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Jan 18, 2011

Is killing justifiable to protect life and property?

Tonight’s question is: Is killing justifiable to protect life and property? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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18 Responses for “Is killing justifiable to protect life and property?”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Yes… Our home is our sanctuary & the one thing all living beings share are self preservation instincts. Protect your own or die trying.

  2. Concerned says:

    It is sad that we defed the rights of these criminals. They should face the consequences of their actions. We should not see them as the victim.
    I believe it is only reasonable for honest citizens to defend themselves when governmental institutions and the private sector fail in their responsibilities to society.

  3. Skywalker says:

    Of course. It is written in the laws.

  4. Omar Silva says:

    Killing in defense of your own life, the life of your immediate household and that of your property should be justifiable but ‘justifiable’ is always open to interpretation of the court. It could only be
    reflected and defined clearly with proper procedures, appropriate investigations and without evidence tampering on the part of police investigators.


    Killing is a justifiable to protect your life and property, because people work too hard to achieve quality of life for their families. Properties are extensions of personhood and this means that an individual should have the right to bear arms, protect their homes, and properties at any cost.
    “Shoot to kill”, we must send the rest of them a message, that enough is enough.

  6. islander says:

    Yes Killing is justifiable in the protection of life and property. We do have so called “moral crusaders” who believe that we the citizens should surrender our right to life to a criminal who has no regard for the citizens life. The way I see it a criminals surrenders his right to life the moment he tries to take away a good man’s right to life.

  7. islander says:

    Another church going, choir singing, old lady helping good son bites the dust! Which brings up the question, do you know where YOUR church going, choir singing, old lady helping good son is at tonight????????


    This poll is like asking criminals “Do you think hanging should be brought back” of course they will all say NO and give you multitude of reasons.

  8. cg says:

    in this day and age….you don’t get a chance to protect it, they shoot first, rob you after….

  9. L C says:

    As long as your life or property is being threatened or trespassed upon, a man must do whatever it takes even taking life to protect his own rights – the rights to live, the rights to ownership and the rights of freedom.

  10. L C says:

    We must protect our family, our life, our freedom, our dignity and our property by all necessary means even if it requires taking the life of the agressor. It should not be this way because we live in a Christian Country, but drastic circumstances compel drastic measures. The assailant must not be in private property or threatening life in the first place.

  11. MC says:

    On the one hand, no one has the right to take the life of another. on the other hand, the laws set in place are not being enforced nor are they abided by. The wicked are growing and wiping out the good people in Belize. I would not say justifiable. it has become more of a necessity to protect self , family, and property.

  12. Nadine says:

    Since the criminals have no regard for human life or their property, would you like to see in the news another innocent homeowner dies because of rutless thugs , I think it is time people try to protect themselves and their property. The homeowner should not be held accountable when their life or property is been threatened.

  13. Tru Bz says:

    I strongly believe that killing to protect life and to some degree property, is a justifiable act. As the Constitution states we have the right to be protected and we have a right as well to defend ourselves and own property. In the case of life, we are all different and have different reactions, some are able to physically defend themselves and others are not so what they can do is weild a weapon more specifically a gun in the case where there is a break-in or robbery. If the assailant is killed in the act the victim should not be penalized for it! In the case of a police officer protecting life, I would want say that they should shoot them in the foot or arm as a means of slowing them down to be captured but with the spike in crime during the last year i wouldn’t mind assailants being killed, consider it an execution – Capital Punishment! One less pest in the streets and as mean as it sounds, it is the truth! With property, killing should be a last option for defending property on a personal level unless a perpertrator possesses a firearm and uses it as a forceful threat, in that case, person(s) should have the right to potect themselves regardless whether the other person is killed in the process. If there is no weapon used then killing is not justifiable. When it’s on a national level, for example, the dispute with Guatemala we should have the right to kill. More and more they are invading our land and the government is afraid to tell them to leave and as a result more have come! Who says the Guatemalan government need to know; it’s illegal anyway for them to be here and they have weilded weapons at our officers before so… it’s time to weild some of our own as well back at them! To protect our country (property) and lives should be one of our important priorities as a nation!!!!!

  14. vigilante justice 316 says:

    Hell yes, sympathy for the devil is a quick way to get yourself killed. No good man/woman wants to take a life, but criminals force you to make that choice when they come at you with murderous intent in their eyes.

    A thief is not just a thief, he is also a murderer because he kills a persons sense of security. Stop protecting your murderous relatives, cause karma is a &itch and the devil always collect.

  15. Andre B. Sosa, MD says:

    The issue to be looked at here is the need for the amendment of very restrictive gun laws that make it hard for citizens to defend themselves or to deter would-be attackers. Without the right to bear arms or the freedom to use firearms responsibly when faced with a credible threat, your question is almost a mute one.

  16. The People Had Enough says:

    This is pretty clear cut. Someone threatens your life and property you basic survival instinct kicks in and it is either them or you. Also, it is a STATISTICAL FACT in the USA that States that have laxed gun laws, where it is easy for law abiding citizens to buy and own a hand gun, the statistics is there to support and back up the fact that in these States robberies, murders etc against people are less than in States that have strict gun laws, such as New York. Also, proven fact after tedius study that criminals interviewed, it is clear that from facts gathered, they would think twice before trying to rob someone/business if they think that business/owner/clerk has a gun.
    Belize, give law abiding citizens access to protect themselves, this will not stop crime, but it sure as well reduce it and we will not be seeing innocent people, victims to gun crime, rape, robbery on the t.v. every single day.
    Also, think about this (am not sure if stats exist) but how many gun license holder in this country you hear going on a shooting spree or robbing people? Law abiding citizens simply do not do that; of course (for some people who think everything is 100%) nothing is 100%, we will never, ever stop crime, but the goal here is to reduce and control crime, because if we don’t, we will have situations like in Mexico where the criminals kill out most of the cops (no one new wants to join), kill out the politicians and citizens who talk to cops, they get blown to pieces by high powered rifles and Soldiers then come in and clean your corpse up and go back about their business.

    But, Barrow and this moronic crew knows best, Barrow especially do not listen to anyone, because he has all the answers…to everything, am sure he knows the meaning of life.

    This is not a hard problem to fix people, it is hard because we can’t unite in this country, we need to tell GOB go finger themselves, we will take back our country from crime and poverty; tell the banks to lower interest rates, put a moratorium on foreclosures if the banks don’t want to comply tell them take a hike (trust me they won’t), get foreign investment in here but make sure a Belizean must be a majority partner (it works in Mexico and Costa Rica), there is so much Barrow is capable of, gut damn that man thinks he is God.

  17. Paco Smith says:

    Anyhow, I say kudos to Mr. Willoughby. He had every right to defend himself and his person, with what resulted in deadly force. No-one forced the deceased to undertake his criminal enterprise. He took a risk and got caught. One thing is certain, there will be no slick-talking lawyers employed, to try and get him off.

    Give Mr. Willoughby a medal. More hardworking Belizeans should take his lead, in an effort to curb the tide of criminal behaviour!

    My answer to the question is an unequivocal “YES”!

    I hope this one is sufficiently short (enough) to be posted.

  18. ESSB says:

    Of course it is…first of all the thief is on his own personal risk….I would not think twice in shooting someone trying to mess around with myself or property.

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