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Feb 7, 2011

Double murder of Ian Martinez and Daniel Puerto; twin brother critical

Ian Martinez

The murder count continues to grow; there were seven murders in January. That number has now gone up to nine. At the close of our newscast on Friday, we reported a fatal shooting in the old capital. Two of three men were killed at around six o’clock and in the heat of the moment; the initial reports from the scene were that a pair of identical twins had been ambushed by two assailants. Police later confirmed that the double murder involved one of the twin brothers, Daniel Puerto and a third person, Ian Martinez.

Darnell Puerto

The other twin brother, Darnell is serious condition. There are still conflicting reports for the motive, but the cops say they are following all leads. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

Indiscriminate bloodletting at the start of the past weekend has claimed the lives of two Belize City men, who, along with a third, fell victim to a fatal shooting incident.  Shortly after six o’clock on Friday evening seventeen year old Darnell and Daniel Puerto, identical twins, were standing in front of their home at the corners of Tibruce Street and Hibiscus Lane along with thirty-four year old Ian Martinez when they were approached by a brown car.

It is reported that two men alighted the vehicle and let loose as many as sixteen shots at them hitting all three multiple times to their bodies.  When the shooting subsided they were all rushed to the K.H.M.H. where Martinez, an auto mechanic of Gill Street, and Daniel Puerto both succumbed to their injuries.  While the Puerto family declined an interview News Five spoke with Ernest Martinez who told us that his son was simply a victim of circumstance.

ernest martinez

Ernest Martinez, Father of Shooting Victim

“I understand he had fixed a vehicle for somebody and he was taken back the vehicle to the said person but what happened [was that] when he took it there the person wasn’t ready.  So what I understand is [that] the person would have drove him back to his house then they’d take back the vehicle to their house.  But because the person wasn’t ready that’s how come that he began speaking with the person where the incident happened.  But it’s not that he was there doing any other thing but just delivering a vehicle.”

There are varying accounts as to what may have transpired that evening and the rumor mill is abuzz with hearsay but so far Belize City police have not been able to make any arrests.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“We haven’t established a motive. What I can tell you is that we have one person detained and we’re seeking another. I have already put out a press release asking for the public’s assistance in helping us to identify the assailants in this crime and any information that could help us at least find the transportation that was used in the orchestrating of this crime noh. Anything that would lead to an arrest and hopefully eventually to a conviction noh.”

Alden Martinez

According to Alden Martinez, the news of his younger brother’s death came as a great shock to him.

Alden Martinez, Brother of Shooting Victim

“I live in West Virginia in the U.S., you know, so my sister called me crying, you know, and the first thing I was like I knew something was wrong.  She told me that my brother died and [that] he was killed.  It was shocking, you know, I honestly couldn’t speak for over four hours because it’s my little brother, you know, somebody you don’t expect to be called and [told that] your brother is dead.  Somebody killed your brother so it’s devastating. I’ll never be over it.”

Equally unnerving is the fact that Martinez had his youngest child inside the repaired vehicle he was returning to its owner at the time of the incident.

Ernest Martinez

“What I understand is that when he did get shot he had another child, he had his youngest baby with him but they said the child was asleep so he put him in the car, put the baby in the car and when he came out that’s when he lost his life.  Maybe the child would have lost his life also if he wasn’t asleep.”

Martinez is described by his sibling as a jovial person.

Alden Martinez

“My brother is a happy-go-lucky person, you know.  Whenever we see each other we’re always talking, we’re always playing around.  He’s the life of the party.  He likes cracking jokes, likes doing little pranks. We’re always playing [and] you’d think that we’re kids because that’s how we are when we’re with each other, you know. We have that bond you know.”

Daniel Puerto was also hit in the neck, left leg, the right side of his back and left hand while Ian Martinez was struck in the neck, lower right ribcage and left shoulder.  Darnell, on the other hand, managed to survive the deadly attack but remains in serious condition after being shot in both arms and legs. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

At news time, no suspects have been charged in Friday’s double murder.

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14 Responses for “Double murder of Ian Martinez and Daniel Puerto; twin brother critical”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Mr.(s) Martinez, my condolences on the lost of your brother & son. There is never a good reason & if you ever find out why your child, you will be the exception. Has anyone spoken to the person he was returning the car to?


    This attacked was planned either on the brothers or on Ian Martinez. Sometimes we think we know our family and what they are capable of.
    Sounds like just another case of gang related violence to me, yet the question continues to beg for answers, which one of these men was the exact target in these senseless killings, and was there really any innocent bystander.

    Parents continue to grieve and out-live the lost of their children to the violence in Belize, when will the madness stop.

  3. rod says:

    maybe we should get rid of the police press representative who does nothing and pay another police man to walk the streets instead of having someone who does nothing but say i dont know i dont know to everything happening in the country , this shooting will go like all the rest no one will be arrested so far 13 people have been murdered this year on pace to hit 200 dead for 2011 people march on this useless gov. useless olice dept and useless minister of national security lets get rid of all of them send them packing you can wait no longer belizeans its time to act now before you or a member of your family is the next victim of this scurge in belize .


    This is a serious problem ALL of the country is facing. Whether it be child abduction, murder, or a simple theft, our very way of life and freedom is being swept from right under our feet! I just DON’T believe that the crime situation in Bze could or will ever be controlled by the ill equipped police department. Each weeks we hear more and more chilling murders often to innocent by standers. Its like we can already guess whats going to happen next. I don’t know whether Id feel happy to have survived the attack or whether I wish not to have. Why? Its simple, we already know that when this young survivor recovers him and his family will again be tormented or threatened by these good for nothing thugs for them NOT to go testify in court against them. If they do! Bang, someone else of the family dies! And if there are any witnesses in that shooting, then the same processes repeats itself!

