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Jan 11, 2011

Mother pleas for return of missing daughter

Jannessa Jones

A twelve year old girl from Ladyville went missing on Monday evening and her mother has walked and searched the entire village trying to find her. Arlene Bainton has turned to neighbors, friends and family but no one has seen her daughter, Jannessa Jones. Jones was last seen heading to the bus stop near the junction of the Airport Road and the Northern Highway. When Janessa left home, she was wearing a light blue blouse, a maroon skirt and black sandals while carrying a white purse. Bainton is worried about her daughter’s safety, because she says Jannessa has never stayed away from home without permission. She came to our studios today to make a plea to the public to be on the lookout for Jannessa, who is described as being four feet tall, with black hair and weighs about seventy pounds.

Arlene Bainton, Mother of Missing Girl

“I send her to Belize to run some errands and then she never returned.”

Delahnie Bain

“What time was this?”

Arlene Bainton

“Like after four-thirty, minutes to five.”

Delahnie Bain

“And no one has seen her or anything?”

Arlene Bainton

Arlene Bainton

“Nobody; I visited her dad and asked but he said dehn noh si ah none at all.”

Delahnie Bain

“No friends or family that she would go to?”

Arlene Bainton

“I gone everywhere last night. I noh even sleep, I went to everybody house and nobody—everybody seh dehn noh si Janessa. Her friend seh di last time she si ah dah mi yesterday afternoon between lunch when they came home from school. After that, no Janessa.  I just really want mek ih come home to ih family check, cause ih got all ah we, from ih lee bredda dehn frustrated, everybody check. Dah di new year, I noh think we suppose to di go through dehn stress yah and I just want mek ih come home because I miss ah too. I have two daughters but she dah di only one weh deh yah wit me right now. I miss ah cause dah like my lee friend dat too check. I really want ih come home back.”

Delahnie Bain

“Has she ever done anything like this?”

Arlene Bainton

“Well, when she want go sleep over with her friends and thing she ask me and I go contact the next person parents and agree to that yes and then dah so we get di things done but now, she noh even call. She know my phone number and everything but she noh call. I noh know weh dah di problem. I just want mek anybody out deh who have ah or know ih whereabouts please call me and mek I know weh di happen.”

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Janessa Jones, is asked to call her mother at 631-1267 or the Ladyville Police Station at 205-2022.

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23 Responses for “Mother pleas for return of missing daughter”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    I hope she is found unharmed. I have to ask the one question that is eating at me. What thinking parent sends a 12 year old into the city @ 4:30-5 to run errands? What time was she due back? Mom, I don’t want to beat up on you but we have to show our children how much we value them.

  2. RadicalBelizean says:

    Arlene I wish for the safe return of your daughter. Other mothers please take these stories seriously. Like the case of the kids in the south parents need to protect their children more. In both cases these kids were out doing errands for parents. Gone are the time when your child can be out until dark. I was recall going to the shops, walking to school or wondering in the neighbourhoods in the City at age 5 unaccompanied with not a fear in the world except for ghost. Sadly those days are gone and so parents need to probably raise the age at which their children would be allowed to go out independently. Perhaps age at 13-14 when they enter high school and even then only allow them to go out with friends or siblings in groups of three or more. Far more likely that someone would attempt to kidnap a lone kid than a group of three or more kids.

  3. cg says:

    Some parents never learn…she’s twelve years old…what the hell is she doing running errands?? we don’t understand these things until they strike you home. This world is no longer one of trusting people…i hope her safe return

  4. Curious says:

    Can you spell the words “unfit mother”? I grew up in a better Belize than this, and I was not allowed to travel on a bus alone at that age. Imagine that child alone in the streets of Belize City, at 6pm! I pray that she is found unharmed, and that she’s safely returned to A PROPER HOME.

  5. Rizzo says:

    Check check check check!!!!!! What the hell is this suppose to mean? There was nothing in there that said POLICE.

  6. wrong on so many levels says:

    sad sad case, wrong on so many levels. sending a 12 year old to belize city at 5pm alone, by the time she gets to belize get her errand completed and return its 7pm completely dark and definitely not safe for a 12 year old alone. mom also mentions of another daughter that is currently not with her, what does that mean?? is she on loan, is she with a relative, is she at child care center. what does this say about this parent. where is the DAD in this picture.
    and now to the POLICE … when do they take these reports serious. my understanding is that the persons has to go missing for 24 hrs before something is done. this is crazy. the longer the person is missing the hader it is to locate and also less likely to find them alive. do we have a MIssing persons unit, with social workers and people trained to ascertain if it is a legitimate
    case or not. and to carry out proper invettigation to recover the person ALIVE.

