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Jan 21, 2011

18 yr old laborer charged with rape of 15 yr old high school student

Adolfo Manzanilla, an eighteen year old laborer of Ranchito Village in the Corozal District has been charged with the rape of a fifteen year old high school student. The minor was at the school grounds after classes earlier in the week, when she was approached by Manzanilla. He then allegedly forced her to the male bathroom where she was raped. Manzanilla is a former student of the school.

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15 Responses for “18 yr old laborer charged with rape of 15 yr old high school student”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    How many other girls did this little angel rape or sexually assault who did not complain because they were afraid to do so?. Let the boys at Kolbe have & keep him.

  2. belizeaninterest says:

    Where the hell is the picture of this rapist? Put it up for Belize to see. Once these rapist are charge they loose their rights. Belize want to know who the rapists are so that we can protect our children from them!!!!

  3. el alcalde says:

    Normally when the deal goes sour they baal on rape. But had she been paid as they agreed , she would be happy.
    A) Why she did not scream?
    B) Why she did not bite him?
    C) Is her clothes torn?
    Does anyone think it is easy to rape a female?
    If you think that yes, you better think again.
    She surely subdued , at-least a little, in order to be raped.

  4. Earl Grey says:

    there he can EARN HIS KEEP (for 15yrs) AND PROVIDE FOR THE REST OF SOCIETY….at no cost to tax-payers.


  5. Dj Rico says:

    @Earl Grey we don’t need these type of people in our little Toledo District. Why waste time with these ppl … lets gas dem and lite them.

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    @el alcalde, maybe you have only been pleasured by women you paid but all women & girls are not prostitutes or prostitutes in training.

  7. vigilante justice 316 says:

    el elcalde, pls seek counseling. everytime a woman rape u always seem to blm them. hurry and talk to the head doctor before u become a rapist and we call for ur hanging. Either that or volunteer to spend some time in prison and see how fast them boys bend u over. Then u tell us how easy it is to get raped even when ur a man.

    If you go to shop and take without paying ur a thief. If you thief sex from a female its called rape! Learn it and live, fooool! parents please teach ur son’s this.

  8. eightoften says:

    @ el alcalde “Does anyone think it is easy to rape a female? If you think that yes, you better think again?”
    Sounds like you have tried, buddy. Maybe you should be booked for attempted rape.
    Anyway, stop blaming the victim and have some respect for women. Your mother is a woman.

  9. GUMA says:

    El Alcalde you are such a sick human being!!!!! Use your common sense, the girl is 15 years old, she’s a minor!!!! Are your for real??? Do you not have a daughter, mother, sister, girl-friend, wife??? Would you be making these types of comments if it were your daughter who was raped????

    Please get counseling!!! How do you know if she screamed or not or bit her attacker or not, maybe you were there watching??? You are such a misoginist!!!

    Are you a rapist too????

  10. BitN says:

    Why everyone jumping down El alcalde’s throat for?? Not saying he is rite but you have to understand the times we live in.. Lots of these minors do try and go out of their wys to seduce men for monetary gains.. sometimes their mothers and fathers set them up for.. Not saying that the man shud give in because he shud kno better.. but for every tail side of a coin there’s a head. What if it was his girlfriend and he was paying the light n water in he house and now he decided to stop so they getting back at him..these things happen everyday in belize.. Don’t be too quick to jump on a side.. these are not the old days where young girls are modest and uprite….

  11. deedee says:

    Where is his picture??????

  12. Clifford says:

    El Alcalde has a point~! But this brat rapist should be sentenced to death by burning! And why didn’t the stupid girl went home right after school??

  13. Earl Grey says:


  14. vigilante justice 316 says:

    why go on a school campus to look for a piece of @$$, belize is full of women of LEGAL age. the rape of women and children has become as common as gang violence and I have no sympathy for a fool who doesn’t know how to keep it in his pants long enough to think of the reprecussions. just like they got girls who seduce for money they got men who buy you a 10cents chewing gum and think you owe them sex for it.

  15. curious 1 says:

    sounds like a deal gone bad. some 15th year old girls in these days we living in think they are grown women. dont grow up too quick. The 18th year old dude is a pervert too. he needs to get woman his age as well. idiot bwai!

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