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Jan 26, 2011

Babysitter fined $10,000 for three marijuana plants

A Honduran babysitter has been fined ten thousand dollars for three marijuana plants. On September third last year, the eighteen year old baby sitter, Absternia Alvarez, was accused of cultivating marijuana after police found three weed plants at her Antelope Street home. Police say that when they went to her house to execute a search warrant, they met Alvarez sitting on a front step of the house with a baby and they also spotted the plants in the yard.  The woman had first pleaded not guilty but today she took the rap even though others lived at the house. Alvarez pleaded for leniency and because she was a first time offender, Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, imposed a fine. For the three marijuana plants Alvarez will pay ten thousand dollars by April thirtieth of this year or she can’t meet the fine she will spend three years in jail.

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19 Responses for “Babysitter fined $10,000 for three marijuana plants”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    This is INSANITY………………..

    GOD gave us humans all plants for our use, why should ONE be ILLEGAL??????????

    and WHY SUCH A STEEP FINE………….$3,000.00 PER PLANT……… about abuse………..

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Girl pack your tooth brush & let Earl @ Kolbe know that you are on your way. If you can make $10,000.00 in three months from babysitting, I will be your competition. I hope the people you took the rap for can help you but don”t hold your breath.

  3. BT says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! $10K for 3 plants, for a first time offender?? Good job Ms. Frazer, Belize is a much safer place today (sigh). Meanwhile, cocaine turns into flour…

  4. REGGIE says:

    Ms.Frazer I think you need to go back to law school.3Plant $3000.00 you are taken adavntage of the poor lady.i Hope you can live with urself after you do thing like this.

  5. Proud Belizean says:

    BT, moreover, murderers walk free….

    Speak of injustices…

  6. a tired belizean says:

    Thats crazy! Seems it pays to do harsher crimes in Belize. Ten G’s for 3 plants,?? Who ever is in control of setting prison terms or fines are loco!!! while people with guns go free or turn over a gun and go free, can she turn over another plant or 3 to replace…

  7. Proud Belizean says:

    A crime is a crime and I don’t condone crime. Yet I believe in justice and what is happening in Belize is crazy. I am a law abiding, hard working citizen and I don’t do drugs.

    Kareem Gillett pleaded guilty to the charges of Keeping Unlicensed Firearm (nine millimeter pistol) and Ammunition (thirteen live rounds) without a Gun License and got 2 years sentence for each charge to run concurrently.

    After analysis, it seems to me that 10,000 fine imposed on the baby sitter is equivalent to 3yrs in prison. So, 2 years in prison that Karim Gillett got is equivalent to 6,500 give or take.

    My conclusion, 3 plants of mariguana are more dangerous than a nine millimeter pistol with 13 live rounds of ammo. If you shoot accurately, you can kill at least 13 ppl with the pistol and the 13 live rounds. Whilst one person can smoke the three marijuana plants and survive….and probably live longer.

    I have a serious problem with these Magistrates….

  8. belizeanpride says:

    looks like murdering is a less crime than caught with three plants of marijane, it’s kinda ridiculous fine but also we need to bring these people’s attention, it’s a pety crime but she new it was ilegal to plant this like morning glory flowers in open yard.

  9. rick says:

    please!!! she is a honduran, you really thing is will pay the fine… Hell NOOO!!! she will pack up her stuff and go home… good luck in getting her to go to jail… honduras is a bis country….

  10. roska says:

    Cmon people… dont you see that the judiciary wants to send a “STRONG MESSAGE’ to the “criminals”????

    You see…. an 18 year old babysitter with THREE marijuana plants (just like the University professor caught with a bulletproof vest – an item used to protect life- yet classified as a prohibited item) are SERIOUS THREATS to our society!!!!

    dont worry about the murderers, rapists and muggers that dont even get a slap in the wrist for their actions by the same judiciary….. they are not a threat to society as a babysitter is……or a university professor….. or a 12 year old primary school child…. or…….you … or me….

    Mr. Singh will sing in the TV programs about becoming TOUGH on criminals….. yeah right!!!

    Since we can’t get the hardcore criminals let’s create new “criminals” that are easy to catch and get “tough on them”…..


  11. ny says:

    which one is more dangerous guns or weed…. u get 2 yrs for a gun offence versus 3yrs for some weed. if this is the case these killers will continue to stain belize’s name because they know that the gun laws are a joke.

  12. CEO says:

    I must agree. There is much stupidity in this rulling! Another one of those situations where if you had killed someone you may have gotten a lighter sentence.

    Are we nuts or what?

    You need new friends and for sure you will have a new place to live very soon and much time to think about your life.

  13. ally says:

    that is sad to hear but i hope its lesson learned to defend an individual

  14. fromafar says:

    Where did my plants get to , oh ish, she took ‘em? Darn it!!!

    Never mind, bush weed any way…

  15. daveyt says:

    Meanwhile, murderers and rapists walk free!!!!

  16. Sport says:

    I hope I live to see the day when we decide to legalize drugs.

  17. vigilante justice 316 says:

    hahaha…..$10,000 in three months or go to jail? I hope that man was worth it. what babysitter in belize can make this kind of money in that kind of time? Should have hired dickie to get you off and say chicken must have plant it. don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time.

  18. el alcalde says:

    Talk about silly laws…Belizean laws. Remanded for a vest!!!
    How many wear a helmet to protect their lives every day?
    Please tell me the difference of a vest and a helmet? Both are to save lives…ok, give us license for the vest, but also for a helmet so the laws will seem a bit even.
    We all know for sure that we live in a gun loving gangs , and we cannot protect ourselves with a vest? Hell that is so stupid!!! How many peaceful people would like to protect themselves from these gangs but it is illegal to wear a vest? Hell!!! then why the &%@&&& charge me for NOT wearing a F&*^##$$ helmet? You should also charge me for not wearing a bullet proof vest @$$&&$$##@@. Or give us a license for the vest!!! Stupid laws of ours!!!

  19. shock says:

    Folks there in Belize, do you know that prison in the USA is private business? You can read it all on the Internet, its no secret. Its one of the biggest conspiracy there is in the USA. Why elce does the United States has the most people in prisom than any other country? And no matter how much the rest of the world condem it, they treat it like water off the back of a duck.Notv too long ago I meet a gentleman who informed that he knew the big man that give concession to run a private prison. The prison must have a certain population for it to be profitable. Many of the Federal prison get military contracts to build all kind of equipments and are paid top price while the prisoners works for about 25cts an hour.

    Go on the Internet and and do a little research and see all the criminal in high places that are involve in the drugs trade from Burma to South America. After they infested the black communities in the United States with drugs they built prison to lock us up with lenghty prison sentense, and turn around and make money off the detainees. How the hell can marijuana be illegal when it grow wild? If you don’t know what a marijuana plant look like you will pass it up. There was plant in a yard where I rented a house and I did not know until someone told me to get rid of it. This Majistrate know darn well that this woman cannot come up with that kind of money in a year let alone a few months.

    Private prison,,Right???????? The world was hudwinked by the international sharks about privitization, now its begining to prove that its not all that good. Do some research and see what privitization has done for little third world countries, as they are label.

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