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Feb 22, 2011

New regulations for butane companies

Butane distributors have come under fire in the past few weeks for cheating consumers. Following public outcry, the Belize Bureau of Standards today announced the introduction of the National Metrology Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Regulation 2011. It puts pressure on butane companies to give consumers what they’re paying for. The regulation requires suppliers to have proper weighing instruments at their businesses as well as on every delivery truck. But it doesn’t end there; the scales must be approved by the bureau and will be sealed after inspection to avoid tampering. The regulation goes on to list eight requirements for an accepted scale and requires weighing instruments to be clearly visible to consumers. The penalties for breach of the regulations are fines of up to five thousand dollars, six months imprisonment or both. Butane companies have thirty days to get their equipment in order.

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13 Responses for “New regulations for butane companies”

  1. FINALLY says:

    For years I’ve been struggling with these Gas companies’ robbing from us, their customers, who keep them in business. Brown’s gas was the biggest disappointment for me as I got no satisfaction complaining to Mr. Wally, a man with whom I have been doing business with for many years.

    After shopping around, I finally ended up with BWEL, until the day I queried the amount of gas I was charged for, which both they and I knew wasn’t correct. I went as far as to call “Consumer Protection Services” on them and the result was that they were to suppose to compensate me, but BWEL REFUSED DESPITE REQUEST BY CONSUMER PROTECTION, stating that they don’t have to comply with their requests. Such arrogance won them the well deserved title of the most hated gas company in this country.

  2. Lucas says:

    Only God knows since when these thieves have been picking the pocket of the poor. To them I say : “DO NOT ROB THE POOR BECAUSE HE IS POOR, NOR OPPRESS THE AFFLICTED AT THE GATE; FOR THE LORD WILL PLEAD THEIR CAUSE, AND PLUNDER THE SOUL OF THOSE WHO PLUNDER THEM”( Proverbs 22: 22-23). You thieves; all the money that you have stolen from the poor the Lord will take away from you. Thieves will knock on your door and what is left, will be all spend when your health fails. And you CONTRERAS where have you been? taking land from private citizens only to give it to your church who is already filthy rich. And you Barrow, enriching your family and yourself, meanwhile, the poor have no one to champion their cause.

  3. Lindsay Howard says:

    Yeah, and if you have one butane supplier in town, and you give them !@$$ for not having a scale, guess what – you never get butane again.

  4. belizeanpride says:

    it last we have some people working to help the consumer the help it need after being cheated for so long and we need more with the groceries now sincealot of shop seem to have elevated pricing on some basic items we use daily, thanks BBS.

  5. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    So since we know for a fact that the butane companies have been stealing from the consumers, what do we do about their past crimes? Do they just get off the hook? or is there going to be some type of investigation to find out just how much the consumers have been ripped off so that they can be compensated or is this ok since it is only the consumers and they don’t really matter since government officials does it all the time to them in order to further increase their wealth building legacy scheme. Remember, my Legacy B 4 My People.

  6. ex-gasman says:

    BBS is a piece of crap! They always knew that consumers were being ripped off! I will let you guys know one thing! BBS can try anything to stop these companies, but it will be pretty difficult! Let’s hope they can find a way to stop these guys. Scales with seals its not a problem for these companies to manipulate. These guys are far ahead in the game! Good luck BBS, you will need it in order to try and catch up with these gas companies!

  7. Sorry says:

    Oh this happens in Belmopan too. Thats a good regulation but i hoped its kept.

  8. jim says:

    Can someone Sue them? is it Possible?

  9. daveyt says:

    G.O.B. will now have GST added to Butane – to pay for the legislation and ‘running’ of the BBS. Of course none of the money raised will ever reach that department though.

    We can now look forward to many court cases with the Butane inmporters v G.O.B. – more millions for the Barrow Dynasty/Mafia!

  10. rod says:

    i like you legacyb4mypeople very good way of putting things keep it up you are one of the few belizeans on here that understands exactly whats going on in our jewel power to the people guan guannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn barrow before i stone you with mi shoes.

  11. Earl Grey says:

    BROWN’S BUTANE….. give me all that I pay for………NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT THEM.

  12. wit out struggle there is no progress says:

    HEY people…. No company will actually weigh a tank infront of you if u dont actually ask for it to be done. As for the many people who will still send their thanks to the depot…………….good luck wit that. I suggest that we stop dealing wit dilivery trucks and take our tanks ourselves to get fill and see it weigh ourselves. However if we insist on being lazy we could atleast invest in a home scale that we weigh some of our lazy selves on (for those who actually do) and weigh our tanks before and after dilivery.

  13. ex-gasman says:

    @Earl Grey: why the hell you think Brown’s butane has his meter facing the wall and not to the customer? All meters are rigged! Even the gas station pumps are rigged! You guys will continue being ripped off, especially with companies like Tomza, Bwel, Brown’s, Neal and those truckers in ladyville are the worst ones. Those companies cannot afford to sell LPG by pound, their product is too light, its propane, its more pressure than liquid. Know what you are buying first! Propane is a liquid for colder regions, not for Belize. Make sure you get 60/40 mixture gas, Butane! That will lost longer and save you some cash in the longer run! Believe me! I know!

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