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Mar 1, 2011

Young love ends in tragedy; 22 year old Christie Carasco murdered

Christie Carasca

It’s the start of the celebration of Women’s month, but it turned fatal for an alleged victim of domestic abuse. The twenty-two year old vivacious sales representative of Smart on Bishop Street in Belize City was viciously stabbed by her boyfriend on the street in front of her house in Orange Walk Town on Monday night. Her brutal murder is a double tragedy for her family, which today interned her great grandmother. Marion Ali travelled to Sugar City where she spoke with an eyewitness, a close relative, and the police about what happened.

Marion Ali, Reporting

A bitter domestic relationship between a young common-law union ended in a cold-blooded murder on Monday night in the San Lorenzo Area of Orange Walk Town. And today, the offices of Smart where the victim worked were adorned with black bows mourning her untimely death.

Orange Walk police had received calls from the family of the accused, twenty-one year old Osmar Alex Sabido, that he had been planning to burn down the home of his live-in girlfriend, twenty-two year old Christie Carasco.

Osmar Alex Sabido

Carasco had spent much of Monday at her family’s home preparing for a wake for her great-grandmother who passed away on Saturday.

Mark Chavarria, Uncle of Deceased

“We were all getting ready for the wake of my grandmother so the family was going to have a wake for my grandmother who passed away on Saturday. She had just left the house to go home to bath and change off to get ready for the night, noh. From what I understand, her common-law husband was constantly calling her and inquiring her whereabouts and demanding that she come and accompany him and be with him and stuff like that. And she was telling him well you know I am occupied and we are getting ready for the wake and stuff like that. But finally she went home.”

The police responded to the area after they received a call about Sabido’s plan to set the house on fire, but did not see anything out of the ordinary upon their arrival and continued on their way.  Carasco, who had reportedly received the same threat of arson from Sabido, decided to leave her family and go home.  But what she met on the street in front of her house was much more than a fire in progress.

Jeffrey Williams

Det. Cpl. Jeffrey Williams, C.I.B., O.W. Police

“The information that we received that her house was to set on fire. The caller did not give any specifics so the police went to the area. Upon reaching the area, they encounter a female, Christie Carasco, twenty-one years, she run towards the police and she had wound to her knee and two stab wound to her left upper chest and a cut wound to her thumb.  She reported to the police and signaled to the police that she was stabbed by that man and she point towards her common-law husband, Osmar Sabido.”

Elra Alvarez, Witnessed Murder

“When dehn gone and dehn turn pan di street deh so, that dah when Christie come and when Christie park ih vehicle, the police deh mi done gone already. So dah when he di bwai Osmar take and stab she di second time—he give the gial two stab. Dah the second stab dah when we hear she bawl. When we run out fi come help she, she drop down yah so the first time and ih drop down yah the second time when ih done get stab.  He even call his mother and tell ahn that ih wah put the house pan fire. Ih mi done have the house sprayed inside with diesel already fi set the house pan fire. And then ih look like ih mi wa do this gial, fi kill this gial and ker ahn in deh and burn this house with deh in there. Ih look like dah so he mi wah do it, but ih neva do it because we come out—me adnt he other neighbor from dah side—we come out. Then I tell ahn bwai Osmar weh you have to do this and why you di behave like that? And he noh say nothing to me neither, he noh ansa me. Then all ih do ih put down the knife and then ih give in ihself to the policeman.”

Elra Alvarez

Police have recovered the suspected knife and have impounded the car.  And Scenes of Crimes Personnel were also taking evidence from the house, including an empty Clorox bottle that contained suspected kerosene with which Sabido used to douse the house.  Carasco’s next door neighbor, Elra Alvarez, told News Five that the young mother had been going through continuous domestic battering for most of the two year relationship with Sabido, but she kept it in silence.

