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Mar 4, 2011

B.D.F. Private gets 10 years for manslaughter

A Belize Defence Force Private, convicted of Manslaughter, was sentenced to ten years in prison today. Paulino Assi’s jail term is effective as of February seventeenth, when he was found guilty. In mitigation, the Director of Public Prosecutions presented cases of manslaughter, which resulted in sentences of up to eighteen years. But Justice Herbert Lord took into consideration that the incident occurred while Assi was on duty and not during an altercation. Assi’s good record was also a plus. Two lieutenants and a corporal from the B.D.F. gave mitigation pleas on the soldier’s behalf, saying that he is hardworking, quiet and ambitious man. The charge arose after Assi fatally shot twenty-one year old Kenny Cortez, a resident of Douglas Village, who was sheltering at the San Pablo Community Center after the floods of Tropical Depression sixteen in 2008. Cortez was said to be drinking and behaving unruly on November twenty-second. Assi claims he shot Cortez because he approached him aggressively.

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11 Responses for “B.D.F. Private gets 10 years for manslaughter”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    I hope Mr. Assi files an appeal & wins. I disagreed with the guilty verdict but ten years in jail for doing his job & shooting an out of control drunk holding a machete is excessive. He shot the man in the leg as he was trained to do, so he hit a major blood vessel & this man died, By the way, is it possible that this man bled to death because of the alcohol in his system or because alcohol destroyed his liver & his blood would no longer clot?

  2. Disgusted! says:

    Serves him right. These toy soldiers think they can abuse ordinary citizens at will and be immune to the very law they are sworn to uphold, just like the dogs on Queen and Raccoon Streets. I hope he is placed in a cell with people he may have taken advantage of while serving in the armed forces and they make his life one of utter terror and misery behind bars. One down!!!!!!!!

  3. Earl Grey says:



  4. islander says:


    The problem is that soldier are trained differently than police officers. Police officers are trained to arrest and subdue criminals, soldiers are killing machines…FROM DAY ONE YOU KNOW THAT THE RIFLE YOU ARE HANDED IS NOT A WOUNDING WEAPON, IT IS A KILLING WEAPON.

    The training engrains into your brain that when you fire that weapon it is to kill, kill, kill .

    Sadly we have our highly trained soldiers patrolling our streets with soldier training. A BDF soldier is not a Police officer and THEY SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE STREETS IMMEDIATELY.

    This soldier should be freed because he acted on what his soldier training taught him.

    It is like putting a heavyweight champion to fight with a featherweight champion, no matter how much you tell the heavyweight guy to take it easy on the little guy eventually his training will kick in and the little guy will be in a whole lot of hurting.

  5. BDF soldier says:

    The family of kenny cortez should be compensated by no one else but the government,but one hears no such things in belize when the government workers,in this case a BDF violates the constitutional rights of a belizean cityzen,not even the media mentions anything about if government will compensate this family.

  6. eightoften says:

    Islander, I dont buy the killing machine baloney, but suppose your argument is true. Then what do we do with these ‘killling machines’ after they reach the age of 45 and retire from the army? Do we de-program then so they can blend back into normal ‘civilized’ society, or do we let them loose to commit bank robberies as some of them have been known to do after retirement? Just curious.


    Anyone of us on this board could fall victim to officers like the Assi on any given day. So he had an untarnished record, but this does not give him the right to shoot and killed an un-armed man. The victim was drunk and misbehaving; he could have been arrested or even shot in the leg. Drastic measure was taking by this officer and his action should not be celebrated by a champion medal, which left an unarmed dead.
    His characteristics arise out of weakness and not out of fear for his life; and all he got was ten lousy years to re-think his action.
    At least we got a conviction right….

  8. belizean ppl says:

    @ disgust !!!!!!!! these are not toys soldiers…….if you think they are then why u think dat idiot dead? watch how u talk ……… when problem comes around ypu or wherever you at now , you will remember that they are soldier serving the country. i hope that this soldier fight for his right and let himselfe rotten da jail as how u mention . he is doing his job, not being idling like dis idiot person the do to him . if this happen in your case i don’t think you will let these idiot chop off ur head stupid!!!!!
    so think about it…… soldiers are there to kill if you are testing them ……..
    hope he win his case another time…….stupid government need bullet to his @$$ if he don’t know how else to treat his own serving country ppl .

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Assi’s good conduct was a plus i don’t see how this young man’s good conduct could have been considered a plus and still got sentenced for a period of ten years.This bs is unfair.

  10. Lysa says:

    First of all Mr. Cortez should have been drunk in a hurricane shelter and misbehaving. People reminder, it was a during a hurricane aftermath. more than likely officer Assi as with all public officers was there doing his duty and it could have been him who had gotten chopped instead. We dont know how long this officer was on duty for. Remember that all public officers have to be out of their homes during a hurricane to be in these shelters. they dont choose to be in a shelter. But as always in Belize, Public Officer always get the blame for some reason or the other for what ever goes wrong, they get blame also for the election. Blame the shopkeeper who sold him the liquor during the hurricane season. blame the police , blame the hurricane blame every person , etc, etc, etc except mr. assi who will be doing ten years.

  11. Disgusted! says:

    To you, @belizean ppl: I will not gratify your stupid comment with an answer because, obviously, you are grasping for words to make a point and besides, you can hardly spell!

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