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Feb 9, 2011

Cops dragged to Court in shackles over biggest drug bust ever

Jacinto Roches

In other news, four policemen and one Customs boatman who were charged in connection with the biggest drug bust down south were escorted to court today in shackles and under heavy security. But before the case could proceed, Attorney Dickie Bradley, informed Chief Magistrate Margaret McKenzie that a bail application is presently before Belmopan Supreme Court Judge, Troadio Gonzalez. He also noted that police investigations have concluded and the file has been forwarded to the DPP’s Office. Bradley then requested an adjournment so that the matter can go to a preliminary inquiry. The Chief Magistrate granted the adjournment for March seventeenth and the men were further remanded.

lawrence humes

The officers who appeared today were Jacinto Roches, Lawrence Humes, Nelson Middleton, Renel Grant and Customs boatman, Harold Usher. They were charged after a Super King Air Beech Craft plane landed on the Southern Highway near the Bladen Reserve.

nelson middleton

The plane was loaded with Colombian cocaine valued over a hundred and forty million US dollars. The officers were intercepted near the San Juan Road travelling in a white van.

Renel Grant

Inside the van, police found battle dress, wet suits, GPS trackers, car batteries and a single bullet. The men were initially charged for Possession of Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition along with Vidal Cajun, who managed to secured bail last December.

harold usher

Bail was also granted to the other five men on December tenth, 2010 but that was revoked when they were charged with Abetment of a Crime for the Importation of a Controlled Drug by facilitating the landing of the aircraft.

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19 Responses for “Cops dragged to Court in shackles over biggest drug bust ever”

  1. talkditings says:

    see bze dis is wat u call di double take, if u dont look clearly u wont see di big picture. a man on charge 4 double murder plus an attempted murder walks without no cuffs freely den u got some POLICE an other officials in shackles an !@#$. dis is juss to please di ppl of bze so dey can say oooh look dem serious, check bak in say like august septemba not one man on trail,ell not from di government cause wat a piece ah passa passa wen di kartel find dem. an please unnu nuh hate pan dickey

  2. rod says:

    another joke of course if dickie bradley is involved you all know what that means remember dickie karma is a bitch you know that this case will go nowhere because like the rest the corruption starts from the top so nothing will come of it just a bunch of smoke resign barrow please resign give your country a break and resign.

  3. cindy says:

    Why the hell doesnt the law fall hard on these people. let it not be others cause they would have been killed. i believe that our biggest drug people starts from government who didnt implement a punishments on these people. they should be charge jsut like everyone. to hell if they are high in law they should be punish harder. Belize is so stupid.

  4. Sugar says:

    Of course we shud sit back and watch this “show” cause at the end of the day, they go free and life continues…..U hear about ‘Nole pros’?? am sure we have the Guiness record fu that also….U just have to get unscrupulous, “tricky” lawyers and U gaan clear

  5. fromafar says:

    Once Dickie involved, you are GUILTY!!!!!

  6. Justice says:

    Dickie again so the criminal will get off. Belize court cases are like scratched records.Although the poilice and the gangs appear to work hand in hand they rule and there must be higher ups involved as they are never guilty. I think I should forward these stories to the american media.

  7. Al says:

    I hope that the American Embassy is paying attention tho all this becasue that much drugs was not intended just for sale in Belize. Some of that drugs was destined for the US. Why did they have wet suits on land? could it be that they were going to hook up with boats waiting to be loaded. This was not their drugs, they were working for a bigger fish. How can these people not see how they are bringing their own country down. While they make a mockery of the laws they are paid to enforce, they also have to live in the environment they create. I still beieve that they are as good as dead, no drug dealer will just walk away from loosing that much drugs and an airplane, no way. Somebody will pay for that load, trust me. We will read of them being killed execution style, beheaded or some heinous other death. Just look across the border to Mexico, Senaloa and other Mexican cities where drug gang florish and you will see how these will end. Dickie may beat the courts, but htese guys cannot escape death by their drug lord boss. Poetic Justice is around the corner. Satan is so busy and he is taking a whole lot of people to hell with him.

  8. Have Pride in Belizean says:

    What our young country need to make sure that the law is written properly in order to increase the conviction rate. Our laws are porous and Dickie Bradley is simply pointing them out over and over. Funny thing is the court nor the government is addressing the flaws in the law. We are too busy putting the blame on the DPP and the Police. Take NOTE: Police does not write the law, they enforce the law. I call on the Prime Minister to start the revision and editing of the old british law, it is our countries greatest downfall. The Criminals-inclusive of those who commit white color crime and blue color crime-are having a feast in our court rooms and it is a shame!!!

  9. heavy hitter says:

    justice u should foward your stories to di american media an i bet none wont blame dickey like u, rod,sugar and fromafar, they probly would hire him to do some of der cases. u ppl juss sound ignorant (lacking knowledge) when u guys dickey dis an dickey dat,wen stats is right infront of you guys face. dah police took an exam di other day an u guys seen dah result an u tink a lawyer cant out smart them in court,come on,i know 5 yr old who can hold a better convo an wider vocab dan bobble head fitzroy.Mr Bradley keep do wat u doing juss brush dah haters off, what u guys should do have ah family memba practice law an give dickey ah run while unnu bumping unnu gums

  10. CEO says:

    They will be free to walk soon! Some one will forget some paper or omit some necessary evidence or some other crap….and they will be free men!

  11. The People Had Enough says:

    I hear Barrow entire family is leaving his @$$ high on dry, daughter, son (Anwar & other one) roll out and heard some more will be rolling out, possible out the country. Media no say a word much bout this though, hmmmm, odd.

  12. me says:

    just another cover up for someone way at the top of the ladder. in a few months they will go scotch free.. that is the game we play here in belize and it is called justice.

  13. daveyt says:

    Nice show, but I’ll wager a months wages that in the end, they will all walk free, a Nolle Pro card will be dealt, or DPP wil say there is no case to answer, or the case file goes missing, lack of evdence etc. etc. – we’ve seen it time and time again!

    Another months wages on their being reinstated in their posts, and paid full back pay for the time they were on remand. Hell, why not go the whole hog and pay them compensation for wrongful arrest and false improsinment while we’re at it?

  14. LOLO says:

    What a mess! If they got away with this deal you know how much more money would be spent in the country. Chiny mi wah happy, people mi wa happy, families mi wah be beta off. What a shame this failed.

  15. omar segura says:

    once again my people stop seeing as far as ur nose tip this is not just them four police man and a boat man, this is a bigger fish involve who got caught were the mesengers and the big boss is laughing at the government seat when dickie bradley is involve nothing good comes out of it just a big cover up believe me ….no deep investigation right..

  16. sam says:

    dem always mek d big shark dem get away and dem end up d ketch d sardines. why no arrest d big man dem and lef d youths dem alone. dem wa arrest wa youth fu d drink or dem wa do it fu mandatory minimun sentences while the big man dem lef lone

  17. Gas says:

    This is the kind of thing goes on in little Belize,,,,,,,these are the people that suppose to uphold the the law and they do just what they want…..but if you look at it this way police wage is nothing and cost of living is sky high what should we do…… just sucks to know that thees crooks will be free in no tine…

  18. Sickandtired says:

    FEDUP, you said a mouthful there. Nicely stated! Any mediocre law student can take advantage of a system that rely heavily on a bunch of crooked cops who often loose case files and evidence, an incompetent DPP, scared witness who develop amnesia, etc.

  19. sabuskii says:

    if these guys get away with this im going vigilante style BELIZE NEEDS THIS ALREADY

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