Elra Alvarez

“Every now and then yoh woulda hear them, you understand, and we woulda try get communication with her and ask her if ih alright. And she say, yes, everything good.  He always like di harass di gial. But like weh I tell yoh she very quiet. Dah wah nice gial, but quiet.   Ih got all ah we traumatized because we see it, we see weh happen and when ih ask fi help, we can’t do nothing fi ahn because ih mi; dah on the way going to the hospital she dead.”

Mark Chavarria

Mark Chavarria

“We know that her common-law husband was sort of a possessive person; obsessed with her and really didn’t like her sort of like being around with her family a lot. He wanted to have her along with him most of the time and I think that created problem for the relationship.   She really did not reveal the type of life she was living and the immediate family did not see any signs that that sort of situation existed noh. She lived a quiet, easy-going life.”

Christie Carasco’s uncle, Mark Chavarria, says this type of domestic outrage does nothing but inflict pain, especially to a two year old baby who will soon be asking for mommy.

Mark Chavarria

“The painful part will be when she begins asking for her mom because she spends a lot of time with my grandmother, with my other sister which is her aunt and the immediate family; you have a lot of teenage nieces who can really take care of her and keep her around and show her all the affection that she need. So it will painful for her whilst everything sinks in and then she begins to ask these questions and who will answer them and how we gonna answer them, how she gonna react to it and stuff like that. We just hope that these types of incidents would stop because it is a senseless murder and it shouldn’t have happened. It had no real reason for it to happen. I mean a lot of people have domestic issues and disagreements but not to the point where you have to kill one another. So you know it is regrettable.”

Osmar Sabido was charged for the murder of Christie Carasco this afternoon in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court and was remanded to the Hattieville Prison until April sixth.  Reporting for News Five, I am Marion Ali.

Funeral arrangements are now being made for Christie Carasco.

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47 Responses for “Young love ends in tragedy; 22 year old Christie Carasco murdered”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    What a shocking and to such promising potentials. My God, when will the madness stop???????? I hope they put that s-u-b in a cell with mates serving life so they can take their frustration out on him 24 hours a day and torture his cowardly @$$ to death. (And I mean literally!!!!) Women, again, TAKE WARNING AND SPEAK OUT IF YOU’RE BEING ABUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better yet, Go rent the movie “THE BURNING BED!”

  2. Lucas says:

    The hang-man needs to be back in town but alas will not be so. You see, our p.u.d.p. govts are so desperate for the crumbs that fall from the European tables that they give a damn how many innocent Belizean lives are lost as long as they can keep the meager crumbs which they also pocket. This guy is lucky Kristy is not my daughter. I can assure you Kolby walls would give him no protection.

  3. Belizean says:

    I would believe the parents already knew what kind of man this guy was… From the time I hear he is going to burn the house I would never make my daughter see that guy again. Many people suspected but no one helps. Its true you cant help if the victim is not asking for any at the moment. but we could advise, we could fight, we could defend. If this was my daughter, I assure you that I could torture this guy for atleast one year, cut him in pieces and feed him to the sharks. but thats just my anger speaking. But in reality I would just be doing the samething he does. So my comon sense is: let him rot in jail. Parents speak to your kids, befriend your kids, earn their confidence. Women, wives, girls, comon-law-wifes: open your mouths. Don’t wait to ask for help when you are dying. If a man lays one hand on you, be smart, he is not worth it, he will never change, report him and leave him.

  4. cg says:

    this poor poor girl taken away by a coward horrible excuse for a man. he will receive his just reward and we hope to see christie in the ressurrection embracing her little girl. She’s resting for now

  5. Storm says:

    Sounds like a total failure of the police to do any kind of job to protect the girl and investigate what happened. Her blood is on their hands — what will you do, Mr. Doug Singh?

    As for the killer himself, HANG ALL CONVICTED KILLERS.

  6. Luigi says:

    I hope this @$$ don’t get to see the light of day on the streets for the rest of his life.I see no justification for his acts.

