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Mar 1, 2011

Cops who were detained after drug plane landed to face a police tribunal

Jacinto Roches

The four police officers who were charged in connection with the drug plane that landed on the Southern Highway on November thirteenth, 2010 will have to face a police tribunal. Sergeants Jacinto Roches and Lawrence Humes along with Corporals Renel Grant and Nelson Middleton were served with notices of disciplinary proceedings last Thursday.

lawrence humes

The letters were forwarded today to their attorney, Dickie Bradley, and the men have written to the Commissioner of Police requesting that the evidence against them be presented before the tribunal begins at eleven on Wednesday morning. The notices cited the offence as “an act to the prejudice of good order and discipline contrary to section forty-one of the Police Act, chapter one-thirty-eight.”

Renel Grant

It further states that the men acted with a common purpose in abetting the importation of five thousand, eight hundred and fifty-three pounds of cocaine thus bringing the department into disrepute. The tribunal will be held at the Kolbe Foundation instead of the usual venue at the Raccoon Street Police Station. Policemen will be appointed as judge and adjudicator as well as to defend the officers on trial. The four cops were linked to the drug bust after they were intercepted a few miles away in a van containing items believed to have been used to land the plane in one of the biggest cocaine busts.

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10 Responses for “Cops who were detained after drug plane landed to face a police tribunal”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    A police tribunal, conducted by police officials, behind closed doors at the hattieville prison??????? Now if that isn’t the !@#$ing joke of the century, I don’t know what is. Do Belizeans honestly think these crooked @#ksuckers will be convicted by a jury of their peers at a mock trial away from public scrutiny????? These @$$holes are all in collusion and will be nicely rewarded by the cartel who owned the drugs in question so they will all be acquitted. If police destroy evidence against and taint cases against ordinary civilians, what do think they will do to protect thjeir fellow police ffficers??? Nolle prosequi, we can’t find the evidence, no case submission, not guilty, youare free to go, case closed!!! What a !@#$ing disgrace!!!

  2. rod says:

    this already tells me that their is not enough evidence to convict these men again gross incompetence and corruption on the part of this gov. i can bet that these men will be free the corruption never ends because it is coming from the top down and with dickie involved you know already that the police cannot police themselves this is a joke of the biggest kind fraud incompetence and corruption on the part of this gov. and yes the head of it is to blame because he has no control over anything or anybody in his employ resign barrow resign please resign now you done shame we enough get out resign before i stone you wi mi shoes.

  3. carlos says:

    Government should have a public ministry to do all these prosecution. This is the ministry that should have professional investigators and do the prosecution. How is it that police will prosecute police? army will prosecute soldiers of their own? These organization should be investigated by the appropriate people. Separate the police department from the investigation department and let the investigation department have lawyers to do the prosecution. Some of these police officers in court do not have the preparations to prosecute. This is why so many cases are lost in court and guilty people get free even though people know they are guilty. A next point the public ministry should have train investigators, with appropriate equipment to do investigations. We have passed this stage but if nothing is done soon, things will get worst in Belize, especially Belize city. So to our government , do something , we put there to fix thing not to let them get worse. Les talking we want.

  4. jc says:

    I am sure that these men will be set free, If you read the ghort story “A Jury of her Peers by Susan Glaspell.You will know why

  5. Toledo says:

    Its ashame really!!! These guys will walk away with a slap on the wrist while their drug money stashed away for future use. They are probably happy to be protected at Hattieville knowing as soon as the publicity dies, they will put drug money to use. Furthermore, they know the ins and outs so it will be much easier for them to pull another one. This time, they will be smarter. They learned from their mistakes. Corruption is on the rise in Belize. Just recently, I heard the traffic department guys in toledo were in on it too.

    Any minor offences the traffic guys pocket it. Now with the seat belt thing in force, its like chrismas for these guys. Channel 5 should do an undercover investigation on traffic tickets. It will be surprising to learn where your traffic fines end up. These guys are living large, nice vehicles, gold chains, etc… If you see a traffic guy with this and you paid a traffic offence, say to yourself, you help pay for his luxury. it is a fast rising corruption within the government. Its ashame our country is falling into deep corruption in all sectors.

  6. Al says:

    This looks like the first step in a they will walk free case. Not a bad deal though, because they are dead men walking. The drug cartel will track them find them and kill them, mark what I am saying, it shall come to pass. The owner of the drugs and plane is just waiting to see what is going to happen with these pitiful piece of dog meat. These people would sell their mother for a dime, sorry a shiny penny. They were responsible with keeping the peace and order of the country, what a joke. They arrest and lock up people for drug use and sale when they are responsible for the drug originating in the country and then getting into the hands of the people they lock up. Something is terribly wrong with this picture. I still say someone higher up knows something this is what the coverup is all about. There is someone in the country who contacted these greedy bastards and got them to agree to this dirty deal. They were probably the same ones involved in the first plane that landed on the I believe Western Highway. They did it once got away with it, so they tried it again, but sooner or later God prevails.

  7. BZNinCALI says:

    Carlos, the military does have its own Military Tribunal in many places & their punishment is often more harsh than what is imposed by civilian courts. That said, I’m not holding my breath on what they are about to do at Kolbe. I also believe that this is separate from the criminal charges & pending trial. I doubt that gaining their freedom will help any of these men, the Cartel lost a lot of money & a plane & someone must pay for all that. By the way, where is the plane, is it possible that it was the one stolen from our airport last month?

  8. CEO says:

    Perhaps they were in PG on an early morning strool for some male bonding and then decided to go swimming and this is how their clothes got wet!

  9. meme says:

    well done papa jeff,we all know what will happen.. d big fish cant go down so we no de wa ge fire then sue d dipartment and every body stay free more drugs come…..memmba d one with d bdf whe sale visa,too much big men involve so he got dismiss and sent to america with a pay every month…..Belizean,we all crooked…

  10. Earl Grey says:

    MONEY IS BEING PASSED AROUND………………………. as we speak.

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