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Mar 3, 2011

Game meat and river race go hand in hand

If you will be heading to the annual La Ruta Maya race along the river banks of the Macal and Belize Rivers, then you’ll be able to have that coveted serving of game meat. There is surely to be an abundance of deer, gibnut, armadillo, hicatee or another type of game meat with your rice and beans or white rice this weekend because a ban on the sale game meat without proper permits has been shelved. The Forestry Department had originally advised residents on the route of the Ruta Maya canoe race, that it would be implementing a license fee of a one hundred dollars on persons who wished to sell game meat for the four-day weekend. The outcry by the residents was loud and clear, because game meat to the area has the same meaning as apple pie has to Americans. According to a release from the Ministry of Natural Resources, it has approved the waiver of all game meal dealer license fees between March fourth and seventh. The Forestry Department says it will, however, continue to enforce efforts to protect wildlife.

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16 Responses for “Game meat and river race go hand in hand”

  1. Concerned Belizean says:

    Whatever the Forestry Department say it does’nt matter…the point is that they should know better…under the Fisheries Act it is illegal to buy or sell the Hicatee or its meat….the fine is 2,000 dollars and the Fisheries Department should enforce the LAWS………

  2. Hicatee Concerned belizean says:

    The Hicatee is also protected under the Fisheries Act and does not allows for the commercialization of the species.

  3. Disgusted! says:

    What a positive temporary solution to a clear case of milking the poor. These poor people were being railroaded by an inconsiderate government department bent on greed. A prior notice with ample time to secure their licensing fees would have been perfectly in order but NO!!! These greedy politicians know that the pickings is big at the La Ruta Maya, so they want THEIR chunk of the pie. What the forestry dept. needs to focus on is securing our forests that is being pillaged by Guatemalans xateros et al, and stop sweating poor people who are only trying to make ends meet.

  4. Farmer Giles says:

    I think that it is time to boycott la Ruta Maya. Please do NOT buy the critically endangered Hicatee. It is time for Belizeans to recognise that hunting will soon make these animals completely disappear from our shores.
    Only Deer and Collared peccary are in season. Eating Gibnut and Iguana at this time of year is criminally irresponsible.

  5. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    Yeah that is right we protect wild life but we don’t give a sheet about people lives we know that God made animals as food for people but God don’t run this country we do and we also know that there are lots of poor people in Belize especially in the rural areas who depends heavily on game hunting to feed their families but we don’t care anything about that you see the hungrier they get the more they will need to depend on us for hand outs and that is how we get to control them and stay in power we got to continue our wealth building legacy scheme. Remember, My Legacy B 4 my People.

  6. BDF soldier says:

    I have to say that all those invented permits on game meat ,and every kind of permit by the current mafia in power,means more money for thier puckets,so the ministers can pay back those millions of $$ loans they have gotten,for thier free gas they get on thier big and fancy cars they drive,while poor belizeans have to take the bus everywhere they go.

  7. snap says:

    MyLegacyB4myPeople you blaspheme before the Lord the creator of our world with all the plants and animals, who appointed us to be its stewards. Pay attention now – not owners who can do as they please – the Lord is the owner of all.

    As stewards we should take care of nature – not use it all up and bring species to extinction because when day of the final judgment comes the Lord will want an account of how well we managed his estate and you may rest assured that those who will present excuses why they failed to take the best care of the Lord’s creation won’t end up crosing the pearly gates.

    So by breaking the law of man concerned with protection of wild animals one also breaks GOD’s law.

    Anyone too ignorant to realize that animals should not be killed in their breeding season as well as that animals like Hickatee are seriously endangered should do themselves a favor and stick to raising their own domestic animals if they want to feed their families so bad. Least they end up in Hell.

  8. Stephen says:

    MyLegacyB4 you need to watch your mouth as you should know that all things are possible through GOD. We are here only for a period, but God will always be here He runs this country and can do what ever HE pleases with it. True he gave us those animals for food and also gave us knowledge to put in place people who will help us manage those things so that the population is healthy so we need to obey the law of the land so if we need to get a permit then do it and those of us who want to eat bush meat then we pay the price.

  9. Katrina says:

    no wonder the conviction rate for crime is so low in Belize… just give a PASS to people committing illegal acts, like hunting and selling endangered species.

    well, I say ignorance of the law is NO EXCUSE for breaking it, and not having the money to pay for the license is no reason to waive the license fee….

  10. belizeanpride says:

    nice put Disgusted, very nice and clear they should at least give the villagers on the way these four days to bring a little income to their family needs than to squeeze the last drop with this fee, what a disgrace to the poor. Goverment department can’t get over it, all they want is some how to squeeze more the poor, if that’s the case don’t sell nothing of game meat people so none for me none for the goverment. simple as that.

