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Feb 7, 2011

Brutality victim says cops have selective amnesia

Damion 'Weezy' August

We reported three weeks ago that local musician, Damion “Weezy” August, is suing the police for damages after he was allegedly beaten on the face by a group of cops. His jaw was broken and is still wired shut, but August is not keeping quiet about what he believes is a cover up by the police department. According to August, he is being given the runaround whenever he inquires about the investigation. So today he came back to News Five’s studios and told us that the officers have turned to one of the oldest tricks in book… amnesia.

Damion “Weezy” August, Alleges Police Brutality

“Nothing noh happen since this incident happen. I’ve been going back and forth to station like almost every day or every other day di try go through it di right way and try get di names ah di officers weh mi di work di morning dis happen to me. Like dah lone back and forth, running about. I get one name.  Dehn di try mek ih look like dah he one do dis to me. He start it; wah two punch to my jaw. But two punch to my jaw just can’t bruk my jaw like that. Di police dehn weh ker me da station dah weh really enforce dis injury. Dah dehn mi di gun butt me eena di vehicle. So stop try mek ih look like police noh do nothing.  Everybody weh involved forget like dehn loss and noh remember nothing. Di crazy mein. And den di one dehn weh noh got nothing fi do wid it di laugh pan di side because dehn know bout it. How dehn could tell me but di one dehn weh involved can’t tell me nothing bout it? I noh understand dat mein. Right now I can’t eat good. Dehn still got me wired—I can’t talk good. I woulda want unnu put unnu self eena my shoes and si how unnu woulda tek it fi di suck through straw. From mi medication I have to di bruk up and di suck through straw.  I just want unnu compensate me fi dehn suffering and pain weh I di go through right now, everyday can’t even sleep good.”

Delahnie Bain

“You had told us before that you plan to seek legal advice. Have you been dealing with that; getting an attorney?”

Damion “Weezy” August

“So far I did get an attorney, Kareem Musa dah mi attorney. I done put een wah word fi file wah letter fi the lawsuit. So I just have to wait wah lee time right now and si weh dah di reply pan dat.”

The names of the officers that August claims were involved are being withheld since no formal charges have yet been brought. August told News Five on January seventeenth that he got out of a taxi near Maud Williams High School and accidentally knocked over a bicycle. A nearby security guard thought he was stealing the bike and alerted the cops, who allegedly attacked him.

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11 Responses for “Brutality victim says cops have selective amnesia”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    What happened to the taxi driver who dropped you off? If he saw nothing, the security thought you were stealing the bike & don’t know who hit you or saw nothing, unless you have it on tape buddy, you are SOL. The Police may remember you falling off or over the bicycle & injuring yourself, they simply tried to help a brother up. Your mouth will heal & next time have the taxi drop you off at home. Just thought I would give you another perspective.


    These cases are becoming all too familiar, man accidentally knocks over bike, and police/security allegedly attacked him.

    I THINK HE DID TRY TO STEAL THE BIKE, JUST LIKE THE OTHER MAN IN THE LAST BIKE STORY. Next time you need to watch where the hell you’re walking, this way you can avoid knocking over other people’s bike.

  3. Ace says:

    The last part of the story just mek wa painful story quite funny.

    ” August told News Five on January seventeenth that he got out of a taxi near Maud Williams High School and accidentally knocked over a bicycle. A nearby security guard thought he was stealing the bike and alerted the cops, who allegedly attacked him.”

    After hearing dis i wa mek sure dat i nuh mek nobady bike drop pan di ground caz me nuh want no police fi bruk up my jaw. Either this young man aint telling the whole story or he is a true victim of circumstances. Ouch.

  4. Lo says:

    Even if he was trying to steal the bike, there is no excuse for the cops to have attacked him like that. It’s a bike, it’s not like he was beating on someone or doing other harm. Yes stealing is wrong, but police abuse their power and their position of authority. I am sure there could have been a better way of handling that situation, if in fact this young man was trying to steal the bike.

  5. Justice says:

    I somewhat believe the police did wrong again. I know a vendor who says that sometimes the police stops his vehice takes what they want and tell him to go along and shut up. Police are supposed to enforce justice but they are like devils in disguises. The muderers are not beaten up this way, why? Like someone said, in belize you are better off being a murderer than a thief. In this case I am not sure if we can label the victim as a thief but what wrong was he doing to deserve this. Guess the qualification of only a primary school certificate evidence the mentality that exist in our poilice force.

  6. Earl Grey says:


  7. garfield garret says:

    this madness of brutality must stop. just look at what jules when on. JEFF did it with the then musa, now with Dean. More brutality? no wonder cops are immune, the follow by the example.
    long live egypt. we belizean need to take the street to.

  8. spanglish says:

    I really think he is trying to get money the easy way, if he sue the police more likely he will be paid, so if this is his way of getting easy money, well I am sorry for the police, who deh ina hot water again!!
    This wheezy man is not telling the whole truth, and put on a show on news with his tight mouth

  9. shock says:

    The complain of police brutality is one to many, and I believe that there is going to be an explosion in the land before long and untoid number of innocent individuals will get hurt. The police has no right to beat up anyone that is not resisting arrest. Its this king of contributing situation that add to the frustration of many Egyptians who decided to take matters into their hands. The police should never be allow to use more force than is necessary. Even when they shoot an innocent person in his truck they are dodging from compensating him after reducing him vegetable that he is unable to support his family. This young man is doing the right thing by filing a civil suit against the Police office that brutalize him. When more abuse person take such an action instead of going to so call internal affairs to file complain this will put them on notice that there are other means to get justice to face the music and the potential of having to pay damages for unlawful behavour.

    Further, since the top braze seem to be condoning this kind of ruthless behavour by the men under his command, he should also be included in the civil suit. Further, while I’m on this subject, the wife of the Corprol that was shot by the Sergant should go after him with a wrongful death law suit so that the Sergant must be brought in the public domain to prove guilt or innocent. Madam if you read this blog you may want to go to a lawyer and ask if this is possible? Best wishes.

  10. Fed Up says:

    I guess if we thought that the police had any respectable authority we may be not be as concerned about the accusations. As we know it is tough to respect the law as the law believes it is above the law here. If the law was respectable and every time we turned around they were not screwing up some evidence or paperwork they may gain respectability and credibility…neither is granted to the totally corrupt legal system here in Belize. I have had them come to my house roughshod over incorrect paperwork on their part and they walk away like they are above the law and carry on however they choose.
    Unfortunately, there will be no lawsuit here, there will be no justice or even disciplinary actions against these “officers” since the public can not even get their names.

  11. indira says:

    da always d happen da belize n d governma=ent no do nothing bout it.

    dean barrow shuda luk into it cuz ina d statio register have who wurk da night so deh shuda deal with dem n d rest wud learn n stop bully ppl.


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