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Feb 3, 2011

Convicted murderer escapes after borrowing warden’s phone

Miguel matus

Twenty-three year old Miguel Matus, a convicted murderer from Benque Viejo, is tonight on the lam from local authorities in what can only be described as a comedy of errors on the part of prison officials.  Matus, who is serving a life sentence for the shooting death of seventeen year old Pricilla Tzib, showed up for a dental appointment in Belize City earlier today but from the onset his visit to Dr. Bennett’s Dental Clinic on Newtown Barracks seemed suspect.  Matus, along with an assigned prison officer arrived shortly before eleven o’clock in a taxi; the first sign that something was clearly wrong with the officer’s mode of operation.  It is standard procedure to have inmates being transported to and from the Hattieville Prison, and other areas outside the facility, in a secured bus accompanied by several wardens.  After his dental checkup Matus then borrowed the warden’s cell phone to place a call and then they waited outside the building. At about eleven-forty a grey Mitsubishi Galant drove up to the premises and Matus absconded.  News Five spoke with an employee at the dental clinic who further explained what transpired.

Voice of: Receptionist, Dr. Bennett’s Dental Clinic

“When he came I noticed that he was, he and the officer came in a taxi and then I asked the officer, well like I gave, I usually fill out a patient form.  I did that and I let him go in to see the dentist and then I asked the prison officer what happened to the rest of the officers and the rest of the guys that usually come on the bus.  And he said that they would come at about 11:30 when they would bring another prisoner to see the dentist and so I said okay and well they proceeded with the dentist appointment and everything and when they left the bus was still not here and it was about ten to eleven.  And they were standing outside the gate waiting but I did not see when the bus came or whoever came to pick them up.  I just close the door and that was that.”

Isani Cayetano

“You mentioned earlier that the inmate was having a conversation on his cell phone or on the prison officer’s cell phone.  Can you expand on that a bit?”

Voice of: Receptionist

“Well I’m not sure who he called or what he really was doing but I just noticed that he made a call on the phone and asked the prison officer if they could stand up outside to wait for the person who he called on the phone.  And they did just that.”

Isani Cayetano

“Is it customary that they would have friends and family visit them here while they’re attending the dental clinic?”

Voice of: Receptionist

Pricilla Tzib

“Well yes, at times that happens.”

Matus, who is of Hispanic descent stands five feet, ten inches in height and weighs a hundred and twenty two pounds.  He was last seen wearing a three quarter blue jeans and a blue t-shirt.  An all points bulletin has been issued for his recapture as it is believed that he is heading to Honduras.  A reward of a thousand dollars is also being offered by Crime Stoppers for information on his whereabouts. Tzib was murdered execution style in front of her family in Cristo Rey Village in the Cayo district on October third, 2006. Matus had gone to her house looking for Angel Tzib, but when he did not find Tzib he grabbed Pricilla, took her to an outhouse and shot her at close range.

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31 Responses for “Convicted murderer escapes after borrowing warden’s phone”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. Robert says:

    Rome had a law that if a prisoner escaped, the guards had to serve out the rest of his sentence. BELIZE NEEDS THAT LAW TO END CORRUPTION IN THE PRISON SYSTEM. Lock up the warden and the guard until the prisoner is returned.

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    There is absolutely nothing funny about this story, the prison officer should lose his job & so should his bosses & whomever runs the prison Mr. Gonguez was in in Guatemala needs to take over Hattieville Ramada for a while.

    The first thing that ticks me off is the fact that these cricks are getting free dental care. Most hardworking people cannot afford to see a dentist. If he had a toothache, give him an aspirin & if that does not help, let another prisoner knock his teeth out & call it a day. When did we get rid of the loud black & white striped jumpsuits or whatever they wore years ago when they were brought out to cut grass & do whatever other work needed to be done. The boy is convicted of murder & we not only send him out in street clothes, he is not handcuffed & shackled, his guard is there like his little tag along friend & offered up his cell phone. Only in Belize…

  4. Creole says:

    good got to be ————–kidding me. a convicted murderer, in a taxi, with one guard. please somebody help my country. who wants to join me in forming a new party and end this bs. lets change the law and vote for a pm separately. please my belizean people, lets save our country.

  5. Justice says:

    Robert, I like that. It sounds like a set up to me so if the guard is forced to serve his sentence, his tongue might wag. Corruption is everywhere in Belize.

