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Jan 24, 2011

Honduran vendor shot and recalls the tale from his hospital bed

There are no murders to report tonight but there were three shootings over the weekend. Forty-seven year old Honduran national Miguel Marcia remains bedridden inside the recovery ward of the K.H.M.H. after being shot during a robbery attempt.  Marcia, a local vendor, was on his way to catch a boat near the foot of the Swing Bridge on Saturday morning when he was attacked by a lone gunman as he walked along King Street.  Despite his screams for help Marcia, was fired upon several times by his attacker hitting him in the lower abdomen.  Marcia recounted the ordeal from his hospital bed this afternoon.

Miguel Marcia, Shooting Victim

Miguel Marcia

“I was on my way to Caye Caulker to do some sales.  I am a street vendor and I got approached by a man, a dark complexion man, he put a gun on my head and he told me to lay down and I screamed for the police and he shot me.  He shot me on my stomach.”

Isani Cayetano

“Where exactly did this incident take place?”

Miguel Marcia

“I do not remember the name of the street but it was like four blocks away from where I live in downtown Belize City.”

Isani Cayetano

“How long have you been in Belize sir and is this the first time you have been accosted by anyone who would want to rob you of anything?”

Miguel Marcia

“No, this is about the fifth time.  The four previous times they approached me with knives [but] this is the first time with a gun.  It’s the first time I got injured.”

Isani Cayetano

“In terms of where you were when this incident took place, was there anyone else around or was it busy at that time of day?”

Miguel Marcia

“It was early in the morning around 6:20 and there was nobody on the street that’s why he took advantage of the situation.”

Isani Cayetano

“And how were you able to get help in terms of being rushed to the hospital?”

Miguel Marcia

“Well the police brought me here.  The police car brought me here to the hospital.”

Isani Cayetano

“Can you give a slightly more detailed description of the person who attacked you?  I know you mentioned that he is of dark complexion.  Is there anything else you know of that person?”

Miguel Marcia

“He was a young man probably in his early twenties and if I see him I can recognize him.”

Isani Cayetano

“Were they successful; was he successful in robbing you of the items that he wanted from you?”

Miguel Marcia

“No he didn’t take anything from me that’s why he got upset and shot me.”

Isani Cayetano

“What are the doctors telling you?”

Miguel Marcia

“Well I went into surgery on Saturday morning but after that I got in.  Then I have to go to surgery again tomorrow and they had removed part of my intestines and pressed some plastics because he did a lot of damage inside my stomach.”

Marcia is listed in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

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11 Responses for “Honduran vendor shot and recalls the tale from his hospital bed”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Mr, Marcia, I wish you a speedy recovery. This idiot needs to be caught, it is just by pure luck that we are not reading about another murder.

  2. Third Party Advocate says:

    Characteristics of a severely broken society:

    1)Children shot to death in the safety of their homes, several teenagers, students, and mothers slain, with no arrest or proper investigation being done.

    2)Politicians and respectable members of society praising an infamous, recently deceased Gang leader who’s responsible for many of the carnage in this crime-rigged City.

    3)Government who continuosly downplay a serious crime wave, while over 100 people are being murdered annually for the past 5 years.

    4)One Immigration scandals and Drug bust after another, without any meaningful arrest or conviction of the ‘Bigwigs’ responsible.

    5)PM who turns the blind eye to his Ministers’ shady deals or questionable characters.

    6)Missing Grenades from the soon to be defunct BATSUB, still unaccounted for, presumably in the hands of Gangbangers.

    7)Rogue police officers, still in uniform, after kangaroo hearings exonerated them.

    8)Police Officer shot and maimed a hardworking husband and father, while the BPD encouraged this maimed man to sue them, if he needs money for groceries.

    9)Politicians, their families and friends, continue living extravagant lifestyles, while John Q Public’s either starving or footing the bill.

    10)High fuel prices, high cost of living, high taxes, high unemployment rate, low minimum wage and a government that has failed to create a single job.

    11)Unsafe streets, broad daylight shootings & armed robberies on the city’s main streets, dilapidated rundown city, poor lighting in an already crime rigged city, low literacy rate, etc, etc, etc…


    I am not surprised at how many times this hard working man was accosted by those animals wanting to take what obviously does not belong to them.

    Vendors need to arm themselves with hand guns to protect themselves from these savages. How many more will be shot, or killed by those animals out there.

  4. Proud Belizean says:

    Vendors should unite and lookout for each other….these idiots try that move in BMP and they will be the statistic….!@#$%^& Farasites!

  5. daveyt says:

    Third Party Advocate has hit the nail with the hammer! Now what? Belezeans sit back and watch this country destroyed by a few, or actually do someting to prevent that?

    We’ll just have to wait and see. My prediction for the next elections are a landslide victory for PUP, on account of the voters voting for the highest bidder, and they will find more than enough cash to sway votes on the day. If not, party hired Gangstas will be out anyway, to ‘persuade’ voters…….. Might be a lot safer to stay at home!!!!

  6. gramps says:

    u actually read dat essay from third party wow

  7. GED available says:

    What happen gramps, scared of reading? It won’t bite, just try it mein.

  8. vigilante justice 316 says:

    third party adv…basically wrapped it up in a coconut shell. This victim was robbed what five times, he’s very lucky to be alive and brave to scream for help. too bad the attacker did trip and shoot his own self in the stomach…see how he like it. If you don’t give these thieves what they want they try kill you, whether they carrying gun/knife or machete.

  9. Babaero says:

    Why you people taking about PUP and UDP both party have been in the goverment and the crime still happen and its only going to get worst guns are easier to come by drugs the flow more and kids have no discipline and all the parent keep crying bout the goverment when deh bad pickney get arrested . back in the day you had bloods and crip and lot of shooting use to happen then too but the difference is that police had more control and nobody mi the complain . maybe if we have more police unit like dragon when broaster and jeffery and hendeson mi run around belize maybe thing might change or even curfew but i guarantee that if that was to happen you going to hear the public start crying bout deh rights . something have to give if you want to see results . As for me i have no sympathy for any criminal out there that get abuse or shot by police or any law abiding citizen Hell when Tabalda use to run tactical the street was safe maybe that is what we need .

  10. DevianArt says:

    Third Party Advocate has mastered the art of copy and paste…also the ability to state the obvious…really….let’s hear solutions.Sick and tired of the complaints

  11. Third Party Advocate says:

    My above comment is a small summary of recent and past occurrences in our Jewel. I realize it’s a bit too wordy, especially for those who don’t like to read. In Belize we tend to forgive too quickly and forget too easily, hence the crimes become more heinous, and Politicians become less productive. We have elected and selected Politicians who were given the honor of running, not wrecking our precious Jewel. DEMAND SOLUTIONS AND RESULTS FROM THEM!

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