ca$h crop and it looks like it supported business locally.
    I wonder why you are not asking where the super bond money went GOODNESS knows!?!?!? oh that’s rite that wasn’t tax payer money that SPECIAL NEEDS THAT the tax payer only has to pay for not have use of!

  6. The People Had Enough says:


  7. Ruralpower says:

    Castro Castro Castro,Please stop crying wolf you are a big man whenever you start loosing you cry foul.The people of Maskall complain at length about those feed it fell on deaf ear now someone is tired of the suffering.Also remember when you only had that old dump truck where do you come off with thousand after thousandsof dollars corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. D-Power says:

    Sad…sad…sad…downpressed population will do anything, steal, kill, burn…etc.

  9. simplyconcern says:

    Nice to hear from you again Area Rep maybe now that you have crawled from under the rock you can tell us the true reason you were removed from Cabinet

  10. ruralpower says:

    Mr Castro please stop crying wolf

  11. louisville,ky says:

    Small minds indeed on this blog. Playing sissy politics and taking delight in a working man’s plight. This is exactly the reason why the country of Belize is the way it is. It is this same crab mentality why born Belizeans like you and you are now second class citizens and on your way to becoming third class.
    Yeah, Castro has his faults; but here is a black man [yes, I said it ] putting his shoulders to the wheel engaging in honest productive enterprises and here we have people encouraging crimminal activities against him. Better know that the opposite of what this man is sowing is what you all are reaping on the mean streets of Belize city in particular and the country in general.
    I am yet to hear anybody on this blog say anything about RETRUBITION for the hundreds of millions sifphoned off by other ‘tieffin’ politicians, having us now looking at billions of dollars in super bond repayments. Thing is, we have absolutely nothing to show for it….. NEKAT!!
    Yu wahn run yuh mout, taak bout dat! Castro will have his verdict at the polls come election day.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    I don’t know Mr Castro however in my opinion the culprit or culprits that did this must be brought to justice.We don’t need to bring violence into everything especially with the present crime situation in the Jewel.This is the reason why some people think that they can take the law into their hands.It’s because some of us condone these type of activities.

  13. BZNinCALI says:

    We have had one arson fire after another & no one has been arrested, whenever these politicians get serious about living by & following the rules the rest of the country will follow. As far as Castro being a hardworking brother, let’s not forget, he was was benched because he hustled a sister & that is only the tip of the iceberg. I will appreciate his belly aching about what he claims was done to him after we have confirmation that he paid the sister back, he denies & a credible DNA test disproves that dirty rumor.

  14. ang says:

    I don’t think destroying another man’s assets will bless anyone in their life. What comes around goes around, have seen that a lot in life. Not condoning anything but don’t succumb to doing craftiness leave it to the creator. Leave the man alone don’t do harm. Peace of soul and blessing you will attain more this way if you are a tormented vengeance thirsty spirit. Blessings to all!

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