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Mar 4, 2011

Planet Hollywood night club owner’s 1 man protest of Mayor

While the ceremony was underway at the B.T.L. Park, there was a one-man protest against Mayor Moya Flowers.  Daniel Brisebois bore a placard with her picture, but his protest had nothing to do with the bandstand.  In fact, he has been in Belize for four years and is upset that City Hall would not grant him a trade license to operate his business at Planet Hollywood night club.  But Mayor Moya Flowers says it is with good reason.

Daniel Brisebois, Businessman

“Recently City Council just last minute had a problem with my business and forced me to shut down.  That’s why I’m out here protesting.”

Zenaida Moya Flowers, Mayor, Belize City

Zenaida Moya Flowers

“That gentleman is a Canadian fellow who came to our country a little while ago and he carries out business at Planet Hollywood.  He calls his place a membership club.  I believe anybody who knows better knows that it’s open like a regular nightclub and so the Belize City Council did its job and gave him his bill like all other businesses in the city to pay trade license.  This man refuses to pay trade license.  I don’t know what that’s about.  He refuses to pay trade license, he’s saying that he only sells liquor.  But patrons that go to this establishment have informed us that he actually also will sell other stuff other than liquor and some things may be very illegal apparently that they claim that happens there, that is sold there.  He will have to pay trade license if he is supposed to get a liquor license.  All night clubs pay their trade license as well as their liquor license, so it’s just something I guess that a foreigner wants to come into our country and do as he chooses noh.”

Marion Ali

“The Mayor is claiming that there are allegations claiming that the services you offer there might be illegal and you don’t only sell just liquor.”

Daniel Brisebois

Daniel Brisebois

“Well then charge me, charge me, take me to court.  If they’ve got evidence that says this then why haven’t they charged me in the past four years?  Not once has City Council come to me and said I have a problem with the way you’re running your club.  They only did it at the liquor license meeting when they refused to even hear my application.  They wouldn’t take my application.”

Marion Ali

“But do you refuse to pay trade license, liquor license?”

Daniel Brisebois

“Well we’ve been through this.  We’ve won this in court.  I don’t refuse to pay but they won’t give me the license that I want. I want my membership license back.  They’re saying they won’t give that to me.”

Marion Ali

“She is saying that you don’t have a membership club, you have a regular club.”

Daniel Brisebois

“Then charge me.  Bring me to court, bring me some hard evidence and charge me because I have a membership club.  You ask any of my members how much they get hassled coming in without membership cards.”

Marion Ali

“You are a one man gang out here.  You were protesting while the ceremony was going on.  Nobody was with you.  How much of an effect do you think that will have?”

Daniel Brisebois

“Well, you’re interviewing me, aren’t you?  I mean, it takes one man to change things sometimes.  Rosa Parks did it.”

Brisebois says he will not let off the fight to get his license back.  The business that he operated is named Club Planet, located at the corner of Queen and Handyside Streets in Belize City.

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11 Responses for “Planet Hollywood night club owner’s 1 man protest of Mayor”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    It’s about time somebody stood up to thieving R@$$ Zenaida Moya and the corrupted U.D.P. city council. I fail to understand how this woman made it to political office when with her very limited elementary vocabulary. Despite her supposed degrees she is not an eloquent person and is always grasping for words plus she as a very low command of the the English language. It’s appalling the amount of $h!t she havebeen allowed to get away with since her unimpressive political term and I live to see the day when she is forgotten into oblivion. What a disgraceful …..!!!!!!!!! I hope this guy sues them!

  2. Stephen says:

    Daniel this is Belize Jack so if you do not like it then leave our country. If it was a Belizean standing up like you in Unites State of America the authorities would simple deport him. So pay your dues and get on with your life. By the way we do not want night clubs, invest your money in something else or leave. Just keep on poisoning our youths with liquor and what ever else you are selling.

  3. Disgusted! says:

    Stephen: For your information I am a Born Belizean of Belizean parentage. I pay taxes, vote, suffer the repercussions of both governments and am entitled to voice my own personal, unbiased opinion like everybody else. I say what I feel like, when I feel like,about whomever I feel like. It’s called freedom of speech the last time I checked, and if anybody doesn’t like it, they can dial 1-800-eat- $H!%. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  4. Disgusted! says:

    The previous comment was directed at the wrong person by mistake. My apologies Stephen!

  5. Bobby says:

    Classic story of David and Goliath. David, of course, won! Hang in there Daniel. You are up against corruption.

  6. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    If I can recall there were many allegations against Moya and they went to court so who is she to want to be Judge, Juror and executioner of this man who only wants to run his business and on top of that making unproven allegations what if the people of Belize had handled her situation the very same way she is handling Daniel’s she surely would not still be mayor of the city, I think that Daniel should sue her for defamation of character. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  7. BDF soldier says:

    Looks like this man has been found guilty already,belizeans pride them self calling belize a free country,democratic,the story of this man says different,he has been found guilty already by mayor belizeans lets stop been proud,like others races,and stop calling mr daniel a alien,because USA has tons of belizean who have fled here to live a better life,a life that we could never ever have in belize.belizeans in the USA have good cars,good house ,lots of food,children have a future here,what they have in belize?nothing,only pain,

  8. spanglish says:

    see weh I always say about aliens, they want to come in our country and take over, he is only here four years, anybody check his background, how do we know he is not a criminal running away from US authorities, now he want to set a night club, to get rich off our men money, common guys think sense!!!!
    This man could a rapist, murderer, etc etc, a few month ago an American guys was caught up west, he was wanted by this country authorities and he already own a resort, can you imagine that!!!
    we can’t go DA states and demand to open a night club, they would send our @$$ right back dah our country, to hell with DANIEL BRISBOIS

  9. Angela says:

    Brisebois need to pay his taxes like everybody else. who does he think he is!! Zenaida do your thing, girl! we with you.

  10. Daniel Planet says:

    I am not opposed to paying taxes, but when they are collected illegally, that is not right. this is what I am fighting, Read the transcript of what the Mayor said, she accused me of conducting illegal activity but her total focus is the money and me not paying. She hasn’t got a clue that I won the Trade Licence issue in court and it is dead. WE WON MAYOR,,,,,go to the Supreme court and appeal but as of this moment I don’t need a shop licence to run a bar. This issue has been going on between us and Citco for over a year. no big suprise that this is a typical story of greed, corruption, politics and jealosy.
    It appears that I am the only one to say the emperess has no Clothes!
    Two lawsuits have been filed in Magistrates court and more are on the way….
    enjoy your last year in power Mayor! PS what does the fact that I am a foregner have to do with anything?

  11. ex wife from other planet says:

    Hand cuffed? Put in jail? Court? Injustice? Not willing to pay? :-)

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