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Mar 1, 2011

Cops and brothers; over 25 bullets fired and 3 injured

Late this evening, police issued a release on a midnight shootout in the downtown Punta Gorda. Two brothers and a Asian businessman, known as Tommy, were injured and twenty six expended shells were recovered from the scene. The police version is that the violence started when Sergeant John Sanchez’s house was fired at from a Mazda pick-up truck belonging to Tommy and carrying two brothers: Dennis and Norman Trapp. Police say that Sergeant Sanchez and his brother William, another officer, headed to Tommy’s business. They picked up another Chinese national and as they escorted him to the police station, there was an exchange of gunfire. It resulted in the collision of the Mazda and another parked pick-up. According to police, three persons were injured: the Trapp brothers and Gou Guan Wu. The release makes no mention if any of the two officers were injured and it appears that they were off-duty.  News Five’s Jose Sanchez headed south today and spoke to the mother of the Trapp brothers.  The little she knows differs from the police account.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Dennis Trapp

Main Street in Punta Gorda, not known for violence, became the focal point of a car chase and shooting incident that occurred at midnight. This gold Mazda pickup was shot close to thirty times by plain clothes police officers.  While under fire, the occupants of the pickup crashed into a parked white Ford Ranger in front of this house. The shrapnel shows that one bullet shattered as it penetrated the windshield of the parked truck.  The dried blood on the ground shows where the injured men fell on the pavement.  Along with other passengers, two brothers, twenty-six year old Dennis and twenty-one year old Norman Trapp were detained. Their mother Emolin Gomez, was waiting at the PG police station this afternoon.

Norman Trapp

Emolin Gomez, mother of men injured in shooting incident

“When we hear the gunshot, we get wah call seh that my son get shot and I come dah the station. I see the drip of blood, so we gone dah the hospital because we weh maybe he gone dah the hospital goen and get dress. On reaching hospital, he neva deh deh so we come back and when we did, we see the police vehicle and the other vehicle weh crash that my son mi di drive by Miss Marcelo Pinto on front street. I asked about it and the police tell me its crime scene and I noh business deh. I tell they dah my son and if my son get hurt I need fi ker ahn dah hospital. And when I look I see them di take out my son outta the back of the pickup and he look like he soon dead.”

Jose Sanchez

“Did they tell you what his injuries were? Where he was shot?”

Emolin Gomez

Emolin Gomez

“No we noh get no word from none ah them.”

Jose Sanchez

“You daughter is with him at the hospital. What has she tell you about his condition?”

Emolin Gomez

“We noh get no lead from them yet because mi daughter-in-law phone gone dead so my daughter just went on ten o’clock bus fu find out weh di go on.”

Jose Sanchez

“But he was shot several times?”

Emolin Gomez

“Yap. I only see the one ina his heel, and ih ankle and then ih leg, I think, and the one by ih neck; but ih supposed to get more than that. Because they neva want we gone ina the hospital to see weh happen to ah.”

While Dennis is in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds, Norman’s injuries came after the shooting incident.

Jose Sanchez

“As regards to your other son who is inside the police station, what are they saying about him? Why is he detained?

Emolin Gomez

“We noh hear nothing about that. Why they detain ah? We noh get no information about it as yet, but Mister Mariano is trying to do something for us.”

Jose Sanchez

“I understand that he needs to seek medical attention. What’s wrong with him?”

Emolin Gomez

“Ih say they beat ahm up and they bruk ih teeth and ih ina pain because ih teeth the hurt ahn.”

Jose Sanchez

“So both sons were inside the gold vehicle that belongs to the businessman?”

Emolin Gomez


Upon inspection, the gold Mazda is clearly riddled with bullets. Three entry holes are visible on the front windshield, two holes through the seat, and the rest of the pickup body is pocked with bullet holes.

Jose Sanchez

“It was police officers that shot them?”

Emolin Gomez

“Yes. I hear dah Dragon Units. Police Officers deh say dah noh from down here.”

The cause of the shooting and chase is still not clear as more witnesses were still being questioned. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Police also report that the Mazda has been impounded and they are questioning the Trapp brothers as well as the Chinese national.

