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Feb 7, 2011

Diesel, Premium and Kerosene go up in price

There were two hikes in the price of fuel in January; the second of which was only ten days ago. It is only a week into February, but on Sunday night, consumers took another hit in the pockets when the cost of filling up the gas tank increased yet again. Diesel took the biggest leap at the pumps; rising forty-four cents to nine dollars and ninety-seven cents. Meanwhile, premium increased by two cents to ten-fifty-two and regular remains at ten-twenty-two. In the case of kerosene, that jumped by a whopping dollar and sixteen cents from seven-sixty-eight to eight dollars and eighty-four cents.

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10 Responses for “Diesel, Premium and Kerosene go up in price”

  1. The People Had Enough says:


  2. rod says:

    another case of this useless gov. doing nothing to help the poor people of belize out just because barrow wants to be in bed with obama there are 4other central american countries who are paying half what we pay for gas because they get it from venezuela we dont because barrow will not deal with venezuela another big mistake just because he wants to look good to obama this is why we are paying so much for fuel .

  3. Melo says:

    This constant gas hike makes me sick, I am soo pissed at this Government especially the advisers to the Prime minister, they keep advising him to punish poor ppl for every short fall of revenue, they are cowards, why dnt they confront the big cooperate companies and have them pay the taxes they deserve to pay, instead they advise the Prime Minister to prey on the poor and vulnerable who just cannot take anymore taxes, they fail to realize that they are slowly killing the goose that is laying the golden egg. How do they expect crime to go down? this hike will have a dominoe effect socially as well. They keep boating aboout a growing economy and restore Belize!!! how can these ppl sleep at night knowing the atrosities they are committing against the poor, they better remember there are reprucusions for every bad action taken, we cant take anymore!!!! one the streets are too violent to walk, then the fuel rises, seem like we have to choose between the safety of our pockets and the safety of our families.

  4. Proud Belizean says:

    Well said Melo…where is the promise to drop the dollar tax on fuel once the price reach $8 per gallon?? PM and this gov’t da fraud!

  5. Carlton says:

    Occurring all over the world. Its the market due to political crisis in Egypt. Belizean Government has no control over this. Don’t blame the Prime Minister.

  6. Ace says:

    All this gas price hike is because the US dollar is slipping against the Euro and Pound Sterling and oil is sold primarily in US Dollars. Then you have to take into account the crisis in Egypt. 90 percent of Middle East crude oil is shipped through the Suez Canal in Egypt. The political instability naturally drives the price of goods shipped through Suez Canal more expensive. Economic forecasters factor in the risk that all cargo might not be allowed through Suez Canal; or that the canal might be closed as Hosni Mubarak’s end game to force the west to prop up his government. PUP, UDP, you or me have extremely very little or rather nothing to do with how much crude oil costs today or tomorrow. Crude oil price is determined by the strength of the US Dollar and the political situation in the Middle East. Black gold is a very volatile raw material because consumer demand is not a primary factor in determining how much Brent Crude Oil costs on a given day. Brent Crude oil is trading at 97 US Dollars a barrel today, as of three hours ago. This is not far from the 128 dollar a barrel price it was trading at during the height of the global economic melt down.

    At least we here in Belize are in good company as every one is paying too much for oil because of the issues I have listed above. I hope it gets better, but like I said; PUP, UDP, you or me have very little, or rather nothing to do with how much crude costs in a given day. This high gas price means I have to ketch bus more often and drive less because in the end food and bills have to be paid before gas. At least in my house that is. I wish Venezuela could just give us free gas and GoB could say ebery one fill up your tank for free. LOL

  7. Sugar says:

    when will aplologists for Barrow STOP trying to take us for stupid??? how can any sensible person believe that its the effect of Egypt?? trouble in Egypt is only 3-week old…..OUR gas hike prob is on FOR YEARS now….stop taking us for stupid

  8. Lucas says:

    Sometime ago, I said that accoding to financial reports projection for 2012, gasoline will be around ten U.S. dollares per gallon in the U.S. Imagine how much it will be in Belize. Govt. can do something but very little. Keep supporting people like Ch’oc, Matura and Co. and I pray they will help you pay your gas bill. Vote NO DRILLING in the referendum but later do not complain when gasoline hits the twenty dollares at the pump.You all may already know that I am no fan of Mr. Barrow but I am for drilling. Let us hold these corrupt politicos feet to the fire but, let us drill, let us have a refinery. That is the only way we will have some respite at the pump. Remember that environmentalisim is to protect the environment without hindering progress.

  9. The People Had Enough says:

    Mexico, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and several other countries all over the world subsidizes fuel for its citizens, they make it back by taxing the hell out of the rich, taxing alcohol and tobacco, taxing luxury items. I have no problem if the government tax the crap out of luxury items and non-necessities, i would be more than happy to pay the price, if i can afford it and want to live large. But, then again GOB is only protecting its special interests, people cant stop buying fuel so the public will continue getting it up the rear without KY.

  10. Fed Up says:

    Allowing drilling in Belize and lower gas prices is misnomer.. ask the people of Venezuela about the price of the fuel…it keeps going up on them and it is due to a corrupt government. Who will control the oil being refined here in Belize? The rich, politicians and a very few select investors. I agree with both comments fromThe People Had Enough on the subsidizing of fuel and the taxation of luxury items. The only problem with the taxation of the luxury items is that the wealthy can afford the luxury items but, dont pay the tax as they know someone in customs or immigration and never pay these taxes to offset the budget deficits. Have you asked someone driving a Land Rover, Mercedes or other new expensive car how much duty they paid? they most likely will not tell you as they dont pay it.. ever see that nice $150k car that the ministers brother drives? please dont tell me he paid duty on it..
    So, an oil refinery here in Belize will only irritate us even more when the price of oil soars and they tell us that the cost of refinery in small amounts is more costly then they thought or some similar bs..imagine letting these fools drill out off the coast and have an oil spill? visit New Orleans coastline? this is where they were forced to clean up..who will force an oil company to do anything thing here when the people in charge will be in the pockets of the oil company.. our tourism is in tough shape as it is with the imcompetance of our tourism board and the lack of support from the government, dont let them even think about drilling off the coast of the gem.

    taxation only effects those who cant afford it already..
    we are in a sad state of affairs here in Belize..

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