  6. jose says:

    it was all setup that way so it looks like a normal escape but only a fool would believe he escape i know he was set free careful from the kolbe big wings might be involve take it from me they are just like the inmates criminals the officer should be jailed

  7. belizeanpride says:

    i don’t believe this as a comedy or errors but stupidity of the guard incharge of this criminal. damn!!!
    what the hell is going on with our goverment oficials. are they acting so carelessly or it’s parts of some plann to revolt against the gov.

  8. louisville,ky says:

    Ditto, Robert…. I smell something fishy here. Either the warden was careless or he was in collusion. Either way he should be held accountable and be made to do the rest of the time. What does a cold blooded killer need his teeth fixed for anyhow?? Way too much powder and lotion for these crimminals as far as I am concerned.

  9. Mr. B says:

    Pathetic! Make the officer serve the rest of the murderer’s term. Nothing will happen to anyone involved including the murderer – this is Belize, after all.

    See what is happening in Egypt? The people of Belize have the power to make drastic changes in The Jewel and to get this ship back upright.

  10. Mr. R says:

    I don’t think the management should be held responsible for the escape of inmate Matus because they aren’t the one out there. That’s why the officers are paid to do their jobs and to take proper care of all inmates and if that is not done then i think they need new officers to take over the escorting of inmates on the streets of Belize. We don’t need no more corruption in Belize and i think that inmates are pampered in Hattieville prison too much. They do their crime and yet they are getting better treatment in going to a private dentist. Prime Minister Dean Barrow should implement Death by hanging when someone is charged with murder only that way the murder will stop here in Belize. The inmates still have right in what they want yet after killing our loved ones and that’s why they come out and go in back to prison because of the good treatment they get back there to maybe kill someone else loved one.

  11. Boledo Town says:

    only in Belize, convicted murderers going to a private dental clinic in one of the exclusive neighborhoods ( so the visit is not cheap and we pay for it) and practically makes a phone call to have some pick him up and walk away. Let’s hear Mr Singh explain this one.

  12. blaster1985 says:

    why the pm can set up a law that over night to take over btl in a cash in a flash move ,and he cant put up something to stop the crazy crime rate in belize, so all the politicians when u guys asking for the civillian’s votes uno no feel shame to tell all the lie?

  13. Earl Grey says:



  14. blaster1985 says:

    we belizean too weak,if the pm slap you once , you vex ,soon now he give you a sweet then you wa no vex again,come on ppl we got to start the revolution just like the ppl of egypt, i dont think our situation is better than egypt high unemployement hight crime rate corruption you name it they all happen in belize only good things you barely can hear from belize.

  15. RG Belizean says:

    WHAT THE !***& is wrong with these stupid @$$ people. And how come they have not mention the A Hole name that obviously had a share in this escape…this was well sort out and planned. WAKE UP MR.SINGH!!!!

  16. LARGE AND SEXY says:



  17. Jan says:

    This is serious business. A convicted murder going for a dental checkup. Was his life in danger ? I can understand if you are sick, immates go to the hospital. Also how is it possible only a warden was with him. Geez only in Belize this happens. I agree with serveral comments here. Make that warden serve the time, this is pure corruption at its raw form. Inside job, wardens corrupted the list can go on and on. But we want to see is results. Cases being solved, justice being served.

  18. belizeanpride says:

    esto si que el policia es muy pendejo de prestarle el cellular y luego que se le escape. yo que ni alcanso ir a ver el denstista este bruto tiene derecho a ir con el tax payer money que uno paga al gobierno bueno para nada. estos police son una verguenza a nuestro pais, sus hijos, esposa y resto de su familia que clase de police es este imbecil. damn!! it really makes you get irrated.

  19. daveyt says:

    It’s time to get the prison back under government control, and out of private hands!

    Prison should be a deterrant, and the last place anyone would ever want to end up in. The old saying “I you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”, has no meaning in Belize. Heck, prisiners even have a Dental Plan! (not many law abiding citizens get that, either on thier own or from their employers).

    We should enforce the death penalty for Murderers too, and that way, they won’t get to escape, with or withou the help of the prison officers.

    He’s in Honduras now, laughing his butt off, but with a bit of luck, he’ll end up face down at a Check-point, with his body full of Honduran Police bullets……..