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19 Responses for “Cops and brothers; over 25 bullets fired and 3 injured”

  1. rod says:

    the whole country is in mayhem and disaray and this useless incompetent gov. can do nothing to stop it

  2. JANICE says:


  3. trikz says:

    I agree with you Janice, its sure damn time they teach the trapp’s a lesson….its about Damn time!!..they always getting in trouble and always get away free…..its about time…am sorry that the mother has such useless sorry @$$ess sons

  4. Mick says:

    This mayhem in out country did not ignite when the current government took office, but they should start doing something to alleviate it. Training for officers, economic opportunity, etc. We as a society should also participate. Some of the responsibility lies with us. Seems the Trapp’s have been notorious in the town and yet nothing had been done about it. This may be a start.

  5. PG Gyal says:

    These Trapp boys always think they above the law….Just a few wks ago a young boy ran in my yard saying these Trapps boys chasing him with guns…these guys are reckless I am not surprised to see their mom covering for them when she knows what kind of sons she have….I hope they pay cause they think they own PG….no feel sorry for them at all

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    How do we know that the second Trapp brother didn’t hit his face on the Dashboard or steering wheel when their truck crashed? Mom, if your sons are trouble maybe jail is the best place for them, you can visit them there. I cannot believe that anyone, including an off duty Policeman or two will leave their home at that time of the night to chase & shoot them for no reason & what kind of scam were they running with the Chinese national?

  7. Earl Grey says:

    BLAME THE USELESS MOTHER……….HAD SHE DONE THE RIGHT THING FROM THE START……..her sons would not be in this predicament.


  8. spanglish says:

    rod poor rod, eres un gran pendejo y idiota, eres un asno con tu cola en tu brain,

  9. Haha says:

    So glad to hear this news, hope police put dis mother in jail too, cause she di the wrong mother raise two poor sons!

  10. B Groovy says:

    We hearing about bad !@$$ Trap,dont forget about the ….. @$$ china man. Please dont give this case to Lino he might grant them bail.

  11. Michelle says:

    I was not surprised that this happened. I only hope that this is not the end of getting rid of that set of murderous brothers. I don’t know how that mother and sisters could get on the radio and television and claim that the animals were taken advantage of. Everybody in pg can testify to the havoc and horror this family of bandits has plague this once peaceful town with. But like every other notorious case there is someone in the shadows who finance these acts. These vagabons were raised by a single woman who hardly had two pennies to rub together. So who pays their lawyers? its time that family answers to this town. I hope they get what they deserve.

  12. money changer says:

    they are my family and not animal the police act like they are god ,people need to get facts before they leave stupid coment the mother did her job they are big man get it right u cant blame my family for what kids do especially when the are grown

  13. PG man says:

    Don’t forget that the chiney Man is the leader of the operations. The trapps are only the followers that needed some guidance and a father figure that they missed. So , the chiney gave that to them ….He use them as his personal security and people to carry out his dirty jobs….all this considering that they deal rocks….thats why they feel like king pins……
    And definately the chiney has the finance to back them up.
    Wasn’t this the same chiney with whom a stolen freezer was found and he said that he will not press charges. Considering that fact that he played the victim when in-fact he should have been charged for handling stolen goods….
    PG authorities are getting too slack and relaxed with foriegners coming into the tranquil haven and stirring it the wrong way……

    get some out……..


  14. Lisamarie says:

    I don’t hear anything being mentioned about the Chinaman Tommy. It’s like he wasn’t even there…Guess we know what that means.

  15. reap wat u sow says:

    These Trapp boys are responsible for the choices that they make. This is not the first time they have broken the law. They have brutally killed people before. They have hurt many of my friends and family in pg. i think everyone from pg knows who am talking about. Its a about time someone puts a stop to their illegal actions. There is no right in what the Trapp boys are doing. They deserved every bullet and beating that they got that night.

  16. concerned says:

    Hopefuly, this will go to a real magistrate, and not the worthless fool, Hamilton. Glad they catch them. Hope they can keep them lock up for the next 20 years.

  17. PG STUDENT says:

    I am skol out of the district and heard my friends talking bout the news with shot out the first thing came to my mind was the trap family and so i was dam right…They always think they own PG bout time the get the sense of the law ..They are well know for their rep back home just making our home look so bad…Hope the law come to play properly now…

  18. demo says:

    about time…. if the law does not prevale we all know this will be the beginning of many shoot outs caz them trapp shoot at a lot of people and get away but this time them taste them own medicine, authorities beter look at the long term no just caz tommy pay some of them…..them even shoot at police b4….and walk out bak caz chiney pay the way out…………them beta stop threat farenaz like them da god especially chiney caz da his gun dadz use..

  19. islander says:

    Pity the scumbags lived to tell the tale.

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