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Mar 1, 2011

Councilor Philloughby says property tax for businesses possible

The City council met today behind closed doors and when that meeting was over, councilor Dean Samuels was elevated to Deputy Mayor for one year to succeed Councilor Philip Willoughby, whose stint as deputy will be remembered more for what he said than what he did. Samuels, an ally of Mayor Zenaida Moya-Flowers, is expected to stay close to her in the run up to the next municipal elections. But the question before city residents tonight is: will there be a property tax hike by the City Council? Since assuming control of City Hall in 2006, the present administration has not conducted a revision of taxes and the fear is that the much talked about hike will be the result of an impending five-year review by the U.D.P.’s municipal government.  Willoughby is on record saying that there won’t be any additional taxes levied.  But, he says, the council will re-evaluate the amount being paid by businesses considered to be grossly undervalued and where that applies, then those can expect an increase.

Phillip Willoughby, Former Deputy Mayor

“There aren’t no or any new taxes that the council will be issuing for this upcoming financial year.”

Jules Vasquez

“Aren’t you all due for a quinquennial review?”

Phillip Willoughby

Phillip Willoughby

“The quinquennial is due every five years, but in light of the current economic situation, we won’t be issuing any new increase.”

Jules Vasquez

“Was it in light of the upcoming elections?”

Phillip Willoughby

“Well you are the one requesting it to be looked at that way but we are just looking in light of everything else being equal and the current cost of living at this moment.  But what will be reviewed, it won’t be the entire tax roll that will be reassessed or increased but we need to contemplate how we look at some of these properties, businesses that are grossly, grossly and I’m saying this strongly, that are undervalued and those will be looked at and reviewed.  And that will be discussed with Belmopan, our Cabinet ministers and proceeding that it is ok then we proceed from there.  I think it’s just the position that we need to enlighten and engage everyone to share or promulgate what the underlining issue here is that some properties are grossly undervalued and those are the properties that need to be reviewed and reassessed.  But providing we take the position to increase those we will take the position to share with Central Government.”

Isani Cayetano

“Councilor you were referencing your valuation roll earlier.  Can you explain some of the figures on that particular evaluation based on the numbers and the value of the properties?”

Phillip Willoughby

“Well it wouldn’t be the entire tax roll that will be reassessed like I said.  Approximately, like I think, about ninety percent of the tax roll will remain the same providing we don’t do the surgical reassessment of those who need to be surgically reassessed.  But providing that we get the go ahead then we pursue that avenue but some of them as I said and I will share with you and show you off camera that they are grossly undervalued to this end.”

According to Willoughby, the process is intended to be as objective as possible even when there are residents and business owners who have contributed financially to the party during election campaigns.

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7 Responses for “Councilor Philloughby says property tax for businesses possible”

  1. Darren says:

    what do you guys mean Willoughby will be remembered more for what he said than did? Don’t be so polemic without cause

  2. soldier says:

    I have to laugh when i read this news about taxing in belize,this council members have never got out of belize,have no idea on how a village should be run,what rights do the villagers have,why cant this taxing work in belize?simply,thier is no accountability in belize,from the highest place in government to the mayors.

  3. says:

    the whole world is lowering taxes on the people but not belize they want to impose more well if we were getting anything for our tax dollars that would be ok but we have the worse economy ever since this gov took over corruption rampant. education in the drain economy in the drain highest gas prices in the americas ,highest duties in the americas ,exports in the drain , imports in the drain, crime rate higest its ever been in the history of belize and they want to raise taxes so that they can pocket more of our hard earned money well enough is enough barrow resign resign please resign barrow before i stone you with mi shoes you are a disgrace to the belizean people and country.

  4. check it out says:

    this means all businesses associated with PUP will get higher taxes, that is how they do it!!

  5. BZNinCALI says:

    Property taxes should be based on the cost of the land & the building, period. There are times when adjustments need to be made for properties that have been in the same family for generations & the rules should be the same regardless of party affiliation. The taxes for goods & services are a separate issue.

  6. Earl Grey says:

    IT’S JUST A SCARE TACTIC………to show who runs things.

  7. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    Raise taxes, this is always the easiest thing to do for a government with no vision what about creating some jobs so that people can have jobs and that way the tax base can be increase and central government will be able to hand the city council a bigger piece of the pie, what about creating opportunities for exporting products made in Belize that way we can get some new money in the country, what about reviewing all the products being imported and try and set up industries for manufacturing some of those imported products that way we can keep more of our dollars at home, what about cleaning up some of those nuisance properties in Belize and have the owners responsible for the immediate public areas in front of their properties and placing nuisance liens on the properties if they fail to keep them clean and selling those liens to the public after so many years if the liens are not paid auction off those properties and pay the liens off that way Belize can start looking decent, no but we don’t want to do that it is too much work and we will be walking on the toes of our supporters and we also don’t want Belizeans to be too self sufficient then they won’t have a need for the little hands out that we give them for their vote we like the way things are we love the status quo it has been working this way for many years and it is good for us to hide behind, if we start making changes then the people will be awaken let them sleep so we can continue stealing and increase our wealth building legacy scheme. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

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