  7. Belizean says:

    What kind of guy cant understand that the girl was preparing for her grandmothers wake…He should have been there with her to show support, all this is evidence that he is not in his 5 scences come on girls, plz wake up and notice the type of man you have, speak up! you could be next. No need why this beautiful young girl had to live a life of abuse.

    R.I.P my friend

  8. belizeanpride says:

    in this case a brutal murder like this deserve hanging with no questions asked. so please hang this scumbag and it’s one less in the country, being a bully with your wife dosen’t make you a man but a coward. i’d rather leave alone than do that to my wife but honestly i love my wife till death part us. jeez make and example of him please we’re tired of seneless crimes and domestic violence to this extend.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am going to say in again.Until GOB decide to get off it’s butt to address this situation,nothing is going to change.Mr Barrow Sir You can’t continue to do thesame thing and expect a different result .These it’s killing our Belizean women now who is next babies?

  10. Belizean says:

    This is waht pisses me off !! The lack of training these Police officers have, not just that, the lack of interest in there job that restricts them to have common sense. This could have been prevented when the police responded to the call of a potential arson. They patrolled the area and they say they saw nothing, what are they expecting or hoping to find some one actually setting the house on fire….If these untrained police officers got there lazy @$$ out of the vehicle and speak with that jack @$$ sabibo, they would have detected the high smell of combustible substance. Come on mein! do your Jobs properly, good police work prevents many tragedies.

    DAMN I PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. G says:

    why he is hiding his face? He is a sinful man the Holy Bible Thou shall not Kill, why would u kill (Hurt) someone u claim to love!!!!!!!!! Women start to speak out for your rights dont giv a man a chance to knock u b4 he try to get out of the abuse, Women we should be leaders and positive people lets not make the men run our life in abuse !!!!!!!!

  12. Chance says:

    This guy should pay for his sins and it is a very regrettable incident. Alot of emphasis is placed on women being abused at home but there are equally the number of men that are also abused likewise. The only difference is that a man can perhaps better defend himself when the need arises as women do abuse men.

  13. manalive says:

    Let’s hope this time…it’s not a $5000.00 or so…..fine and you’re free to go…….scenario…..our Security System..needs a place where to hide it’s shame…..

  14. max sentence! says:

    No matter how jealous someone can get, this should never be the result! This disgrace of a human should be put away for life for his actions against a loving mother. He does not deserve a fair trial in my opinion! Senseless senseless senseless!!!!!!!

  15. Daredevil says:

    Who will be our future leaders if this madness continues?

  16. Enufisenuf says:

    I don’t think this jerk deserves a quick and painless death!! Make him SUFFER!! Hanging is an easy way out, he shld be tortured daily until he’s dead….My condolences to the family of Christie Carrasco, she should not have lost her life this way. R.I.P.

  17. belizean says:

    What a shame on the police department!!!!, now that we have a minster of police. The police are still not doing their jobs as they should. I stress that something urgent needs to done with all the department and GOB. Police officers respond until there is a death come on. Are they only collecting their paychecks or what!!!. Regardlesss if the this could have avoided by the family, the police played a very important role in the community To PROTECT THE CITIZENS.

    what could we all expect from this department shame !!!!!

  18. Mick says:

    This is a sad scenario all around. My sympathies go this this young woman’s child and family. May the good Lord take care of her soul and may she RIP!
    Regarding the Police, that is a show of lack of training, callousness and/or blatant incompetence. They did not see anything out of the ordinary so they went their way? Really? What were they supposed to see? Where is the commonsense? I think there should now be an review of training and frankly, the caliber of people we get as police. We need people who have critical thinking skills to be in charge! The number of years you are on the force should not be a prerequisite for promotion. If you show critical thinking skills you should be rewarded with promotion and financially! We will have better services to the people and less frustration. This has always been the problem regardless of which party is in power! Lets extoll the current powers to address the failures of the previous government!

