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Mar 2, 2011

More questionable adoptions by U.S. National

alfred williams/samuel stadtlander

On Tuesday night, a couple from Independence revealed that they had consented to give up their son for adoption in 1994 because they could not afford his medical attention. They have not heard from him since but now know that he was not the only child that ended up in the hands of a US missionary. Tonight, News Five Jose Sanchez finds out if a crime was committed.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Antonette and Alfred Williams believe that they were tricked into handing their child to a missionary named Ruha’mah Stadtlander for adoption. They were told that his life saving surgery would cost two hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars. They later found out the surgery was free but they had lost their son.

Antonette Williams, Tricked Into Giving Sick Son for Adoption

“When she first told me about her organization here, she said it was the Agape Enterprise of Belize. By the next year, ’95, it was changed to Belize Children’s Medical Foundation. Until recently, probably about three or so years ago, I found the International Children Medical Foundation.”

According to Williams, Stadtlander has custody of other Belizean children who went under similar name changes, all highlighted on the website which asks for donations.

Antonette Williams

“There is Roberto, whose name was Eugenio Ken. He went out the same day our son went to Dallas. There is Jose, whose name was Jermaine Romero—he was a child with a broken back. His name right now is Jeremiah Stadtlander. I don’t know if Ruha’mah actually adopted him. There is Lamont. He is Kaylon Young. Carlita is a Belizean based on an article I found in a sun sentinel where she mentioned all of them by first name, but gave them different surname. How many is that? Was that four? There is one more. Five is there that I am sure are Belizeans.”

But while the parents of Roberto, Jose, Jeremiah, Lamont, Carlita, and even Tony may have been compelled to give their children up for adoption because of the expensive medical treatment that Ruha’mah may have gotten at reduced prices if not free, is there a crime?

Jose Sanchez

“We spoke to Misses Antonette Williams and she explained that a half a million dollars debt stood between her son’s life and she gave up her son for adoption. She said that a woman by the name of a Miss Ruha’mah, an American national, did that. She’s saying on the website of Miss Ruha’mah, there are more cases of Belizeans who are being held under different names in United States. Will you at least be asking the State Department to assist in the return of these kids if it is indeed that they are held under false pretences?”

Doug Singh, Minister of Police

“First of all, the police department has to respond to a written complaint that is made by a member of the public. Unless those complaints are made, certainly we can look into the matter, but we have nothing to go on. The complaint has to provide all the details and the information as respect to timing, the names of individuals, the possible place where they are because when we seek to get assistance internationally, we have to provide all that information to those governments so that we can be more successful. So, we cannot just respond to the media. The media is not always right.”

Jose Sanchez

“You always have these very religious American people wanting to help, wanting to adopt, taking many children out of the country, clearly they had to be issued visas, should the US embassy look into it?”

Antonette Williams

Antonette Williams

“Yes I do. I think they should because the first time when Miss Ruha’mah wanted to—the second time she was to take him back to the U.S, they were not allowing visas, especially for Miss Ruha’mah to take any kid to the states, but finally somehow she was able to because there  were children she took out after that incident with my son; after what happened.”

On the website, there are stories about six year olds joining gangs, sleeping in tombstones, and cooking snakes over a fire are sure to bring donations to Stadtlander.

Doug Singh

Doug Singh

“I know it was a problem in the past and I believe this is not the first time that it has made the media, this is not the first period of time that it has been in the media. Several years ago we had circumstances where individuals accused individuals who may have come down for missionary reasons, etc. who have taken their children back or their child back to the United States on the guise of medical purposes and perhaps legitimately for medical purposes, but did not seek to return those children in a timely manner or at all as the circumstances might be. And this is really preying upon vulnerable people because the Belizean individuals may not know the route how to deal with this matter. They might feel they are far away, they can’t travel to the U.S, they don’t know how to reach the authorities, but there are avenues. So anybody who find themselves under these circumstances need to report it to the  police because the police through its cooperation with the U.S. Government and other governments can certainly help to track these individuals down and have the authorities deal with the matter in the way it ought to be dealt with.”

Alfred Williams

Alfred Williams, Tricked Into Giving Sick Son for Adoption

“This is something that has been going on and it keeps going on and I know through government and government something can be done. So I would love for Belize, government, somebody to step in and do something.”

Jose Sanchez

“Because at the end of the day, you made a choice between life and death for your son, just to find out now that you’ve been tricked, you’ve been hurt, your faith has been used against you.”

Antonette Williams

“We made the best possible choice we could have made at the time and that was to save our babies life, to safe our son’s life.”

