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Feb 10, 2011

Healthy Living remembers important details about memory loss

At some time or the other, almost every person has forgotten where they put their wallet, keys or the time of an appointment. If you have experienced this, then chances are nothing is wrong with you. On the other hand, if you simply do not know that you have forgotten then it’s a sign that something may not be right. Healthy Living looks at memory loss.

Marleni Cuellar, Reporting

Memory loss is naturally linked to aging. But when younger persons show signs of memory lapses there may be a reason to be concerned. Forgetting that you forgot is considered worrisome symptom.  Sounds a bit confusing…neurologist, Dr John Sosa explains

Dr. John Sosa, Neurologist

John Sosa

“Most people are forgetful as you get a older you say something might be wrong. When you notice that you are forgetful that’s good. That means your inattentive you’re just not putting attention. People who forget and don’t notice those are the ones you should be concerned about. Because they think everything is fine’ they don’t really know that they are forgetful those are the ones that are on their way to cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia.  When they come with specific concerns about their forgetfulness or memory we actually have a special test that we conduct. Very quickly it’s called a mini mental state exam. And that kind of gives us an idea of the state of the patient if they have anything wrong with their intellect or their intellectual capabilities. We call that cognitive functions we can actually score it and say yes you have a mild problem, a moderate problem or a severe problem or you’re totally normal.”

If your brain is healthy, there is still much to be done to maintain its fitness. It’s not something you may give much thought to; but, yes, like the rest of your body, the brain needs its own routine to keep alert and fully functional especially as we age.

Dr. John Sosa

“It usually starts and it should start from childhood. Diet is an important part of how you live and If you want your brain to live long enough or If you want a healthy brain then you need to keep a really good diet and especially like how we go to school from we are young we want to have very good reading habits very good math habits. Read a whole lot. It helps you long term and if you continue over the course of your life it’s a very good habit to have because it will keep your brain active alert and working.”

It is no surprise that there are many products that are marketed to keep the brain healthy. When asked about what product works best to maintain or improve brain function? Dr Sosa maintained, Belizeans have always had the right answer.

Dr. John Sosa

“There are many things that people like to take. I think the best options for everyone is something in Belize we like to take which is cod-liver oil pill. Aside from lowering bad cholesterol and helping with your good cholesterol. It also helps your brain in its function. We have Vitamin E which we can take in a sufficiently high dose separate from our multiple vitamins. Vitamin E at 800 to 1000 units a day and that really, really helps your brain. There are different things people like to take ginger and ginko but they’ve not been really proven to work or help a whole lot. They haven’t been proven to not help any at all so if you want to you can continue to take it but your best bet is Vitamin E.”

He also recommends activities that engage the brain. In addition to reading, some good exercises for brain training include:

* Do crossword puzzles, Sudoku and jigsaws.

* Memorize a new word and definition each day.

* Do math calculations.

* Play strategic games such as Battleship, Chess and Scrabble

* Watch game shows and participate! Some shows not only entertain, but also exercise your brain as well.

* Change it up: use your left hand if you’re right handed and vice-versa for some of your normal activities; driving different routes to work or home just simply breaking your routine.

And of course, like the rest of the body, the brain thrives well with good lifestyle choices. Good Diet, Exercise& of course, sufficient sleep.

Dr. John Sosa

“We are tired. If you don’t sleep enough you die earlier and your brain goes bad earlier so a very basic thing for all of us is that you sleep enough. If you sleep enough then you eat the right things you exercise adequately the basic thing is healthy living and that’s all you need.”

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