  19. Steph says:

    after watching news last night, i concluded something…guys like these are out there and are a threat to the community… girls…speak ur hearts out…no man that abuses u is worth it…why would someone that “loves” u hurt u???..and i mean, literally hurt you..mentally and phisically…. God has a soft heart and im sure that even though christie was living a common law relationship he will forgive all her sins and they will be multiplied on to her killer…if God gave his life for us, no one has the right to take it away from us….may her soul rest in peace..may god give the strenght to her family to overcome such loss….
    and to the guy that killed her…i dont want anger to speak for me but he has to pay what he did….literally he’s an @$$….
    RIP Christie

  20. honor says:

    i think they should have the death penalty in belize, i cud really care less about those human rights activist who oppose the death penality, he didnt care for christie why the hell should anyone care for him, covering his ugly evil face, he’s really out of this world, and he sud be sent to hell before anyone else gets hurt. he took the life away of such a beautiful woman and mother, he didnt care for life…i say lock him up and throw away the key if you cant kill him. he deserves nothing more…for taking away someone who brought happiness to so many…i fill sympathy for her family , no matter how much pain we are in, ntn can bring her back:(

  21. Reel says:

    Quick trial and hang this useless scum. no use to society!!!Barrow the buck stops with you now ..these murders are on your head, how you sleep at night

  22. BZNinCALI says:

    Clear case of premeditated murder, let him be the girl at Kolbe for a while then take him out of our misery & save another family this grief. As sad as this story is , it serves as a reminder to us that we have to get involved as families & neighbors. We have to hold our Policemen’s feet to the fire. If the idiot threatened to set the fire, the police were obligated to get off their behinds, knock on the door, kick it in if necessary to drag this retard out & take him to jail to have him cool his heels or take him to the river & give him the Haulover Creek Special to make him think twice the next time. And he does have possession of all his senses, he is an out of control bully.

    It is our job to call the police whenever we hear a neighbor beating his wife or girlfriend & call back if they do not show up. I have known women who were so clumsy they walked into doors every month, if we are to believe them. When one of those doors showed up at my door to claim his property, I had the police escort him away. We have to lose the mindset that we should not intervene “eena man ah woman ting”. Most women who are being bullied, stay with these thugs out of fear.

  23. Al says:

    It is very sad that our young men do not have decent male role models who can teach them about what it is to love a woman not as a piece of property or sexually, but love them for who they are. Men kill when they feel the woman is a piece of property, to be possessed and own. These young people start playing house so early in life, they do not have the mental or emotional maturity to live in a real relationship. Something needs to be done to help our young men, they are a dying breed.

  24. cayobway says:

    No trial, No jail time. just strip him naked and tie his hands to a cross beam above his head, with his feet suspended about 12 to 14 inches off the gorund then light a fire under his feet and let him burn just slowley so he can reflect on what he has done.

  25. Samson Jacobs says:

    Christie and I went to St. John’s Junior College to together. She is a very smart and intelligent young lady. You know as a society what have happen to us, we get into relationships early and we dont do proper “dating.” If dating would be apart of our developing relationships, the we would get to know each other and understand the grounds for the future. Also, with proper dating comes good communication and honesty. Those 2 ingridents helps with building a strong relationship. Well ! Christie you are gone but not forgotten. R.I.P

  26. Alex says:

    Sleeping With Angels, Living With God
    Memories Will Comfort Until We Meet Again
    Always Loved And Never Forgotten
    Resting in Peace and Joy for all Eternity
    At rest in the arms of Jesus
    You shall live in the hearts of those who loved you and will thus never die or be forgotten

  27. mar says:

    when will d crime in belize be stop ,,,y do young ppl have have to go through these things,,,really d orange walk police sucks ,,,cause if they receive a call,, dat a crazy man is going to put his house on fire,,,they should had to arrest d man,,,but again instead d politician full there pocket they should do sumthing about these situation dat belizeans are living,,,,these goes out to mr,dean barrow & jhonny briceño we d ppl of belize are asking for justice ,,,,caz its a life dat gone & leaves a baby gurl behind,,,its not a nobody ,,,she was a mother,daughter ,cousin ,niece,a friend,,,& a wife but unfortunaly with a person who didn´t treasure her,,,,,,so plz belizeans we have to stand up for justice & speak our mined´s out,,,we have to do sumthing to stop d murders,,,,they should heng osmar sabido dats d lease he deserves ,,,,,,

