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Jan 10, 2011

Michael Malic’s body riddled with at least 13 bullets

michael malic

Nine days into 2011, the first murder occurred over the weekend in the city. The victim is well known to the law and was gunned down a minute’s walk from his house. Michael Malic had stopped to buy cigarettes when he was ambushed and at least sixteen bullets found their mark on him. Malic survived a previous attempt on his life back in May 2007 when he was met by a hail of bullets on Raccoon Street.  In that incident Meldrick Flowers was killed.  News Five’s Marion Ali has a report on Sunday afternoon’s homicide.

Marion Ali, Reporting

The spot in front of this small grocery shop at number five Baghdad Street was where twenty-year old Michael Malic met his death at around six twenty five on Sunday evening.  An eyewitness told News 5 that Malic rode on a bicycle contrary to the flow of traffic on Baghdad Street and stopped at a small shop and ordered a cigarette.  But he was gunned down before the shop attendant could serve him.  Police Press Officer, Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, says Malic was on his way to visiting a friend in the area when his life was cut short.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“While he was out there waiting for the gate to be opened for him two gunmen exited a vehicle, a dark colored vehicle, I’m not certain what’s the make of that vehicle, and they opened fire on him.  He received thirteen apparent gunshot wounds and died on the spot.”

fitzroy yearwood

The spot where Malic died was less than a hundred yards from his house in Taylor’s Alley.  While police have not yet established a motive, they are looking at possible links, since Malic had friends in rival gangs.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood

“Michael Malic is an associate of the Pregnant Alley, Taylor’s Alley group, who are also associates of Jerusalem area and the Southside group and the Rocky Road group and we know that there are rivalries out there and we don’t want to outright say that this is as a result of some kind of rivalry but these are avenues that we have to look into to establish motive.”

While determining the motive will keep the Crimes Investigative arm of the Police Department busy, Sergeant Yearwood says the Department is also looking to see how it will prevent 2011 from mirroring the bloody image of 2010.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood

“We do have our experts and different avenues that we’re going down for the year 2011 that we believe will be able for us to help detect crimes.  I know that we are trying our best to get more convictions on fingerprinting and I can say that we have recently trained our ballistics expert.  He received training abroad and we hope that these things will help us to probably detect the firearms used for some of these murders noh.”

Marion Ali

“If those firearms are ever found cause …”

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well we at the Police Department are trying our best to remove illegal firearms from the streets and with the help of the new law this will help us.”

What will also help the Department is having more frequent patrols, and that is another avenue that it is seeking to address, but the public’s assistance is also key in curbing the murder rate.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood

“These criminals study their victims and they wait for that window of opportunity.  Obviously if you have something planned you will wait until the police is not around or you will time the patrol.  We try our best to have simultaneous patrols.  Whilst we have foot, we have the ATV’s out, we try to have everything on the ground, but we can’t really stop crime.  But we are asking the public to do their part because like you said, it’s fairly early in the evening and more than likely we had witnesses and we are asking them to come forward.”

Following Malic’s murder police recovered a total of twenty one nine millimeter and forty five caliber slugs.  Marion Ali for News Five.

Malic’s rap sheet includes a number of robberies including an incident in 2009 when he was accused of pushing down an elderly citizen in a drain and robbing him of money.  The incident allegedly took place near Malic’s house.

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11 Responses for “Michael Malic’s body riddled with at least 13 bullets”

  1. Earl Grey says:




    Although I believe that Michael malic died a death he no doubt deserved, his death was inevitable, and he made his choice in life. Although the GOB should not be held for his Malic’s death there are important things that the PM still needs to be held responsible for.
    The GOB gave us the “Jaguar unit” in 2010 as possible solution to minimize the crime in Belize, yet ironically more murders occurred in 2010.
    The War on crimes in Belize is fruitless and continues to affect everyone. While the morgue is stacking up on the dead, cemetery sign reads “DETOUR”. While the “Jaguar unit” have no interests or order of kicking down doors like soldiers in Baghdad then who are actually beneficiaries from the “Jaguar unit” still armed on the streets, and what have they contributing to the crime wave in 2010?.

    Even though the city is under siege from the deadly forces of the crack heads, the gangs or the crime gods, the PM can at least say show face for aiding the “Jaguar unit” with jobs and monthly paycheck and this means that no one can hold the PM responsible for less jobs, or lack of effort.
    The countdown has begun murders or convictions, does it really matter.

  3. Black Widow says:

    Don’t you arrogant fools in the police department get it that the public will never put themselves out on a limb to assist you? why should they when all you will do is publish their names in the news papers and on national television and lead the killers right to them and their families. The public has lost faith in the police department .

    If you are really interested in getting back our faith you need to get your police offices to stop disrespecting the public and stop taking advantage of them and stop harassing them. Also tell them to do their work on their work time instead of visiting their sweethearts. and drinking.

    Your police officers needs to stop spend their time harassing the small man with a stick of weed while the killers are right around the corner killing someone. They need to do their jobs instead of spending time their sweethearts and drinking.

  4. yes sir says:

    R.I.P to the young man. but dam fitzroy nuh really look like dah bobble head doll dat much again. DAT MUCH

  5. RadicalBelizean says:

    Mein, Rod best wishes for this New Year, but you need to change the record.

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    Until the police & courts can do their jobs effectively, the streets will fill the void. He died pretty much as he lived, I feel sorry for the residents who have to live in fear.

  7. Belizean says:

    Whenever these tragedies occur, we are often quick to point fingers…police not doing their jobs… PM and GOB not performing… the whole nine yards. Have we looked within to see what we can door what we have done? We sit back and complain about everybody not doing what they are supposed to do, and when we DO have the chance to do something and help in any little way, we sit back and do nothing – whether it be for fear or just plain arrogance. Fighting crime is not just the government’s responsibility, or the police’s responsibility. It is also the citizen’s responsibility. If all parties don’t find a way to pool their efforts and work together, this crime issue will never be reduced. Stop pointing fingers, and do your part!

    In addition, stupidly criticizing and making a mockery of people who are there trying to do something (at any measure), wont stop or slow down the crime wave @ Yes Sir.

  8. misha says:

    another one of the gone…its so sad to see my own neighbour gettin killed and the govt not doin anything. jus 2 wk ago my cuz got shot 16 time through dat same alley, he was goin home n nothin came out of it. all the police can say is they are affiliated wit some other gang. smh it dont matter if u do good or not these guys dat are goin around killin ple arent doin it for justice so wat will they karma be? bc as far as im comcern the people from through trench alley is not retaliating and i noe bc they r my family

  9. sabuskii says:

    another one bites the dust sound good to me and i bet the neighbours are just as happy…..he was a !@#$ if u rob older people means u were also a coward good riddance

  10. sabuskii says:

    i hope ur parents understand now how the people u caused so much grieve to feel now that someone got u… me im going to play boledo hopefully 13 play tonite for the 13 that hit ur ! @ z z lol

  11. tamalesmilove says:

    R.I.P Michael

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