  11. Earl Grey says:

    THIS WHOLE “La Ruta Maya” event IS A CORRUPTION of the ORIGINAL BARON BLISS IDEA/CONCEPT, which was based on HAVING EVENTS IN THE BELIZE HARBOR (where he spent his last days) ………….NOT ON THE RIVER.


  12. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    Snap, I hope that you are practicing what you are preaching to the T if you have been here long enough to understand my writings you would know that I am all about mocking the corrupt government of Belize and putting them to shame as much as they deserve who cares nothing about its people and all about money and increasing their wealth building legacy scheme at the cost of its citizens, (most of the words I write is from the action I see them perform) their action says that they are in control and not God. I just hope that you are not an instrument of that corrupt government. They are the ones acting like God is not in charge and as if they have all the power, now I hope that you guys have this breathing season of the animals on the dime and not using that as an excuse to further squeeze the poor Belizeans who cannot afford to feed their families which this licensing requirement is exactly doing as a license fee cannot replace a wild animal, what that government should be trying to do is to preserve the lives of people who are being gunned down in the streets just about every day but instead they recruit people like you whose bread is buttered on both sides to help spread their propaganda and then they have the gangs in the streets doing their dirty work. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  13. Concerned says:

    So lets just let everyone who objects to the law kick and scream and say because they are poor people the law doesn’t apply to them. It costs less to buy a bunch of chicks than it does to buy a shotgun cartridge, so it is a lie to say that poor people need to kill Belizean endangered species to survive. So is it OK for someone to break into your house and steal your things but say the law is unfair because they are poor. I don’t think so. What these selfish hunters are doing is stealing Belize from generations to come. Our children and grandchildren will never see some of the animals that were once common here and they will end up with a broken and wasted environment. Is this the legacy God wanted you to leave? The money raised by licenses helps to protect our natural resources. It is greed that causes the ministers to make exceptions, not what causes them to enforce the law. How will our children ever learn that the law must be respected if it can just be ignored whenever anyone complains. Those of you who say this should be done for the poor must never ever complain when you are robbed because you obviously think that the poor shouldn’t have the law applied to them..oh wait a minute…aren’t the poor the worse sufferers of crime. Well by your standards, if they can ignore the law, then everyone else can. This goes down to the very core of what is wrong with Belize today.

  14. Buck says:

    People are so short sighted, thinking only of today and not the future. A tradition or cultural event is hogwash, the hicatee should be protected to the max. It is an endangered species that is disappearing fast, no longer abundant because of irresponsible over-hunting. Enforce the law. I was disgusted to hear that the La Ruta Maya allowed this to happen, an event that promotes protecting the river how ironic!

  15. snap says:

    MyLegacyB4myPeople I am practicing what I am preaching to the T. I raise my own domestic animals to feed my family. It very likely costs less than buying a gun, ammunition and paying for licenses and permits. And guess what, everybody in Belize, especially if they live in a rural area can raise animals for their family without the corrupt government bothering them with permits, licenses and what not. The fact that they don’t do it but would rather hunt for animals when they’re not supposed to is not my problem but theirs. They make their own choices for which the good Lord will judge them

    Hunting seasons are set so selfish and ignorant hunters would not interfere with animals mating, breeding and raising their young. Hunters who are aware of how the Lord made the nature work don’t need the government reminding them of hunting seasons because they would not kill animals at that time, knowing fully well that it would lead to depleting of the animal stock and at some point there won’t be anything to hunt.

    Quite apparently some people not only need the government telling them what to do to protect us all from their destructive ways, they also need someone on their case keeping the watch and making sure they actually PAY ATTENTION.

    And I’m not a GOB employee, or paid by them or anyone else to voice my opinions. Projecting much?

  16. Wildlife lover says:

    La Ruta Maya river challenge originally started off with the aim of promoting riparian forest protection as well as the sustainable use of the river’s resources however, as the years have gone by it has slowly lost its aim. It is more about competitiveness and economic profit. This event serves as the source for selling our fragile resources for money. It is time to move away from such practices and instead encourage individuals to use the resources in a more sustainable manner and refrain from exploiting it for commercial purposes. It is our duty to ensure that the ability of such resources to provide goods and services for future generations is not compromised! Conservationists as well as the individuals who sell game meat are on the same side of the boat ..meaning that we can all tell that the numbers of game meat, particularly the hicatee, are significantly decreasing. If we want to continue to enjoy the resources we have, we all need to sacrifice something to protect the long term viability of such wildlife. We still have time to ensure this is done! The question is what are these communities willing to give up to ensure wildlife continues to roam our Belizean forests? The first step is educational awareness for it is only through knowledge that we can make decisions wisely.

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