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Jan 18, 2011

Belize draws in international football game

This afternoon, Belize played its third game in the regional football tournament, the Copa Centroamericana, in Panama. Today’s game was do or die for the national home team and we can say it is over. Belize fell victim to a poor and shaky start. Giving up a penalty so early in the game was unforgivable and we were down one nil in the first half. All in all Belize had made no real offensive move but things improved when the Nicaraguan player, Samuel Wilson was expelled. There were many forays and no goals to show when the first half ended. In the second half, the game picked up steam when Daniel Jimenez scored the first and only goal for Belize. The game ended in a tie. On Friday night, Belize was beat two nil by Panama and on Sunday, it lost miserably to El Salvador. The national team is now heading back home.

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12 Responses for “Belize draws in international football game”

  1. Earl Grey says:



  2. SP says:

    I think this ‘world cup coach’ is not helping at all. Come one Chimillio, bring back Palmiro. This guy does not even like his players, eveyone saw him onTV just standing there. He’s already on the train can’t come off now, the TV commentators even said if the coach knew how Belize played he would have never accepted the job. FFB is just pure nonsense, these guys in FFB just in it for the money, not for the sport. Resign Chimillio, I don’t know who in their right mind voted you back in.


  3. Bro J says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade, Belize ended in last position and we played against 10 men for about 70 minutes . Nicaragua was never known for football only Baseball and boxing but they are moving up because they started a development programme with the young ones who are more susceptible to learning the basics and fundamentals of the game. Until we get in place a development programme that is ongoing Belize will not progress in sports,we will see flashes of a few talented players but no structured game. In this era players must be able to use both feet effectively and able to kill a ball for themself, no top ranking coach can come on short notice and get a national team players to perform these basics, these fundamentals must be developed in a structured way starting from youths. The FFB owes it to the public to start a football academy with trained caoches and stop wasting money on cosmetics surgery. I don’t mind seeing my team loose but it’s pathetic to watch how we lost. Time for that bold move Belize. Goodluck BELIZE…..

  4. Nolbert Moss says:

    In ten years, belize has not beaten a central American team and has earned only 4 of a possible 60 pts(20 games)…
    On average, from 1991 to 2011
    1. Costa Rica played 46 minutes of UNCAF football to make one point
    2. Honduras played 51 minutes of UNCAF football to make one point
    3. Guatemala played 55 minutes of UNCAF football to make one point
    4. Panamá played 69 minutes of UNCAF football to make one point
    5. Salvador played 74 minutes of UNCAF football to make one point
    6. Nicaragua played 192 minutes of UNCAF football to make one point
    7. Belice played 450 minutes of UNCAF football to make one point
    What do the footballers of Belize need to do before taking the field in order to climb out of the cellar of central american football?

  5. CEO says:

    I can’t agree any more with Earl Grey. We have a team but no acceptable field and no stadium. Anyone else see anything wrong or just me a Earl can see this.

    Chimillio needs to be removed so the sport cam improve.

    Hey Mr. PM here is another task for the sport Minister!

  6. zeavran says:

    This is a joke out of so much games only tied one this is ridiculous,the football in Belize will never get better until we find someone to replace chimillio.Belize has good players but like ussual it is all politics and pullstring if you realize the people that are in the team are in some way related to someone in the ffb .come on chiumilio you know you are not doing any good for the sport in belize am sure you are only there for the money.

  7. ws says:

    Earl and Bro J can’t agree with you guys more. The government and the Minister of Sports
    Need to look into this major issue. We need to start with the primray schools. You cannot teach an
    Old dog new tricks.I am sure there a lot of talent in Belize football this is a major sport in Belize yet we
    Cannot even meet FIFA standards for an official field how ridiculous. For most Caribbean countries
    Sport is a an avenue to a free education abroad.
    We need a change now .We cannot keep sending our player out like that there are already defeated before they even play.

  8. Omar Ayuso says:

    People of Belize,

    If there ever was a time for a shakedown of the
    controversial Football Federation of Belize, it is now. In light of our National
    ‘A’ Team’s valiant but disappointing performance at the Central American UNCAF
    tournament in Panama, I demand immediate and decisive action from those in power
    to ensure that Belize’s humiliation on the international football stage stops.

    Dr. Bertie Chimilio: Do the right thing and step
    down. For too long you have wreaked havoc on the national sport of our country,
    demonstrating poor judgment and little regard for our pride and patrimony. Your
    unilateral decision to play a home and away game using Guatemala as a home
    country remains one of the worst decisions ever made by any high ranking
    Belizean authority. Your arrogance and maniacal thirst for power coupled with
    your lack of transparency overshadows anything positive that may have been
    achieved by the FFB under your tenure. Contrary to popular belief, every proud
    Belizean is a stakeholder in the sport which you so recklessly mismanage and as
    such we all have a right to demand your immediate removal as President of the
    FFB. Just as stakeholders in a corporation can remove a CEO that has failed to
    achieve corporate goals, we demand your immediate removal for failing to improve
    our FIFA standing…straight like that!

