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Jan 27, 2011

16 year old Khadisha Saragosa missing for one week

Khadisha Saragosa

It’s one week since sixteen year old Khadisha Saragosa, a student of Maud Williams High School disappeared from Mahogany Street where she reportedly got into a dollar taxi with a female friend. She has not been seen or heard from and so far a number of persons have been questioned but have not led to any significant leads. Still, Khadisha’s mother, Andrea Saragosa, says the family is following every lead, hoping for a breakthrough that will bring the student safely back home.

Andrea Saragosa, Mother of Missing Girl

“Yesterday too, a young man come to my mom house and tell us, cause he delivers bread, he tell us that he see my daughter on Faber’s Road Monday evening about after four.”

Marion Ali

“Do you know if she has any friend on Fabers Road?”

Andrea Saragosa

“I don’t know, but like weh I seh, she noh go nowhere, she goh from school to home. But ih got phone, ih got friends weh ih text and thing, but noh really know all dehn friends.   She has a boyfriend and he was the last one that night until she get wah text message in the night and she left.”

Marion Ali

“She left him there?”

Andrea Saragosa

Andrea Saragosa

“She left him the night because she get wah text message and she leave his apartment where he lived.”

Marion Ali

“That was something that she normally did? Went to see her boyfriend?”

Andrea Saragosa

“Yeah, most of the time.”

Marion Ali

“She lived with you though?”

Andrea Saragosa

“Yes she lived with me.”

Marion Ali

“Was it the first time that something like this happen?”

Andrea Saragosa

“First time because she noh have no reason to run away. I give her privilege. I mean she is young and thing but we parents we cannot know exactly when our child have boyfriend right. Like how I tell her, she is young fi have boyfriend, I want her to finish school. But me as a mother, I get to know the bwai and thing and I talk to him and she go and visit him.  I went to him when she neva come home the night and he explained to me that she was with him last. And I went to investigate on the Mahogany and they tell me that she went an buy a phone card in the night at the chiney shop. When he tell me that she get a text message the night, she left and she tell him that she is coming back.”

Marion Ali

“Did she say to him who texted here?”

Andrea Saragosa

“That’s why I asked him why he didn’t ask her right. So I went on the Mahogany to investigate a chiney shop and two young man tell me that they did see her the night and she was by the B & H Chiney. The last time they see her, she was with a young lady standing by the chiney and they get into the dollar van.  That’s the last thing I know.”

Marion Ali

“Did she have any problems at home why she would run away or keep away?”

Andrea Saragosa

“No, the usual me as a mother would always scold her and thing. Sometimes I would scold her and tell her Khadisha you have to help, you lazy and thing like that. But sometimes you know I have the fault because [starts crying] everything I scold her and I cuss her right. So I noh know if that dah the reason why she run away or not.”

Marion Ali

“If she did that, you want her to come back?”

Andrea Saragosa

“Yes, if she run away I want her to come back home safe. You know it’s been a week today and I really worry—I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I worry. Everybody, her whole family is worrying about her. So Khadisha if you hear this please come home. We love you, we miss you, please come back home to us. You noh have no reason to run away or who you are with, please let her go, please send her home.”

If you have seen Khadisha or know where she might be you’re asked to call the nearest police station or her mother at phone number 607-8161.

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15 Responses for “16 year old Khadisha Saragosa missing for one week”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Again Ms. Saragosa, I hope your child is found safe & sound. As a parent you have every right to scold your child, being cussed out & called lazy does not justify her running away & we can only hope that she lives long enough to realize that.

  2. its sad says:


  3. Earl Grey says:

    KEEP HOPE ALIVE…………………..

    HOPE FOR THE BEST…………………..

  4. Sf says:

    How will this Mother allow a 15 year old to have a boyfren and yet give her time to visit her boyfren during school time?? Isn;t 16 the legal age of consent??

    This mother shud have been locked up a long time ago. she shudnt even be out to gv a second interview to the media


    Hmmm although I will sympathize with this mother because no one should have to endure the horror or having a young child missing, I will also have to question some keys issues in this case. 1 what in the world are you doing sending your 16 yr. Old child to see her boyfriend at night time? I mean that is just very careless of her as a mother. I really don’t think this girl ran away. In the first place her mom.said she sent her to see her boyfriend and she gave consent of that. Secondly, I do believe that the mysterious text message that she allegedly received while with her boyfriend could be the key here. It could also be that the boyfriend must have enquired about the message and may have become jealous or suspicious and may have done something to this girl. But for this girl to just get up and leave her ” boyfriend ” whom she was sent to see in the first place just does not add up to me. Can’t they check her phone records to see what sort of communication she had and with who? I really don’t think the mom is guilty of anything except a little careless behavior on her part. The question still stands… given the way the streets are in Bze City, what mother in their right senses would allow her young 16 YR old daughter to go roam the streets? Let alone go see their ” boyfriend! !”

  6. The Truth says:


    I am just saying. You lost 3 brothers and now you child.

  7. queenelizabeththe4th says:

    I think police should visit JACK THE RIPPER< maybe he/she knows something.

  8. Check it out says:

    Is this an official POLICE CASE or they will wait until the girl’s body is found. any missing person report in BELIZE should be taken seriously. it seems to me here it is the relatives that need to become detectives in Belize. checking phones, interviewing friends and then blaming themselves. sad case a parent’s worst nightmare >

  9. alex says:


  10. vigilante justice 316 says:

    obviously this woman is heartbroken about what happen to her daughter whether she run away or was abducted. Khadisha if you just run away atleast call ur mom and tell her u okay. If not then I hope somebody find her soon.

  11. Rambo says:

    Sf and Prince Michael Khadisha is 16 yrs and the law states that it is a legal age with parental consent for the girl to have a boyfriend (or weight of over 100lbs) we have 13yr old having sexual intercourse with men sometimes 2x their age and sometimes end up getting pregant so who do think needs parental consent?

  12. shy says:

    Nothing wrong with discipline your child when they are doing wrong. In my opinion the problem Miss Saragosa is that u were too loose with her u needed to be stricter.

  13. this is april saragosa yourr couisn and my father name is benito saragosa and my mother name is deborah requena says:

    im so sorry your daughter is misisng but if you need any thing 1323374 7457 were her for you

  14. april saragosa says:

    hello my name is april saragosa im your cousin im the daughter of benito saragosa my mom name is deborah requena and i hope you find your daughter and i hope shes ok if you need anything plz contact us at 3233747457

  15. christopher saragosa says:

    Hello my name is christopher saragosa oldest son of benito saragosa.
    my payers go out for my family out in the home land of belize. I hope my cousin was found and safely returned home. To my little cousin just come home or call your mom or someone to let them know your ok. to my family out in belize if u need anything here is my email address

    p.s. If anyone knows anything please call the police

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