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Feb 1, 2011

Man who held down victim charged with Abetment to Rape

Kevon Bardalez

Late last week, local musician Kevon Bardalez was charged for the rape of a fourteen year old girl.  He is being joined at the Hattieville prison by a second accused.  The suspect is accused of holding down the girl while the other raped her.  The incident allegedly occurred last week and today the second accused, thirty-five year old Jordy Rhaburn said to be a former police officer at the Patrol Branch, was charged with Abetment to Rape. Magistrate Albert Hoare denied Rhaburn bail and remanded him.  He is expected back in court on February eighteenth.

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16 Responses for “Man who held down victim charged with Abetment to Rape”

  1. Robert says:

    CASTRATE CONVICTED RAPISTS. One strike and you’re out!

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    How much more worthless can these men get? I hope the boys at the Hattieville Ramada treats him the same way he treated this child & since he is old enough to have been the voice of reason but chose to behave like an animal. Ride him like a rented mule boys.

  3. concern citizen says:

    those !@#$%^&*! what a man if they can be called “Man” cause d ugly truth is that the man who hold down d girl is even more culprit. Y hold her so other stupid make his way . these man should be cut his two ………… and put over his head .

  4. belizeaninterest says:

    Thanks for putting this rapist photo up and the size. Now I take my hat off for channel 5.

  5. shy says:

    A website should be made with pics of rapists so that the entire public can be warned and knows to keep there kids away from them!

  6. Proud Belizean says:

    Why do you call “this thing” musician? The international audience will think negative of musicians after this “siece of !@#$” did this.

    For all you out there, I have never heard this name called in the music industry….

  7. Earl Grey says:

    One more for THE PRISON FARM……………….15yrs+……..


    WE NEED TO BUILD A PRISON FARM………maybe IN TOLEDO………Kolbe too close to Belize City.

  8. Islander says:

    God forbid anyone ever touches any of my nieces or family members in this manner because by the time I am done with them they would be begging me to just kill them..

    This is a perfect example as to why water boarding should be legal, then castrate the sobs.

  9. tara flowers says:

    Not justifying rape. As a concern Belizean we should stop and think. What was a child doing out at time of the night. Where was the parent. Remember this alleged rape happen in the back of a car seat. How could this be possible. Three (3) bit person: namely two (2) and a very tall child. I Would like to understand what position that man could have been in holding down the child while the other rape her. Sometimes we as people need to know the fact before we passed judgement. We all know the easiest thing for and female to cry is rape and a person don’t have to be quility and that person would be dragged to court and names will be tarnish for life for if proven innocent. Sometime children give there parent trouble and to get out of a lie they peferred to get innocent people in problem. We must remeber dis can happen to anyone once a person cry rape. It can happen to our sons, our brothers, our fathers any one, once you are a male. That peron don’t have to be quility and he will be hall of to jail.

  10. vigilante justice 316 says:

    @tara flowers….uhmm hmm.. yeaaaah…riiiiiight. ( -_ – )

  11. Also Concerned says:

    tara flowers: You have presented a case of blame-the-victim syndrome, and not so eloquently. Actually, I never knew that “the easiest thing…for …female to cry is rape.” And a rape in the back of a car? Yes, possible.

  12. Bulba Martinez says:

    Earl Grey, we don’t want Belize City mess no where in the south. Kip dehn da Lamada an fi dem kind wa tek care a dem right back deh. We are struggling with the bureaucray and abandonment of GOB just to survive in the South. Dat enough my bwai, we noh need no scumbags di live close to we. No thanks to bad rubbish.

  13. BZNinCALI says:

    Where is his picture? We want to see his adorable face so that we can live down to Tara Flowers expectations.

    Is this a kin sweetie? You know many of us in Belize are connected to each other & many of the Flowers & Rhaburns are from the same area & have married into each others’ families, don’t put your name out there again & have your relatives hiding their faces in shame. What has this worthless spawn of satan done to the boys & girls in his own family & were those lying children troubled before or after he screwed them?. About the tall, troublesome, oversexed child who cannot stay away from grown men, she is 14, your “cousin” is old enough to be her father, he should be charged with kidnapping as well. He held her down which meant she was not free to leave. Hopefully the jury will find not find him quility, they will find his @$$ guilty & let him die in jail.

    FYI, the rape occured in broad daylight if I remember correctly & by the way, the missionaries found more than one way to get it done.

  14. Fed Up says:

    Don’t worry in a week or two trickey dickey will find the loop hole in the arrest and get him back on the streets…

  15. Earl Grey says:

    and provide jobs and CHEAP FOOD FOR TOLEDO.

  16. daveyt says:

    If and that is a big IF, the charges stick, and he actually gets a conviction, what’s the betting he will get a short jail sentence, or even a fine?????

    He’ll have his Ma, Teachers, maybe even a few fellow ‘musicians’ all plead for leniency, as he’s a good Belizean Boy that was forced to do what he did out of fear etc..

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