  28. Mimz says:

    I totally agree with Al. This is a very sad case as is all the previous ones. I believe in support services for men as well as for women of abuse. If the women just leave, the abuse cycle continues, many people are frustrated and don’t know what to do with their anger so they find the simplest things and the most vulnerable people to take it out on…and now we see yet another result. Anger management, communication and conflict resolution are essential things that need to be addressed. As long as Organizations only focus on Women, the problem will continue.

    This is a Social problem more than anything else and YES, laws need to be strengthened to protect us and sanction offenders but don’t hold your breath because things such as these are not priority for our leaders…they may just be guilty of domestic abuse as well.

  29. Earl Grey says:

    We don’t hang anymore……… IT’S A SHAME…………….. so……..

    SEND him to the PRISON FARM …….4 LIFE…………THERE HE CAN ERAN HIS KEEP and REPAY HIS DEBT TO SOCIETY……at no cost to tax-payers.


    These young BUMS could be very productive on THE PRISON FARM.

  30. louisville,ky says:

    I don’t even know what to say anymore other than what has already being said. Incidences of this nature reminds me of just how busy the devil is and how deep we are into the last days of this evil selfish system of things.
    Osmar was unprovoked, he was just overly possesive and straight out chancey. More than likely, he continued his abuse of Christie because he knew she had no one to step upside his ayse kaana to defend her. He is a bully and a coward, treating his woman like chattel. All I am gonna ask now, is that justice be served. My deepest sympathies to her grieving family and friends.

  31. punisher says:

    belize law just plays that is why so much crimes happen

  32. 13pol says:

    no one have rite to kill ,but in this case they should hang him or do something to him,put him in jail and never give him trial,let him die in jail.ppl like him should never live in this world,and may God have Christie Carasco with HIM…and my sympathise to the family.

  33. Chance says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention. This is Osmar is one ugly mada%%$$a

  34. fire says:

    men! we men seemed not to understand the meaning of this word “jail us”- (jealousy). God is a jealous one, but we should at least control our selves more often. this girl was such a loving girl hiding all this trouble. boy something wrong with you, as for me or better yet this girl would have deserved more love. Satan is trying very hard but remember never to give in to him because he is ready to eat us like a lion. Now, maybe you are so sorry, but you did a foolish act, taking a life that you can’t even bring back. Guys please love your wife as you love yourself, because judgment day is at hand very SOON! WOMEN are to be treasured because they are our next half in real life. when we are in trouble we run to them for help, especially our MOTHERS! Please justice do something to this man!

  35. Common Sense says:

    In this world there are 7 women and 1 f@g for a man and men are comitting murder over jealousy c’mon now just move on be single mingle find something better leave the worst it is hard but someone with b@lls has to do it and it’s us men when we think we are taking the easy way out it’s not. Belize People need to report abuse no matter if you are 18 or 80 abuse is abuse. If you can’t take the heat in the kitchen get the …. out….capishe!!

  36. Bruce says:

    The bible says eye for an eye Just imagine the sound of the thief’s hand hitting the floor!!!!!!!

    Very sad RIP Christie

  37. Marva Cadle says:

    To the Carrasco and Chavarria family this is truly a difficult time. We pray that God will give you the strength to cope with your loss. “For God has said”I will never fail you,I will never forsake you” Think of him as standing behind you with his arms outstretched to embrace you.. This is not the end of Christie’s life story ,it is just the end of a chapter. lOVE you guys Marva and family.

