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Feb 28, 2011

Hector Silva resigns from P.U.P.

Last week, supporters of Leonard Chavarria came to Belize City to protest the leadership of John Briceño because Chavarria claimed he was disqualified from running against deputy party leader Mike Espat for Toledo East constituency for the People’s United Party. A member of the Order of Distinguished Service, Hector Silva, has now resigned from the party arm, which screens P.U.P. aspirants. According to Silva, he is also unhappy with the party.

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13 Responses for “Hector Silva resigns from P.U.P.”

  1. Lucas says:

    I remember Hector Silva when back then we only had two constituencies in Cayo. Hector never did anything positive for Cayo. Hector is a loser. The P.U.P. should be happy of getting rid of that load.

  2. Disgusted! says:

    “A HOUSE DIVIDED AMONG ITSELF WILL FALL!” This does not look good at all. Whatever issues you guys have needs to be resolved IMMEDIATELY!!!! This is giving ammunition to your opponents and at the end of the day we will eventually be stuck with Dean Barrow’s Dictatorship Regime if you guys in the P.U.P. can’t even keep the party organized and unified. Don Hector is a well loved, highly respected, influential Belizean icon and when he talks, EVERYBODY listens. BE CAREFUL Johnny Briceno et. al. BE VERY CAREFUL, THE ENEMY IS LURKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rod says:

    well i nominate lisa shoman for pm of the pup party its time to have a female pm in this country and not only a female but an intellegent person as well she would be a no nonsense pm but fair also she is very good at foreign relations where jonny is not lisa if you are listening please run for pm i nominate you consider it and i will back you .

  4. Princess says:

    It’s about time he came to his senses, you are a big looser Hector Silva, let me tell you something
    everymorning when i put on my radio and you come on air you know what i do! YOU DRIVE ME TO TURN OFF MY RADIO. Hector Silva believes he knows everything, yet in all his life what good have he done for the country?, but to talk, talk, talk. I applaud you for stepping down. For the record I don’t know him personally, and I am not a PUP fanatic.

  5. yc316 says:

    silva da lone bla bla bla every morning on love fm. he thinks he knows everything.

    get ride of briceno, he is not a good leader.

    mark espat for PM

  6. Don Hector says:

    For the two messengers who want to know what Don Hector has done for Belize. Either they were not born or .they are doing the master’s bid. There are records to prove that Don Hector has done for this country what had and has not been done since 1981. Introducing Electricity for all Districts, opening roads where there were none, installing water supplies countrywide, providing through an agreement for modern telephone system internally and externally, building Airstrips countrwide, and above all agitating for the opening of the doors to education. and scholarships for University educa-tion . aNd on on and on.

  7. concerned citizen says:

    Mr. Silva seems to have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to history and experiences. Please I beg you to put it to good use. I admire what you did to step not only down but out because I know you beleive in what is right and wrong. Use your experiences and knowledge for the good of the country and not a party. No party is worth it Mr. Silva. As for PUP they have a major clean up to do and no one seems to want to start so please do not involve your self with them. Like I said I beleive you can contribute to the country without getting yourself involve with any party.

  8. d says:

    A mexican senator told me that when he approached Silva to build a road, Silva asked how much he would get-the road was never built-PUP corrupt from then-get rid of him and replace with? more recent corruptees?

  9. B grovy says:

    People grab some getto pringles(fry plantin)and some limewater and watch the game between two camps,Briceno and musa/fonseca on the other side. Silva,chava and the rest quit your crying before I tell Stan to throw a bata shoe at u guys.

  10. carlos says:

    There are times when we need to move out if what the majority say does not go with our idea or way of thinking. But one thing is true— what ever the majority agrees we need to go for. That is how we work as a group, committee or party. Not every time our ideas will prevail.
    A next thing I though that changes will come with the new pup, but it seen that many of the same old folks are trying to get in— Mike Espat from toledo has been there many times . What has he done for the area? In some constituents there are the same people who lost the last election or the last convention of the pup. Party leader get new people to run for the convention for next general election. There is also one thing in the party — you have to be 3 years active in the party. You don’t just get up one morning and decide to run for the pup. people don’t know you, what is your intentions, how do you intend to work for the constituent, what relations do you have for the people etc. One suggestion don’t do like the udp. if the party leader don’t like you , you can not run for a constituent. Lets don’t follow their way of doing things.

  11. Heed says:

    Yea Mr Silva did the right thing.
    Work for Bze without being in any Party.
    Dean Barrow and the UDPdays are soon over.

    PUP is coming with JB as PM

  12. spanglish says:

    re: Heed== I really think you are under some spell, maybe tony quin gave you the potion!! hahahhah
    only in your imagination JB will be PM, mein go drink some herbs to clear your mine OK

    JB days are numbers, he will some be squeeze to pieces by the OCTOPUS AND HIS FOLLOWERS WHO LIKE YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. Random says:

    Lucas, Princess, yc316, and others… Don Hector has done way more for this country than any of you have ever done for maybe your own families. You’re all ignorant about his contributions to this country. Go learn about someone before you talk smack about them.

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