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Feb 22, 2011

Should the Board of Sadie Vernon High School resign?

Tonight’s question is: Should the Board of Management of Sadie Vernon High School resign? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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17 Responses for “Should the Board of Sadie Vernon High School resign?”

  1. concerned citizen says:

    yes the board should resign because they are not doing their job. On top of that they are allowing someone else to do their dirty job, someone else like Mrs. Humes to go on television and slander those teachers at Sadie Vernon. I dont know what those teachers are going through but I can tell you that he has no right to say the things he said on the television and radio. He is not helping the situation at all. He should step down from the post of pta because he is not professional at all. HE SHOULD ALSO APOLOGIZE PUBLICLY TO THOSE TEACHERS AT SADIE VERNON TECH HIGH SCHOOL. Be a man and leave it alone. Only Ladies

  2. Jane Hyde says:

    i think that the board should go because they have clearly demonstrate that they cannot make an impartial decision when it comes to the teachers at that institution. their actions time and time again have proven to be one sided.

  3. patricia says:

    My dayghter graduated from that school last year and sometimes we need to hear the two side of a story it was so rude for Humes to go on the television and state the teachers are lazy and more should be fired. My child would come home and speak highly about these teachers. this issue does not concern the students. It involve the principal and teachers. The principal have came to sadie with these same pattern of problem from E.p.Y and now the staff of sadie is facing these issues and worst their characters have been slaughtered over the media. i feel the ministry should step in and deal with the bigger issue. the board show clear cut of bias. Vote them off

  4. Jennifer says:

    As a teacher myself, I am appalled at Mr. Humes’s and Mr. Anthony’s behaviour. They say they were teachers, but their behaviour makes me wonder about their professionalism. If they feel that character assasination is professional, then I am wondering about the students who passed through their hands. Is this what they taught them? It is teachers like Mr. Humes and the not so reverent – REVEREND ANTHONY, who has consistently contributed to the hostility in our society. Thank God they are no longer teachers. St. Luke and Belmopan Comprehensive must be glad they are rid of them!

  5. John says:

    I graduate from Sadie Vernon and to be honest this problem with the principal and teachers have been going on for long. I can say that Mrs. Baptist have favourites who can get away with anything (seriuos matters) abut let any of the others get into problem she will deal with us. I have a friend who tell me that he do what he want because the principal have his back the borad will do whatever she says. He can also list teachers who the principal discuss with his mom telling them that she will make sure they get fired.. THE BOARD MUST LEAVE

  6. Dani says:

    I believe the board and the principal should resign. I am really turned off from Patrick Faber and the ministry on how they are handling this situation. I agree with patricia for I know several students who have graduted recently , some are still attending Sadie Vernon and they speak very well of the teachers there. I think the media needs to be careful on who they give airtime because Mr Humes really slandered the reputation of the teachers , who are really very dedicated teachers.

  7. Sugar says:

    since when does PTA have so much say in a school????..seems to me the administration needs to GO……U all are being PAID to run the school…..PTA no run no school!!!…….seems to me its the administration who is lazy here

  8. roska says:

    It seems that the issue of principals running the boards of management rather than vice versa is becoming prevalent in the Belizean society. We need to look closel y at this issue when a school selects their BOM. Ministry MUST ensure that BOM members are trained as to their responsibilities.
    In many cases the principals of the schools are far more trained than the board members themselves and that, eventually leads in the principal running the board rather than the board overseeing the running of the school.
    This has happened in many schools, and is happening subtly in many more, where the principal’s word becomes the board’s word. The incident not long ago at escuela mexico is a classical example of this. When this happens the ministry is forced to take action to bring stability to the school, just to be dragged later to court and scolded for their action – action which was needed to be done by ministry for the benefit of the students and teachers.

  9. Axl says:

    Sadie Vernon issues are really getting out of hand because the government seem to take this issue lightly. The board is like a sore on the children’s feet, the slow them in the process of learning. Lets be sincere put someone else who can see for the future of our children.

  10. Tiffany says:

    I think that the board of Sadie Vernon should resign cause they are not being fair .

  11. carlos says:

    I agree that the board and principal must go. Teachers when they ask you to select your representative in the board of management of your school make sure he or she is selected by you the teachers not the principal or pastor of the school. remember this person will represent you, the teachers.
    For the case at Sadie Vernon high, i think the PTA representative ( i think the chairperson who discredited the teachers of SadieVernon) should resign.

  12. Rondean says:

    The Principal cannot speak for herself so she has to send her “best speaker” to tell her fabricated lies. It is so pitiful. The BOARD are just a Bunch of PUPPETTS for her. EVACUATE NOW

  13. William says:

    Administration spend too much time on trying to dismiss teachers instead they should spend time on working and improving the school.

  14. BIG TZUL says:

    Hell yeah! The best blend is not only the board- the principal and the principal should also go! Both of them should remember that an audit of the school exists. Thi audit is very specific regarding the incompetence and poor leadership of both the principal and the board. As to Mr. Humes…… poor woman. Sorry… poor man. He fails to remember that he has bones in his closet. I dont want to go there but will do if he persists with his nonsense. As to Reverend Anthony from the Ministry…. how come his evaluations for teachers back in 2009 spoke volumes about the excellent preparation in class and he dare call at a loacl radio station to say the opposite? A little bit of extra prayers is needed there Reverend!!!

  15. rod says:

    what does it tell you when from the time this present gov. and pactrick faber have been running the education dept education has gone down the drain its now the worse its ever been in the history of belice and this my friends was one thing i was so proud of when it comes to belize and its people we have still some of the smartest people in the world right here in belize but with a useless gov. head an a useless person in charge of education we are getting worse than haiti kids are droping out of school by the droves teachers cant teach because of all the student problems wrong curriculum being given no decipline in the schools we are going down the drain get rid of this cancer cluster called udp get rid of barrow and all his people resign barrow resign before i stone you with mi shoes.

  16. Micheell says:

    This situation at our school is so sad. This issue all over the media have now caused a shadow on us students. I must say we have some wonderful teachers it is us students who sometime drive them to the edge. But our principal and board need to work with them. UNITY we need

  17. rusty says:

    I say close the school down and bring fresh faces in Aug-September (new school year). This is very embarrassing to hear in the middle of a school year. With all the economical problems today, it makes me wonder if anyone here really need their jobs?

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