  38. ang says:

    He needs to be tried as a stalker killer with a motivation this should not be appealed as a passionate crime it was planned. He intended to kill her and no one took it serious least the victim. I hope he is given a maximum sentence.

  39. Martha says:

    Well belize needs to do somethings about women againts violence i was abuse for 10yrs and they never did anything in O.W.T now my ex husband is a politician and a lot of people know what he is and people out there dont do anything to stop these men now Iam in the USA and only read about this incident and wish i could help people need to be united and help each other.

  40. Audrey Matura says:

    to me the signs of abuse was already there the minute he does not want her to go around her family… we need to teach or society and families how to detect abuse – its more than physical. I do not know this young lady but I am sure there is nothing she coudldhave done to deserve this brutal death… let us pray for her family and especailly her baby girl – it will not be easy living without her mom. RIP Christy

  41. Unacceptable says:

    really dont want to know what drove him to inflict wounds on his own woman, very heinous offence…In Belize we have many cases of women being abuse, men abuse them too much until they believe they cant do nothing for themselves or even thinK that they would make it alone if they would leave that abusive individual….Wounds are inflicted until the mind is tainted and living under the condition becomes normal…We should not think about what GoB would do to counteract these issues, we need women and even men to call on radios to assist other sisters who are in these dreadful situations… Form a group or union, we need to educate each other about abuse, channel 5&7 news should make commercials about it regardless how realistic and aweful it may seem for viewers. DO IT


  42. Facetious Plebbe says:

    That is the most nonsensical argument I have ever heard, to put this at the feet of the police and blame them. From all indications she did not make a report to the police. How then would they have known that the man was a threat to the woman he supposedly loved? Stop being so anxious to place blame on the police. Place blame on the coward’s parents for probably coddling him and making him feel that his every whim and fancy should have been satisfied, and that people around him were to wait on him hand and foot.

    Let us even go further and unfortunately place blame on the girl’s family and neighbors. They should have seen that something was wrong.

    Another post said it right: we too quickly get into relationships and don’t date. She was only 22!!! She should have been focusing on developing herself as a young lady and a contributing member of society by furthering her academic achievements. Our young people nowadays, in fact for quite some time, have been too anxious to live big people’s lives. I don’t encourage anyone to get seriously involved with someone until after age 25. That gives them time to explore what options are out there, and how they can seize upon different opportunities.

    Lastly, ladies primarily (because three are some men who are also abused), DO NOT tolerate your significant other to hit/hurt you. That is why years ago, the police set up the Domestic Violence Unit. It used to be hampered by the restrictions in the law; thankfully, the law has been changed to reflect the times in which we now live. If you are skeptical as to how effective they are, ask the Family Court how many times per week they have to deal with someone hauled before them because of a DV report. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  43. J says:


  44. Dianni says:

    Omg!!! this is so !@#$ sad! i think that @$$ deserves to be hang because she was a mother, a beautiful young girl just starting her journey in life and who is who to come and take her happiness away? He is a !@#$%!

  45. Saddended says:

    C’mon whether you got in a relationship at a young age or not….does not make it a cause for this tragedy. The police are some reall fools ofcourse they are to blame!!! they could have prevented it!! I also feel bad for this guy! Im sure he regrets what hes done and must wish he could reverse time as he could have been with Christie now working things out! he young too and his life is now gone to waste!! Christie was young and healthy … is so so sad!! i am mentally disturbed by this!!

  46. blackrose says:

    I feel so sorry for the baby now she has no parent and next as for the fool hope she suffers in jail and his mind tearing his soul apart. He never did win cause the same thing he was scared about he ended up with. BEING ALONE and NOT POSSESSING HER.

  47. frend says:

    he did a real low move, and should not be given a chance, i heard he tried to kill himself in the jail down in O.W. guess what i hear he is still alive, i personaly thing that he orange walk police department sucks. they should of let that mo-fo hang himself. any whos. that’s just the way it goes. its really sad. Chris. you will always be rembered and not never forgotten

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