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Feb 10, 2011

BWEL says reports of tank shortages are malicious

Belize Western Energy Ltd. invited to its Belize City offices today to clarify what it considers to be serious allegations made against the company in light of a news item aired in certain sections of the media.  In a story on Wednesday several tanks of varying weight and measure were filled with butane after being emptied of its previous contents.  Two hundred pound cylinders were then filled with gas from rival importers, BWEL and Gas Tomza Ltd.  The results were shocking to say the least.  Consumers, the report concluded, are paying more for fuel with the constant increase in prices for less volume in their tanks.  Representatives of BWEL, on the other hand, argue that the discrepancy has to do with an inability to measure the vapor within the cylinder while it is being filled.

Jose Mai, Regional Manager, BWEL

Jose Mai

“With LPG you have a pressurized recipient made out of steel and that container contains, that tank contains a percentage of the product in there [that] is liquefied and a percentage of it is in vapor form.  That vapor is the one that goes through the lines, through the regulator and through your appliance, be it the stove or the heater or the dryer, whatever and that is what gets burnt okay.  So you cannot measure the product inside a tank just by the level of the liquid.  You have to account for the vapor.  Remember this vapor is at a hundred and twenty PSI, you’re talking a significant percentage of the product being in vapor form.  Now once it goes through the meter of the truck the pump of the truck is pumping liquid.  That goes through the meter but when it enters the tank that is when it arrives at an equilibrium, a thermodynamic equilibrium, whereby some of it stays in liquid form which is measured by the gauge which is a simple floater alright and then part of it immediately goes into vapor phase or vapor form.  That portion cannot be measured by a floater okay.  So yes you will find discrepancies between the level that is being read inside the tank and the amount of liquid read by the meter.”

BWEL has gone on record to say that the news story was influenced by its competitors in the LPG industry to discredit and attack its integrity. BWEL, you will recall, did not participate in the threatened strike that had been planned by other LPG importers.

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20 Responses for “BWEL says reports of tank shortages are malicious”

  1. B grovy says:

    Come bwel the game is up, u got busted.

  2. Ace says:

    What did we really expect this guy to say. come on betta dan dat. i no think any body have money fi give weh da bze

  3. Bally says:

    This BWEL cant serious. The man basically says he knows that their measurements were not accurate. So my question is why then was he charging people as if they were getting what they paid for. BWEL could have weighed the gas tank empty. Filled the gas tank and weighed it. And if they were honest they could have made deductions so that the customer is actually paying for what he is getting.


    Well, I think the little research conducted was very necessary so that the consumers could see just what can/is happening when it comes to this butane situation. Im not sure anything will be done as a result of this research simply because it has been this way for decades and decades! Most Belizeans really don’t pay attention to this at all so…I don’t know how this one will play out in the end.

  5. Justice says:

    it is about time these people stop taking advantage. It should be mandatory that everyone measures before and afyer to know what they are getting.Shameon all the butane companies who have this practice.

  6. Sugar says:

    Then there is the big-head one from Orange Walk, who appear on the local radio and tell people about the capacity of the tanks. the large tank takes 22 gallons but he says the small one just takes 10 gallons. he say people are just led astray to believe the small one takes 11 gallons…BUT….but, he still charge U half as much for the small one….so he sell the large one for 127 and the small one (with 10 Gallon) for 63..50…he even give U receipt for 10 gallon but at half the price of the large one…..thats why they form into association, so they can protect their tiefing activities.

  7. Orl says:

    AM glad somebody finally busted these guys. Its a shame that for so long they have been robbing people.

  8. concerned belizean says:

    BUSTED … !!! STOP THIEFING … Shame on you! Get rich off poor ppl money

    **guilty, guilty, guilty

  9. check it out says:

    where was the Beaureu of Standards. how can we check on our utility companies, banks and insurance companies they are all robbing us daily and we can’t bring it to light as individuals.

  10. el alcalde says:

    Thanks goodness these thieves were unmasked!!!
    No wonder you see them in such wealthy displays , all from stealing the poor people!!!
    No is the time for we the consumers to protest by using as little gas as possible.

  11. cg says:

    you mean people didnt know this? so how do you think they make their money then? sheesh, a blind man could tell it was so, but when it comes to money, people turn a blind eye while the rest of us pay out of pocket, atleast its in the limelight for now

  12. garfield garret says:

    this is not the first time such discrep occurs. here in thewest one spell we witness a rasta getting mad on open the valve for his hundred pound cylinder just to show the supplier near the bridge that he got a rat for a cat. not long when the valve was open that not even pressure released. if Consumer Protection would go around and check after the delivery truck is gone to weight the product you be alarmed. poor people for so long have been robbed yet you hear of demons-tration againts cheap gas. this sucks. wake up my people

  13. Earl Grey says:


  14. B. A. says:

    This is true because i had a butane tank on my truck. The capacity was like 17 gals and when i filled up at BWEL the meter read 23 gals. At western gas it never went higher than 16.8 gals.

  15. Storm says:

    Vapor or liquid, the molecular weight is the same. If the weight is not there, neither is the product.

    Shame on BWEL for trying to fool the people with double-talk, gibberish, and lies!

    Now — let GOB authorities go in and [a] prosecute cases of theft by false pretences where they sell underweight, and [b] conduct undercover investigation, to make sure everyone is honest, and [c] inspect the machines to make sure they are accurate. GOB workers need to get out there and EARN THEIR PAYCHECKS by doing their jobs!

  16. check it out says:

    who is the malicious one here. BWEL or Gas Tomza these CEOs should be in jail,

  17. Jeebo says:

    N O W C H A R G E T H E M F O R T H E F T A N D P U T T H E I R @ S S E S I N J A I L. Oh wait …. this is Belize – my bad.
    BWS is next. They never send out bills. They can have a truck drive around to disconnect your water, but they can not send your bill via e-mail, not even after you call them a few times. Get a padlock and lock your meters people.

  18. Jeeboo says:

    Hey if you claim the media house got paid by your competition, tell us who please. We should all be buying from them starting today. Listen BWEL, it doesn’t matter to anyone with common sense who paid who for this. Bottom Line …. YOU GOT BUSTED BIG TIME

  19. Black dog says:

    If you think BWEL and Gas Tomza bad, try Brown’s gas. Their product is off by more than 50% sometimes, which is why I changed to BWEL. But it’s a case of monkey fu black dog, and I choose black dog, coz monkey full a tricks.

  20. owresident says:


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