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Jan 7, 2011

How to lose weight in 2011

We’re fresh into the New Year and if you take a poll, one of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight. Keeping that commitment is not easy and in fact most people will abandon the idea by the end of the month. News Five’s Marion Ali found out today that the best results come with gradual changes in your lifestyle.

Marion Ali, Reporting

January is the month known for lots of blues – when money is scarce, the bills are high and the scale is tipping from all the over-indulgence that took place over the Christmas holidays.  Well if you have always considered improving your diet, then what better time than now?  But as we discovered, changing your diet does not mean kicking your bad habits forever. Cutting back gradually could have favorable results.

Karen Rosito, Dietician/Nutritionist

karen rosito

“Everybody, even your very own nutritionist buy Chinese food, buy fast food because it’s available and it’s convenient and it’s delicious.   You cannot, as a human being, goh from an eating like that one day and tomorrow wake up and just gonna eat, as you say, “rabbit food”—and I’m not going to drink any soft drinks. You cannot and you will fail. Take my word for it. So what you do? You begin by writing down everything that you eat in two or three days. You decide good foods, bad foods, necessary foods.   How yoh wah break dah addiction?  Yoh wah start buying a smaller quantity, you start buy less. Then you say you wah buy it every other day, then only once a week and that goes with anything.”

But Dietician and Nutritionist, Karen Rosito, says that some persons are so stubborn to change, even when their lives are at risk, that she is convinced the problem goes beyond a bad diet.

Karen Rosito

“When I find out the doctor tell you you have to lose fifteen pound or twenty pounds or your cholesterol high or you disable for whichever reason because you not taking care of yourself and you take the doctor word and you start, then you need help. Because the doctor is telling you that the quality of your life is at risk. Now and still noh wah listen. As a good nutritionist I wah tell you I think you need help, psychiatric help. You need to see a psychologist. It’s not food, usually dah something else. So I give you a time frame, ninety days to show me something if after ninety days you noh lose one ounce then I wah right you a nice recommendation and send you to the shrink.”

But for those who are taking control of their lifestyle, working-out is a major part of that plan, especially since aging starts sooner than you think.

Karen Rosito

“Yoh know some people literally can’t tie dehn shoes because their mid section noh allow you to breathe because that midsection push up pan yoh diaphragm and yoh can’t breathe. So yoh goh sideway yoh tie yoh toe. Gial come tie mi shoes you ask your kids. When yoh reach twenty-five, that’s when metabiolism lows down and you start age. For males, a little bit before. That’s when people think they are peaking, but that’s when they need to start exercise, because that’s when the first appearance of oblique fat, called love-handles start to come.”

And that’s just where gyms or even personal workout routines fall into place.  Former Central American Body Building Gold Medalist and Gym Instructor at Body 2000, Daland Jones, says that while many people see workout as a chore, it is really not.

Marion Ali

“How often does one need to work out and for how long per day?”

Daland Jones, Gym Instructor, Body 2000

“I believe that three days minimum and then you could extend it as much as five days because you need to rest because that’s when the body grows. For about an hour and a half two hours would be good.”

Marion Ali

“A lot of people would say man I don’t have two hours to work out.I have so many kids, I have…”

daland jones

Daland Jones

“Well it all depends. Forty-five minutes to an hour is good for the person who wants to do it at home and just want to do that and then they go to work or whatever.   People in many instances sit for hours just watching TV so why not just take one hour of your leisure time to ensure that you don’t become a burden to the welfare system to yourself and to your family members as you get older in life.”

Marion Ali

“How do you keep that motivation? What keeps you coming back when you go into that a fry chicken joint and you smell that fatty food and it is appealing to most people? What makes you keep that motivation to say no to the food and yes to working out?”

Daland Jones

“I eat everything to be honest. I eat fry chicken ice scream, you name it. But it’s a commitment to know how much or how far u can go. So it takes a serious mindset. I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s very hard, but I think that the love of oneself is very important and that’s where you won’t go overboard.”

Rosito says her mission is to change the mentality toward exercise. She is introducing free weekend challenges to begin in the next few weeks.  She also appealed to the media and challenged me, since I can use some help in the weight department, to change that mindset.

Karen Rosito

marion ali

“You’re a media personality. You will have to set the example and say see if I can do it, you could do it.  Media personalities and personnel tek wah licking. It’s not that you are sicker than anyone else. But because of the life you lead, being here there and everywhere eating whatever you could find, you’re the ones that end up with the dread disease. But because you are personalities they target you. Every day people dead from diabetes or the complications of; from hypertension or complications of or everything. But it’s not as sensational as when one of you from the media kick the bucket. Then  you hear you have all kind of strange thing even if it is not true. So I am appealing to the media to do something. The media are the people who have to set the example we watch you every day. And if we see any of you lose the weight we wah seh mien we have to do that. When Oprah lost weight they bring out book and all. And weh ih name the bring out wah next one. But what I am saying, you have to put yourself on the spot. And you wah see how people watch you and report to me.”

It is a challenge that I can say that I will personally take on and hope that my progress helps more Belizeans to live healthier lifestyles. Marion Ali for News Five.

Marion will check back on her progress one month from today and we’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses for “How to lose weight in 2011”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Thanks for the eye candy, you just gave all of us a reason to go to the gym, if our big behinds were not enough.


    Too many over-weight people are in Belize, and this comes from bad customs (fat-equals beautiful), and from un-healthy food. Belizeans need to stop feeding their children with too much sugar and too much fat.

    The convenient Chinese chicken is a death trap, and will surely contribute to the failure of your health and inescapable or inevitable death. (BOYCOTT is the answer.)
    Eat right and start by ….
    1: Cutting down on the sugar, and Instead of drinking kool-aid every day make fresh fruit juices instead without adding the sugar.

    2: Cut down on the fat, stop using lard, sugar or shortening to cook or preparing food, use olive oils, and flower seed oils instead. There are more options out there, products that are similar and cheaper and work just as good as the expensive stuff.
    3: Instead of buying the chiney many fry chicken, but the raw chicken and bake it in your oven instead of frying it, this helps to cut the fat out of your food. (Stay away from fry food, period).

    Try taking pen and paper with you when shopping at the supermarket, make a list of the amount of calories on each product then decide which one is healthier to use in your diet. Working out at the gym, or taking a walk just won’t cut it, first one must be educated on how to eat healthy, and that is your fist step, really.

    Karen, I agree with you on this specific point of view (that some persons are so stubborn to change, even when their lives are at risk, that she is convinced the problem goes beyond a bad diet),…………………………. it is call lazy.

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