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

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24 Responses for “More questionable adoptions by U.S. National”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Mr. Singh, cut the crap. It is the Government’s job to intervene when we are dealing with anyone including foreign nationals who commit crimes or are suspected of doing so & have fled or are outside our borders. These people may not be granted a visa & do not have the resources to pursue this matter in the US courts & it is unrealistic to expect them to do this without help. When the knucklehead from America was hiding with his children in the Mennonite community & Dr. Phil popped up with his FBI sleuth, we had no problem following the rules, those children were returned to their mother. This child has two parents who want him & we need to give up the illusion that a black child used as a prop in someone’s hustle, raised by a flake in a white community is better off than one raised in a working class home by two parents who love him.

    Doug, Let me help you out; Lois, the PM’s ex wife & legal counsel for the GOB has a part of if not the entire Williams file, no one will make any money from this but no one deserves to lose their child this way. If you do not have her number, ask Dean, I am sure he can help you.

  2. EMS says:

    That’s the way the cookie crumbles, so-called christian missionaries???Pseudo religiosity in the jewel!!!! Wake up Belizeans??? your children are being taken/kidnap in the name of Jesus??? What else are they doing in the name of this good man???Wake up and smell the roses.

  3. cg says:

    that is so sad it makes you curl up in inside because of such evil. just plain evil. where the heck is this woman now…

  4. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    BZNinCALI, I could not have said it better myself but you see that is the problem no one is going to make any money from this and these guys only go where the money is, always just interested in advancing their wealth building legacy scheme. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  5. Mick says:

    It is time to make a strong representation to the US Embassy and do it publicly with the news media in tow. Any news media that takes this up will have its ratings skyrocket. There is also the possibility that one or more of the major foreign media, CNN, ABC and the like, will pick up the story and run with it as this is an international problem!

  6. Storm says:

    This case needs to be investigated thoroughly, by U.S. and our own forces.

    But it’s wrong to curse real missionaries, just because some criminals might pose as missionaries.

    Before giving something as precious as a child up for adoption, there must be some “die diligence” and proper paperwork! And serious punishment for fraudsters.

  7. southern Bze. says:

    Those parents whose child is being adapted need to come out in full force and make publication of these children. Too much of our young Belizean are being abuse. It time for us as Belize to step forward and let these fraudster that we are not fool.

  8. Margaret says:

    who gives up their child and then waits this many years to say something?

  9. Akeera Williams says:

    Do not talk about what you do not know. If you are aware of what is going on in Belize you would know that we had a headline story in Amandala in in 1996 and a folow up stopry in 1997. We were also on channel 5 in 1997. All you need to do is check the Archives and you will see that this is the thruth. We were working behind the scenes after that and the lawyers thought it would be best to stay out of the media since Ms. Ruhamah Stadtlander was in hiding.

  10. Andrea Williams says:

    I regret that some people in this world have a stupid habit of opening their mouths when their brain is not in gear.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    Akeera Williams: If you all have been working behind the scenes for almost fifteen years why havn’t this lady been brought to justice?

  12. Disgusted! says:

    You don’t have to prove anything to anyone Akeera. Your family is going through enough pain and frustrating agony as it is. There will be naysayers and naysaying is not a solution to the problem. Hang in there and don’t give up the fight for justice. Your family is in our prayers.

  13. marilyn says:

    My belizean ladies protect your self. Please stop having children that you are fully aware you cannot take care of. Stop having men abuse you. Who is in control? Who taking that child 9 months. You it all depends on you. You have the final say. I say CONDOM not one but maybe even 2 or three. Unwanted pregnancy is a NO. NO. Stop it.

  14. Andrea Williams says:

    @ Elgin Martinez
    Because everyone has pushed us around. Including the GOB, Social Services and the US embassy. When the FBI agent that is stationed in Central America came to Belize to speak to my mother a few years ago he was turned back at the embassy. They said that they were aware of the case. If you saw the news you also know that social serices said that they have been aware of the case. Being just aware of the case does not get us any where. I personally visited the Prime Minister’s office last year and tried to set up a meeting, i left a messge and phone numbers and have not heard back since. We also visited the offices pf several other ministers and got the same response. At the time when this case first came about many people here in Independence did not even have tvs and and channel 5 and channel 7 were not available down here. With the advance of technology we hope to spread the word. We are tired of the people in authority just being aware of the case. We are hoping to draw as much attention to the cas as possible.

  15. Denton Castillo says:

    It seems that those who are willing to badger the victims of any crime are narrow minded and heartless. There is a saying, “if you don’t have anything to say.. SHUT UP..” for vile words do not ease the pain in time of sadness.To Elgin: 1. In America all is lawsuits…. here you can’t do it so easy. 2. we have people we can’t find in little Belize, how about in a bigger country Where names, faces, businesses and location are as easily changed as a role of toilette paper in a public bathroom of an international airport!!!!! That my cousin…………… but i wish that faith on no man, irregardless of color, race, religion or geographic location…. WRONG IS WRONG, AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. PERIOD.. what is also sad is that one evil missionary may ruin the name of a great many……… be opened mind in thoughts and especially your words, for words are deadlier than bullets… even bullets can be taken out and the wound healed, but words linger till death of the victim…!!!