    Mr. Minister of Sports: The FFB will have you
    believe that political intervention in their affairs will result in sanctions
    and possible expulsion from FIFA and unfortunately, they are right. However,
    expulsion isn’t the end of the world and it may actually be a good thing for our
    football at this stage. Given the horrendous performance of Chimilio and his
    lackeys, it behooves us as a country to choose the lesser of two evils, so long
    as it results in the removal of an inefficient group of people whose only
    crowning achievement has been to drag our national pride in international mud. I
    can name numerous countries that have had to re-apply for FIFA membership for
    reasons far worse than political intervention including Cameroon, Guatemala and
    even South American powerhouse Chile. So Mr. Minister of Sports, show some
    ‘testicular fortitude’ and dissolve the FFB, send Chimilio and his cohorts
    packing and conduct fair elections to form a new executive whose first mandate
    would be a public audit of the federation’s financial realities. Mr. Minister,
    Bob Marley once sang, “Rise oh fallen fighter, rise and take your stand
    again…only he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.” In two (2)
    years we can re-apply to FIFA and come out blazing at the next UNCAF tournament.

    People of Belize: Actions speak louder than words
    and there is no better time for action than now. There are names like Enrique
    ‘Wico’ Carballo, Elvis ‘Cricket’ Crawford, Stud Hendricks, Ricky Gongora,
    Cristobal Mayen, Juvencio ‘Bud’ August to name a few, that will forever live in
    our collective memories because of their heroics on the football pitch. It goes
    without saying that had these national football heroes lived in any other
    country, there would be stadiums and streets named after them. I am sick and
    tired of listening to these foreign media people talking condescendingly about
    my country and our “poor technical skills and lack of football talent”. Having
    come of age with players like Norman ‘Tilliman’ Nunez, Charlie Slusher, Manu
    McCauley, Christopher and Oliver Hendricks, Freddie, Marcelino and Donnie Tun,
    Raul Celiz among others; I daresay there is no lack of talent in our country.
    What is obviously lacking are true leaders with vision who can steer our
    football in the right direction, harnessing young talent and fostering the
    timely development of players through the amateur stages of their careers
    leading up to their introduction into the professional arena. Are we going to
    allow another batch of Belizean players to fade away and languish in
    obscurity like their predecessors?

    It will take a concerted effort between the public and
    private sectors if our football is to emerge from the throes of pathetic
    amateurism in which it finds itself today. The international goals scored by our
    boys in Panama should be a source of pride for every true Belizean and they
    should serve as a reminder that with proper training and conditioning, we
    are capable of greatness. It is time our leaders recognize the importance of
    sports as a natural resource and not simply as a pastime. And NO…a hastily
    arranged marathon to further your election bid won’t cut it anymore Mr.
    Politician! We need infrastructure, training facilities, technical assistance,
    FIFA approved venues, marketing and cold hard cash…yes Mr. Politician…the
    same kind that is being dished out to secure votes at the spectacular
    conventions these days.

    Finally…having attended Belize’s World Cup qualifying
    match against CONCACAF powerhouse Mexico at Reliant Stadium in Houston, I can’t
    remember seeing any PUP or UDP flags waving…all I saw were Belizean
    flags…all I heard was Belize! Belize! Belize! For one fleeting moment in 2008,
    Belizeans the world over were united as one people, united behind a group of
    young Belizean kids who had become true ambassadors of our little country.
    When’s the last time any political ambassador from Belize achieved such a feat?

    Food for thought people!


    Omar Ayuso

    Proud Citizen of the City of Orange Walk, Belize,

  9. Consern says:

    Well said Bow J. In the late 1970 some folks in the USA decided to enter the soccer game (business) and they begun to train young children like they do with Little league baseball and their foot ball. Now we see very strong USA soccer leagues. But the other side has to do with proper promotional know how. It must be seen as a real business and not just past time recreational get away. Every country that is serious about sports starts with kids at a very young age. For instance Panama, they are strong and well coach little leagues.The team that is whipping every one is been couch by someone that couch in Spain, and the result its clearly seen.

  10. belizean says:

    hello belize, its a shame to be loosing everytime we play against our brothers of central america. how can i read an article saying that our team got one point and that we draw against a good team. the first thing we have to do to better our football team is to find talent in our country. we have good players in the north, east, west and south. our team needs a better facility to train our players and those players should be paid for what they have. i remember the documentary mexico did before playing with our team and it was a shame to be aired saying that our players win so little. i remember La Victoria, a team from corozal and they played in the Concacaf. those players we sooo good but they loved the sport. with all my respect, i think the president to the FFB needs to think very carefully before sending our players outside if we are ready or should we look stupid on the fields. also i think the president needs to be remove and place someone that really wants a betterment for our players. i don´t blame the coach nor the players, i blame the minister of sports and the FFB president of all the loosing that we are having.
    a concern belizean


    No a football fanatic, but weather footballers win or lose in Belize they are still winners to me. We can criticise them for being lousy football players, and never ever winning a single game, but they are trying, and not killing each other on the streets. Their losing ever game could simply mean a lack of a good couch and supporters.
    They deserve our support, and our respect, we owe that to them.

  12. santos says:

    Belize need a good and big stadium so that Belize player can stand the big stadium when they go out to play internationals games

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