  20. spanlish says:

    belizean pride, tienes mucha razon, nosotros ni alcanzamos para comprar toothpaste, y este criminal lo llevan a ver dentista privado!! Vale madre, parece que el tiene mas derecho que nosotros, puedes hacer imagine eso!!
    Tiene razon daveyt, el prison no debe de ser privado, hay que mandar a eso !@#$%^&*( prison officers y los duenos de Kolby a la !@#$%^&*.
    Nosotros debemos de hacer take over kolby, y vas a ver que esos prisioneros van a pagar lo que hicieron, por eso hacen kill sabes, porque en ese place de kolby hay good life, you know.

    esto es puro mada!@$$$$.

  21. Common Sense says:

    First the helicopter then the plane now a prisoner lawd dah how thing di disapear soh da mussi obeah…..and who wah pay ….let me guess…the stupid belizean people who believe inna dem gov’t mo than dem believe inn a jah…nuff said.

  22. Rich Kid says:

    The only thing belizean people are good for is to be walked all over…no one can tell me i am wrong no one…

  23. Common Sense says:

    So the prison officer neva ketch di license plate or call 911 either huh..

  24. islander says:



    If he truly is in HONDURAS we then dont have to worry about him cause those Honduras police love to use murderers for target practice.

  25. vigilante justice 316 says:

    The first thing I think when I read this article is that the guard should be thrown in jail to serve out the rest of the prisoners sentence since he clearly helped him escape. I hope that if BDF catch him that they shot him on site, dead men can’t escape a second time or pay bribes. This guard should atleast be fired!

  26. Tek back di prison says:

    This is another reason why The Prison Department needs to be state operated. Had this been the case, Mr. Matus would’ve been receiving in- house treatment from a Government’s dentist, who would’ve been seeing inmates on a routine weekly visit, pretty much the same way a Government Doctor is provided to make weekly checks of the elderlies at the Sister Cecilia’s home. John Woods is not capable of running our major correctional facility. He turned the place into a bloody spa for criminals.

  27. munchito says:

    at this young mans trial there were three completely different stories by the witnesses and at the time of the murder he was all the way in Santa Elena with about five friends…he was arrested before the police even got to the scene of the crime which is rather fishy….i hope this innocent man gets away…just because the police can’t find the real killer they pin stuff on other people good justice system Belize.

  28. Al says:

    The people who want to run this prison as a prison are soon fired by Mr Woods, because in his stupid way of thinking he thinks he is running a christian prison. There is no such thing, prison is prison, you may offer biblical counseling or Bible classes, but there is no christian prison. Christian’s are people who believe in God, accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and is trying to live a life free of crime and doing what is right. No offense but Mr Woods is Catholic I believe, well that religion is so far behind in really teaching from the Bible I can understand his stupid way of thinking. The Bible says that when Paul and Silas were in prison and the Holy Ghost opened the prison doors and the guard thought that the prisoners had escaped, he was going to kill himself until Paul assured him the prisoners were all there. The guard knew that if one prisoner escaped he would be killed, the person guarding this prisoner should be fired, he neglected his duty, this prisoner should always be in his sight. Prisoners should never be told ahead of time when they are going to the doctor or hospital, the appontments should be made kept confidential until the time for the prisoner to be moved. This would eliminate any pre-plan to escape. Get some common sense you people who are in charge. There is one very strong person working in that prison, those in charge could learn from that individual, figure it out.

  29. Sarita says:

    This guy is 23 years old he didn’t deserve a Life sentence Belize Law is fishy because they didn’t have any evidence against him. Politics is behind this case that’s why he was serving a life time sentence. I don’t blame him for running off. he is young and didn’t deserve what politicians was doing to him.

  30. Clifford says:

    Sarita, maybe you should serve for him better!

  31. truth says:

    You people are obviously talking cause you don;t know s}#t… I agree if a murderer escaped any citizen including myself would be mad!! However Miguel Matus was Innocently convicted because of political and selfish reasons, or should I say a ministers influence, but you know God knows the truth! Even the lawyers knew that even without sufficient evidence he was being pinned and we all know you can;t win when a minister is interfering with a case in Belize. However anything you do in this world you pay for it, and the time will come when these idiots pay for what they did!
    Believe you wouldn’t want to be in his shoe being innocently convicted knowing you are innocent.
    Even though he is not completely free, at least am glad he escaped and hopefully in a good place where he will never get caught. Hopefully one day his name could be cleared and the real killer’s name come to light!

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