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    People on this forum getting personal and thing so i must be saying something right.With that said i am not on this forum to say what you all wan’t to hear.


    Giving away your kids in Belize is a common thing for Belizean parents; these are only a few cases that made it into the media. “Human Rights” in Belize is nothing but a joke; therefore foreigners use third world countries like Belize to break into an already broken system.
    These pathetic parents gave their children away to strangers either for money or a promise, then expect us to see them as good parents or victims of a broken society who did their best for their kids by giving them away, how pathetic is that, really.

    These pathetic parents cut their motherly ties with their children by giving their babies away to strangers, either to exploit or to abuse, and in any situation if the kids are found should not be giving back to their parents who threw them away in the first place. A very simple u-date on most of these stories will revealed that even after the parents gave those kids away because of poverty issue, they still went on to have more babies.

    If you are financially unstable to care for your kids, then you should not be having kids, the GOB should enforced this as a law

  18. Akeem Williams says:

    listen to this educated —!! i mean come on u really don’t understand the situation, my family is not in poverty, my parents have 9 kids, 8 excluding the one that went to the states, we live fairly well, we have always had more than enough, 4 of the 9 have already moved on to college. So clearly u are just one of those sorry people who has aided in such situation and want to to avoid feeling guilty u try to put the guilt on others

    and for the people who may be in poverty @MADDYVANDIJK/DEREALIST that does not mean they dont have the right to their child any more, u know what it takes for someone to give up their child because they want that child to have a better lif…e, im sure it hurts them more than anything. u may not know their situation, how they got that way, maybe a death in the family, they never had the opportunities you did, there are a million things that could have went wrong. so don’t look down on others because u wake up to a nice soft be bed every morning u should look down trying to figure out how u can help and not how they are so wrong to want to get to know their child. u are probably someone that give a little money to church and think that covers you for the month.. look people that get educated and think the way you do are a waste of good money and education. do you think thinking u the way u do would make the world a better place!!???? SHAME ON U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ruha'mah Stadtlander says:

    My indepth response can be found here:

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    Akeem Williams:Nothing in this world justify giving away a kid.Furthermore giving away your kid to a foreigner doesn’t necissarily means a better life for that child so stop talking bs.You all need to have Ruha’mah Stadtlander @$$ extradited to Belize to face charges.Had a Belizean Citizen done this to a US Citizen his or her @$$ would have been extradited to the US to face charges.So let’s stop the double standard.


    Akeem, I have said it many times here before and will say it again for those in complete denial that mothers tend to give their children away in Belize for the wrong reasons. If you cannot afford to financially care for your children, then don’t bring them into the world in the first place.
    It is about “responsibility”, and has nothing to do with your pathetic blahs, blahs.
    I have no respect for parents who give away their children with the sorry excuse for a better life, perhaps you do. I know poor people in Belize with many kids but they don’t give away their kids like the other sorry @$$ mothers who victimized their kids by putting them in the hands of strangers.
    The parents are to be blame for everything that happens to kids in this situation, and no one else.

  22. Antonette Williams says:

    Very good Ruhamah. The more you write the more you lie and you will tie your self up. I will help you t Ruhamah. I will get as much people to read your twisted stories. Come on Channel 5 do a story on Ruhamah. Let the world Know about her.I would love it.
    I now hope the minister do something now. you are lying about him testifying.A lot of what you are saying is crazy.

  23. Karen Gardiner says:

    I got chills and my heart raced when I read ruhama’s response to my family’s
    plight regarding their child as reported on Channel 5. Ruhama, WHATare you?
    You certainly are not a human being! I was a part of the initial
    recommendation of this child to your organization. This baby was taken to a
    private pediatrician who pointed us to your organization. I know what
    transpired. How, in God’s name, can you write the things you write? Do you
    actually believe yourself? In yor response, you refer to this child as your
    baby from the onset knowing full well what the arrangement was! I cannot
    even begin to tell you the anger I feel right now. YOU MAKE ME MISTRUST
    incredulous that you can create such a story. May God rid Adrian of the
    hogwash you have created in his mind, the same hogwash you now seem to
    believe, and guide him home to his family. He will not be a minor forever!
    You are the essence of evil. It really gives me chills to read the EXTREME
    LIES you have written. Open your page to comments, you shouldn’t be afraid!
    But you do not because you know well the onslaught you would receive. In
    the end, the truth, not your truth, GOD’s truth will prevail, because GOD is
    mightier than the evil that guides you and HE will prevail, however long it
    takes!!! May you be condemned to hell for the pain you have caused our

  24. Cathleen Furnish says:

    I am not necessarily opposed to discipline for those who labeled Hispanic as Caucasion, I’m just concerened about how clear the direction was as most Hispanics self identify as Caucasion.

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