    I think this is sick! We are being hold hostage by our own citizens who are seemingly taking over the city murdering from tourists to homeless victims which in most cases are all innocent. Its now time for Barrow to admit that his administration has FAILED miserablly at stopping or deterring crime in Bze. He needs to appeal for aid from an international source or anti crime agency who will try and rid this country of its crime spree which is now out of control.

  5. Proud Belizean says:

    Another sad reality…more kids left fatherless. I think its time to get a court order to raid all the houses of known criminals.

    Do it or Belizeans need to take the streets and get this gov out like what is happening in Egypt. This has passed the limit and nothing is being done.

  6. joeseph.w says:

    its another stupid act of violence committed in the city street.Damn, when will we see our country the way it used to be?Criminals walking off major cases,young girls murdered senselessly,thieves continued to jack the stores and grocery shop, tourist visiting for the first time to our shore being rob and i can go on and on and on,could some one please tell me or those fools in Belmopan what the hell we now needs to do?

  7. Sunshine says:

    It seems to me that these foolish young men in our scoiety have given up on life. And I say foolish young men because its only younger teenagers 14 to mid 20″s doing these senseless killings. Our young people of today dont have any morals it seems, lacking guidance and a future and they can blame no one but themselves for it, we all get a chance in life and it becomes what we make it. And we all know that these shootings have cycles, and somewhere down the road they will pay the price for the death of one of their victims, and it goes on and on. Stupid if you ask me. I want to know how they sleep, how they live, what is a life if you have to keep looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. People get shoot for petty reasons and no one seems to know about letting things ride any more. It seems we have to be careful how we talk to thugs, be careful not to bounce into them, dont look at them too “hard” or the consequence can be a bullet to the head or other. I knew Ian and I am very sadden at the way his life was taken, he was a promising young man, jovial like his brother said and had one of the most sweetest smile. He will be missed, RIP my friend.

  8. Earl Grey says:

    This is one more example where…………………….. THE CHURCHES HAVE FAILED US.





  9. Orlando says:

    Earl Gray I know that somebody got to take responsibility, but there is no way in hell you can blame the church for this idiot selfish action. Can you prove that they are not reaching out? why not blame the top brass and have the people call for his removal? his inability to run a very effective police force, is more than enought for him to turn in his badge and return to normal life, like the rest of hard working tax payers, who is not getting what they are paying for! there is a time for everything and this cat time has come for him to recognize the needs of the people!

  10. Orlando says:

    There is one more thing I would like to say, please introduce the ELECTRIC CHAIR and maybe, just maybe, things would get better.

  11. Melo says:

    Waste of time, all the relevant authorities have failed us, the police have failed us as they are slow to respond and seem to have no clue as how to deal with this matter, none whatsoever, the DPP is a waste of time, when was the last time a significant conviction was made in regards to street violence? those in cabinet is the biggest failure, they have the ability to go to the house and make legislation to take over a private company but cant find it important to make legislation to have stiffer penalties to deter these types of crimes. Ask yourself the question, deos anyone in cabinet seem to care or are they incabable of managing a small city like Belize where we all know who the criminals are? If the government would have taken the lead, the citizens would follow and support them, but for now the dissappointment conrinues and more black brothers will fall. We need more draconian penalties for these crimes.

  12. las vegas, nv says:

    Mabey belize needs to look into a prvate security force that can do some maor clean up, outside help that cannot be corrupted, by local public servants or politicians, Marshall law. Its sad to see what belize has become,

  13. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    If I were the voters of Belize I would not even wait for the next election I would call for my resignation right now just like they are doing in Egypt to Mubarak and his tugs see my cabinet and myself don’t have time for you common people we are looking after our own future and the criminals are working for us have sense people we are in charge do you think that we cannot control these hand full of tugs running around Belize we have all the resources to do so but why should we? after all they are on our side there are Blue and there are Red we are a tag team why you think the opposition sat in cabinet while we signed an oil lease concession to a family member and said nothing to the People of Belize, the blue will have their time when they too will be using the ministers discretion to increase the wealth of their family and will need us to go along with it, so say nothing about it you humble people hence we release more thugs in the street to quiet you down they are the fear factor to be used as we see fit and we really cannot have them going to jail least they might turn on us. Remember My legacy B4 My People what is my legacy you ask silly question money man! wealth to take us through many more generations and that my generations after will not suffer like the common people of Belize, so be fearful Belizeans be very fearful and remain humble.

  14. phyllis griffith, new york says:

    To the person who is sceptical that Ian Martinez was a innocent bystander, he was an innocent hard working young man. My nephew Ian, was murdered by a heartless, cold blooded animal. I just read that he was arrested. My brother Ernest, says that he will let justice run its course. Well in Belize there is no justice!! I say hang him! hang him high! Give me the noose/rope and I will! !!!

    As to the government I used to support the ruling party, but they are no better than the PUP.Belize has become a cesspool of criminal behavior. We were safer under British Rule. Everyday someone is killed or you read that criminals are released due to the incompetence of the DPP. They are released to commit crime after crime. To the Government of Belize where is your obligation to your citzens who are living in fear due to these animals who are running rampant killing again and again? You were chosen by the people but who are you really serving? Do you really care how the World is seeing this tiny country become the MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD? To my Belizean people TAKE A STAND AGAINST CRIME. LOOK AT EGYPT, THEY ARE EFFECTING CHANGE. BELIZE NEEDS CHANGE! BELIZE NEEDS HOPE.

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