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Feb 9, 2011

Prison officer fired after convicted murderer escaped

Miguel Matus

Twenty-three year old Miguel Matus, a prisoner who escaped from custody on February third, remains at large tonight despite being sighted by residents of Toledo District near Salamanca earlier this week.  Matus, who was serving a life sentence for murder, has been on the run for the past six days after fleeing from a corrections officer following a dental appointment in Belize City.  An investigation into the matter has determined that the accompanying officer breached a number of procedures by failing to secure the inmate while being transported outside the Central Prison.  Dwayne Gongora, who escorted Matus to the dental clinic on Newtown Barracks, has since been terminated from his post as prison warden.  Criminal charges have not been brought against Gongora because it has not been ascertained whether he participated in the planning or execution of Matus’ escape.  Miguel Matus was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of the 2006 murder of Priscilla Tzib who was shot at close range in Cristo Rey Village.  A reward of a thousand dollars has been offered for information leading to his recapture.

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12 Responses for “Prison officer fired after convicted murderer escaped”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    I cannot imagine that one officer can schedule an appointment, remove a prisoner from his cell, allow him to get dressed in civilian clothes & escort him or her off the premises unshackled to a waiting taxi & no alarms went off until this murderer took off. We were better off without this bogus explanation for Gongora’s termination. He may be completely ill equipped for the job but every prison has checks & balances & UNIFORMS. Are the guards the only ones in uniform? Who checks badges & IDs?

    If the prison is understaffed, take away some of the perks the prisoners have like their dental plan & street clothes & hire additional staff but we all know that won’t change a thing. The whole system needs to be overhauled & more heads need to roll.

  2. Sugar says:

    Loosing his job is nothing for letting a criminal loose…he should be charged criminally so that others may learn……the message we are sending to the other criminals in prison is that one of their relatives or friends can apply for a job at Kolbe and then they just walk out….cause they even get special medical treatment…….poor people out here who maintain them in there cannot even get to attend private dentist

  3. Justice says:

    I agree with Sugar, he neeeds to be charged. I would jail him until he speaks. He would replace the prisoner. Sure that his memory of events would be made available very quickly.

  4. Al says:

    Belizeans, you have to blame yourselves for what is going on in your country. You all just settle for so little. You fight everyone who wants to help the country to change. You dont want people who have left the country to get educated to come back and hold positions to help things to run in a more excellent manner. There was a woman who came from America to Belize and was working with Kolbe at the prison. The moment she tried to make some changes to how the prison was run, they fired her. Anyone who tries to show Mr Woods and others in that prison how to run a tight ship, they are fired. So while he tries to save prisoners with some Bible classes and run his “christian prison”, the gurads are taking bribes, passing in with drugs, bringing in cell phones and God knows what else. There is a very good man in that prison and I bet you no one wants to listen to what he has to say or suggestions he has to make. Until all Belizeans change their vocabulary from “wan le change” ” wan le house” and start thinking more and bigger, you will always get little of everything. Take to the streets and demand more for yourselves and your children and grandchildren. Government treat you the way they do becasue they can and know that they can get away with it. Wake up!!

  5. Fed Up says:

    Al read my mind!!..

    come on it is time for someone else to run that prison the way a prison should be run.. when is the next barbeque? when is family day? when are they going to the dentist? what is the next movie? will they have proper sunscreen on when they work in the fields? they must need a massage therapist there too as the beds are not orthopedic beds.
    voice your opinions and march on the capitol as a group.. far too few groups like the one fighting against the oil drilling in the country.. the foreign investors can only say so much without threats from the government.. people need to shout.. why are there only about five or six consistant people on this message board.. hundreds of people need to show the government you are not idiots and can be taken advantage of. Look at the smirks and egotistical faces of the ministers, the prime minister speaks down the end of his nose at you..

  6. el alcalde says:

    “A reward of a thousand dollars has been offered for information leading to his recapture.:
    That above makes a laugh!!!
    That criminal will feel so ashamed that he values so very little that he may go kill some more in order to raise his value!!!


    AL, that lady you are talking about was well trained as she was a Prison Guard up in Reno,Nevada. However she was too much of a disciplinarian at the prison and her ways of implementing respect from the prisoners and the other wardens didn’t match how a prison should be operated .

  8. CEO says:

    The reason our country has become this way is because of officers like this guy that for a few dollars would do stuff like this. The guys at the boarder are the same; just think; not one single gun is made in Belize everyone of them came across the boarder…you crunch the number now! Ploice officers are in court for drug trafficing.

    Every public servant who lives in ahouse that their salary could not build or drives a car that their salary could not buy should be investigated.

    Am I this smart to see this and no one else can?

  9. daveyt says:

    No charges are being brought against the ex-prison officer because the investigation will turn over too many stones, and expose too many creeps underneath, including the ‘mastermind’ of the escapes, shootings, drug smuggling, and everything else that’s going on in Hattieville. It’s probably even up to Ministerial level, which is why he was only fired, and why we won’t see his face on the media.

    He’ll be doing security at a store soon, and before long, what’s the betting that store gets jacked by his mates? He might get a punch in the nose to make it look like he tried to stop them, but that’ll be a small price to pay for the rewards when they share the loot, buy and smoke up the weed, laughing their nuts off at the so-called justice system and Police. I just hope potential employers remember his name and NEVER arm him, as the gun will get ‘stolen’ too!

  10. Clifford says:

    He is heading to meet the Xateros here in the San Jose area. I will go hunt for him, and when I shoot him, it will be flash news! lol

  11. big bad wolf says:

    bring back mr. Adolphus to run the jail he was the only man with that capability

  12. giovanni says:

    buay!!!! micy…… you bring back a beer dud!!! jeje a corona men.. yeah.. buay if u do it you have to go back in a jail dud.. if not run as far as you say you was going to!!! lol

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