  7. deedee says:

    Don’t want to be harsh, but this mother brought this upon herself & the rest of the family. Why would you send a 12 yr old on a bus to bz city to do errands? Why couldn’t the mother or another adult go? Why did she send the child on her own without any supervision what so ever? I hope & pray for the child’s safe return, as for the mother you need to be whip with a bottle of COMMON SENSE so you can make better decisions as it relates to your children.

  8. Oscar965 says:

    i heard the radio interview with the mom..she also states that she had argued with her daughter just before she sent he daughter to the city. To quote her…”i told her if she no wan go on mission for me to the city”. Somehow i think there is more to this story that the mom has not told us… Her voice on the interview was just too calm…it was not the voice of a desperate mom…she seemed all cool and relaxed…I hope and pray for her safe return…

  9. dahlie says:

    this parent is allegedly involved in the sale of drugs, now tell me what do you think she was sending her daughter to do in belize. maybe, janessa lost the drugs and didnt know what to do.

  10. Vicky says:

    Why would mom send her 12 year old to run an errand around that time in the evening instead of doing her homework? WHY! Lets pray for the best!

  11. worried parent says:

    Many parents are still taking it for granted that they can leave their children at home alone, walking home alone or taking a public bus back home alone. What kind of parents are these? We brought them here it is our responsibility to try to keep them safe. Come on people, Belize is not the same Belize many years ago. Don’t wait unitl it happens to you. So if you are doing any of the above, STOP doing it now and bring God into your home, into your life so you and your family always remain safe.

  12. The Truth says:



  13. lilypad says:

    this is so sad. in this day and age u will send your child out at that time? i agree with the statements made above. there is more to this story that this!! i don’t even send my 15yr old daughter to the store alone. let alone to run errands for me! that is why she has parents. and why is it that only one daughter is living with her? sorry i dont buy the crying.

  14. Frank Rhys jr says:

    Everybody here making comments, blaming the mother, what about here father. Tell me how many
    single mothers do we have trying hard to take care of there children on their own, while these
    worthless peace a $hit men just leaving these children on the massie of the world. Then we
    wonder why we have all these problems going on in the world. Tek uhh nuh head outta uhh nuh
    A hole, children needs their fathers around too not just their mothers, that is the true family essence.
    Love to all the single mothers out their. Woman bring man and woman into this world, so all
    the real men standup and defend the woman and children them.

  15. Earl Grey says:

    There is too much we don’t know here……… WAIT FOR MORE DETAILS.

  16. Valerie says:

    People need fi mind they own business and leave the investigation and assumptions to the authorizes. A sure the mother appreciate unnu concerns and prayers, but mind unnu own business!

  17. So Disappointed says:

    This mother should be ashamed to even tell someone she sent her girl child to Belize city on a bus alone to do errands for her 4:30-5 lady it gets dark at 5:30 by the time she get to the city it would be that time, have you not heard of all the crime in the city are you mad. Some women should just not be mothers. She is despicable.

  18. bzean says:

    Arrest the mother! Charge her with neglect, set an example for the sake of other children. There is no excuse for sending a 12 year old out on the bus to the city at evening time.

  19. Fam Friend says:

    This mother is very much :-( please sympathize with her great lost….This was something that was not meant to happen and was a poor judgement on her behalf… but this family is very close,and godly any negative words keep them to yall self…

  20. The People Had Enough says:

    Once again…a young child’s demise because of a USELESS PARENT!!! Send this useless fack to Earl Grey’s Animal Farm, cause she is useless to our society. I wouldn’t send my 18 year daughter to Belize City alone.

  21. vigilante justice 316 says:

    This woman must not listen to the news because all I every see is people getting raped and killed but she feel safe to send her baby out there to run errands alone, so far away? I hope that Jannessa returns home safely. @ Valerie, sorry but when people come on TV they make it our business.

    People, don’t mind your own business. It’s nosy people that see crimes taking place and have information to help put criminals behind bars. So look out your window and be nosy today and help bring Jannessa home!

  22. belizean says:

    Why don’t people just get off this ladie’s back huh!!!! WHAT YOU ALL PERFECT!! UNNO NEVER MAKE MISTAKES OR WHAT!! I think she’s been through enough.

  23. Gods Creation says:

    i think that the mother is hurt yes and is in pain but, she had no responsibility to be sending her 12 year old daughter out at 5 in the evening, i understand she had errands but they could have wait til the following day to get them done no excuses… im sorry about the incident and my prayers goes out to the whole family and may justice conquers… WHAT THE HELL COULD HAVE BEEN SO IMPORTANT? OMG so sad. God bless Belize.

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