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Jan 19, 2011

Boston Villagers gunned down after attending wake

harris gabourel

Early this morning, the body of forty-six year old Harris Gabourel was spotted on the old Northern Highway. Gabourel had been shot many times and the blood stains were still fresh on the road where his body was found. His grieving mother, a diabetic, says he was her caregiver. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports on the sixth murder since the beginning of the year.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Forty- six year old Harris Gabourel, a native of Boston Village on the Maskall Road, was murdered while returning home on foot from a wake sometime between Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. His body was found riddled with bullets.

Linda Gabourel, Mother of Harris Gabourel

“They say they shot him in the back. That’s all I know. They ask other questions, but I can’t tell them nothing.

Jose Sanchez

“So you don’t know if he had problems with anybody?”

linda gabourel

Linda Gabourel

“No I don’t know if he had problems with anybody because he didn’t say anything and ih neva she that ih have problem with anybody. I don’t know if yesterday he had confrontation with anybody out there, but right now I noh know.  I can’t tell you. Last night eh di come from—he gone da wake. He left from here one o’clock. He ketch wa white pickup right out there and ih gone fi funeral fi two and that was the last time I see ah. Coming home; he usually come home in time when my husband go fi give me mi tea and do what ih have to do—ih usually come home. So when I noh see ahn come home last night, I noh feel no way because dah something weh ih do all the time.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now moving forward, I mean, is there other relatives or anybody around who would be able to assist you because this greatly inconveniences you, the loss of your son.”

Linda Gabourel

“I noh have nobody else. I have mi daughter them but they have their own life of their own. One ah dehn live dah Rockville, one live dah Belize. They have to work, they work out. They can’t come and sit down here and take care of me. So that mean I wa have to be here on my own.”

On a desolate part of the roadside in Boston Village, a dark patch of blood contains some clues to Gabourel’s murder. In addition to losing a son, Linda has lost her support, as Harris would assist her at home since she lost her legs to diabetes.

Linda Gabourel

“Ih stay home yah and take care of me. Dah he do everything: clean house, wash, cook, clean the yard and so cause I cant get round and do as I woulda want. I do more than weh they thing I could do, but he always deh yah with me and then the neighborhood is wide apart so he dah the one deh yah with me dah day time.”

Jose Sanchez

“So how will you be able to move around without him around? I mean you don’t have access to your legs.”

Linda Gabourel

“Well, I creep bout in the house. I mek up mi own bed, I cook pan the oil stove and get mi tea and stuff.  But he da mi mi right hand.”

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Harris recently had a misunderstanding with neighbors over family land on which his neighbors had reportedly begun to cut logwood. Up to news time police continue to comb the area for leads in the latest homicide.

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12 Responses for “Boston Villagers gunned down after attending wake”

  1. The People Had Enough says:


  2. BZNinCALI says:

    One day we will read the news & find out that two black men actually sat down, had a conversation & resolved their differences without bloodshed. Brothers, stop acting ignorant.


    Boston village, population 159.
    Death: “Over kill”.

    It must be something in the Belize air which is causing all these senseless killings. It is not normal behaviour; it is very, very frightening.

    Sadly, Linda gabourel could only mustered up enough will power to lament over losing her support, and how could she not know there was a misunderstanding with neighbors over family land on which his neighbors had reportedly begun to cut logwood?

    I hope your killer is found, he should not be free long enough to enjoy the land he tried to steal.
    Linda, in your situation relocating to where you’re other children would be a good option right now.

  4. rod says:

    see what i have been telling all of you belizeans who are asleep about the crime situation this year it will double last year and you or one of your family members might be next in line people its time to wake up its time to march on this pm and gov. every aspect of belizean life is in the drain and getting worse we can wait no more get rid of this pm and gov. now we cant wait any longer already we are on pace to double the murders in 2011 very sad state of affairs .


    This story is just sad and it sickens me to know that people exist out there that just DON’T have any remorse for a persons living situation. In this case this poor lady desperately needed her son who was there for her all the time! I think its very unfortunate for her that she is between a rock and a hard place now. Whoever is responsible for this murder will no doubt perish in hell for ALL eternity!

  6. belizeanpride says:

    i totally agre with what BZNinCALI posted which i’ve been saying all along all this senseless crimes.

  7. Confuzed Person says:

    Does this Country Belize have any Police Officers or Government to put things in order in a small country like this! ! Guess not cause i’v been reading horrible thing from Belize.

  8. louisville,ky says:

    Rod, you just can’t help yourself aye boy? Man get shot in the back in the dark, possible over some alleged land feud and it’s the PM’s fault. We all thought that that axe you are grinding would be
    razor sharp by now but…..guess not! Grind on my boy!
    My sympathies to Miss Linda and I hope that whoever did this to your son is brought to justice.

  9. Common Sense says:


  10. We Need God now more than ever says:

    its just sad what the Belizean public have to go through

  11. vigilante justice 316 says:

    This might not have anything to do with this case. But wasn’t murder victim number 5 killed by two men in a white pickup truck? I wonder how many people gonna die before this month up. So far we only halfway through the month and we are at 6 so maybe 12 dead a month. So I say again, when will the government bring back the death penalty. Every dollar saved can go towards cleaning up Belize and taking care of the ppl that really need it, like this woman here who is now $hit outta luck thanks to yet another murderer!

  12. JahKid says:

    Very sad case in a very small village. Why do people have to take away other human being’s life. Especially where everybody knows everybody. Unless the murderer is somebody from somewhere else and just felt like shooting. This the way some people behave now. just for the fun of firing shots some people are killed. Jesus needs to return and let all this madness end. You the conscious ones need to surrender your lives to the LORD JESUS because if he comes tonite, are you ready to go with him?

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