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Feb 7, 2011

Wilfred Neal beat up student, but resigned rather than face school board

An incident that occurred at Gwen Lizarraga High School last week Wednesday has come to a close when the teacher and the school parted ways.  Sometime after two thirty p.m. on February second, a student called his teacher ‘Soupy’ in class.  Though it appears to be a harmless term, it actually made reference to an alternative sexual orientation. That teacher, later identified as Wilfred Austin Neal, hit and choked the student. At the end of the brief incident, the student’s uniform was torn. Neal was suspended on Thursday and later that day, the parents reported the matter to police. The case would have been sent to the board of directors to determine the fate of the teacher, who was called up before the board once before for aggressive tendencies.  The board meeting did not need to happen, as on Friday morning, Neal returned to the school and told the principal he won’t appear before the board. He promptly resigned his post at Gwen Liz. The principal told News Five the advertisement for an English Teacher would soon appear in local newspapers.

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13 Responses for “Wilfred Neal beat up student, but resigned rather than face school board”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Good luck to you Mr. Neal, the prison can use a few good officers who can double as teachers, they can use a literacy program.


    Some children are not raised with respect for their elders much less anyone else. We as parents are responsible for the way our children act towards other’s since children often model their parent’s behaviour.

    Wilfred Neal is no better than the student he beat up. Teachers are supposed to be important figures in our society, what they offered intellectually to our kids in schools will determine the movement forwards a better nation for all Belizeans. Our society is set up in such a way that it has to take many of us as Belizean to support the good work of a few, but it seem like even if we are part of the few in that society we still remain trapped, sometimes by ignorance of ourselves, or by others around us.

    He can quit the board, but he broke the law……………

  3. Justice says:

    So the student got off? he must be “soupy” to to be able to know who is. I firmly believe that te student needs diciplining. Whilst Mr Neal should have controlled himself, I can undersatnd his reaction. For the parents to try to make the teacher lokk bad, they are no better than the unmannerly boy!

  4. shy says:

    With the amount of disrespect that teachers are delt by students whose parents clearly aint doing there job right i cannot blame the man for what he did.

  5. belizean ppl says:

    i believe that this “soupy” child need to get discipline. maybe he is always disrespecting the teacher…. i don’t know why the teachers don’t have right to lash student to misbehave in claases especially learning session.

    i wish he has gotten worse that just choking make he learn some sense so he got respect to other people next time…..hope he is not the same person grow up to be a murderer….. parent need to show discipline to their child at home…… in school compound or classes that’s is teachers responsibilities… home is parent responsibilities .

    hope this teacher pray and that he get a next job ………

  6. Proud Belizean says:

    If the kids don’t get disciplined at home, they get it at school and most often on the streets. What Mr Neal did was not the best but perhaps it will teach students to respect teachers.

    Parents are to be blamed for such behaviour from their child. I agree with BZNinCALI.

  7. louisville,ky says:

    Justice and belizean ppl, what happened to: sticks and stones may break my bones but words cannot?? Why is Neal so hurted by the words of a minor? Where is his discipline as an educator? It seems to me that the old expression,’it’s the truth that hurts’, obtained in this case. Would any of you take offence if you were intoxicated and a mere little boy pointed it out to you?
    Indeed; cow know weh part fu scratch ‘e backside. I got a grand child still in school. Choke ahm noh, and see what happens!!!
    If yuh soupy, yuh soupy….so what!!!

  8. Francisco Patt says:

    Students in Belize City are really undiciplined they call the teachers names and even go to the extent of threatening teachers life. Ask all the teachers that you know and they will tell you that they are in constant fear of their lives. Gangs have taken over our schools and parents are so blind to it and protect their children but the day will come when the phone call comes that their child was gunned down by a rival gang member or the police is looking for their children for some murder. I believe that the Soupy Student should be dicplined because now he will feel that he untouchable at the School.

  9. Gilda says:

    Out of control! both teacher and student. Belizeans are raising their children like Americans, hence we can’t be surprised of anything we hear.. It seems as though America sets the tone for those countries who buys into their so call freedom. When I listen to the news in Belize, its’ the same I am hearing in Chicago or any urban city in the U.S.

    People have no Identification (of who they are ) That they were created by a loving Creator, who loves them so much, who have purpose and plan for their lives. I think that it is time for us as a people to really ask the serious questions…Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? sadly we don’t seem to be hearing or getting these answers in the church……

  10. Kay says:

    “Soupy” or “Not Soupy” RESPECT for people in general is the problem. No one has respect for other persons or their privacy anymore that is why we have all these crimes. Calling names is childish but one must learn to accept that there are boundaries when it comes to another person’s race, religion, political beliefs and sexual orientation. We all have a RIGHT to be who we are and be RESPECTED for that choice as long as “WE” in return are not being disrespectful of other people.

  11. BZNinCALI says:

    @Gilda, I agree that some Americans have allowed their children to run buck wild but they are not the majority. I have met children from Belize who are far more disrespectful & ignorant, angry souls that most of us in the US never deal with. I have never had an American parent black, white or other cuss me out for bringing their child’s bad behavior to their attention but I have had my life threatened by a Belizean parent for daring to tell them what their prince or princess was doing. We cannot blame MTV or BET, we have too many parents who simply got that title because they had sex & could not afford an abortion.

    Every adult we knew when we were coming up was addressed as Mr. or Ms. regardless of whether or not our parents thought they were soup or salad & we would have had our @$$es beaten for being disrespectful & disruptive. If all this child got was an@$$whooping, maybe it was overdue, he knows on our mean streets, he could have gotten the death penalty. Parents need to cut the crap & stop excusing bad behavior. I wish Mr. Neal success in the future.

  12. talkditings says:

    what di hell is soupie any way is it some new ting in bze. but like weh gilda seh in other words unnu can play di blame game all unnu wah blame gov blame police an blame unnu favorite scape goat richard dicky bradley. but as long as der is the internet cable tv and america bze would not be some paradise ppl wah. shout out to chicago west side

  13. junkman says:

    that the problem the student thinks he will get away all the time the teacther was right beat the !@#$ out of that future murderer i am with you brother teach them little !@#$%^ to respect you now not later hope all goes well for you in the future god bless you for a job many no wan do you a hero to me and many people out here

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