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Jan 4, 2011

Police Officer allegedly terrorizes family on New Years

In the south, a police officer in Independence Village stands accused of terrorizing the family of Richard Logan on New Year’s night. The cop, Logan claims, was intoxicated and was looking for his nephew with whom he had a confrontation several months ago. The rampage started at the home of his niece, whose house was damaged before she and her children were threatened. According to Logan, the officer then went to his house, where he too was threatened and his family was endangered. Today Logan contacted News Five via phone to make his story public because he says the officer is a known trouble maker, who harasses residents whenever he drinks.

Via Phone: Richard Logan, Independence Resident

“The police officer come dah mi niece house about ten past twelve on New Year’s night. Ih come een deh di stamp down di door, bruk up everything, bruk down di room doors dehn, seh he di look fi some one ah mi niece bredda weh he got some old beef with long time. Ih haul out mi niece out ah ih room, point gun inna ih face front ah ih kids dehn and tell ah if ih noh ker ih bredda dah station, ih wah kill one ah fi she pickney dehn. Afta all dah commotion deh now, ih come round dah my house cause ih know bally always hang out dah my house. cause yoh know dehn come round deh, I give dehn food cause bally mi deh dah jail fi seven months and ih come out. So ih always hang out deh but ih noh live deh. One ah ih bredda live deh fi bout seven, eight years. So he come round dah my house and ask me if bally live yah. I tell ah noh man he noh live yah; ih bredda live yah. Den inna all di commotion ih di talk bout he and bally got something seven months ago and anytime he si bally ih wah kill ah. So I tell di man bwai well whatever you and he got, me got nothing inna dat. Noh di put me inna unnu thing, noh di jeopardize my family. Little afta dat I hear BOW! Ih shot through the window; my house window. My two kids mi eena di dining room caz when dehn hear di commotion dehn get up. Little bit before dat dehn ma get up and tell dehn go dah unnu room dah noh unnu dehn come to. And [di shot gone] right through the sofa weh mi kids dehn mi deh, through di bathroom, into mi son room and some clothes weh mi stock eena fi he cupboard, dah dat stop di bullet. Den I tell he suppose yoh mi kill one ah mi pickney? He seh he noh give a f***, he dah prosecutor dah Dangriga so nobody can’t do he nothing. So I tell ah I gwein forward this to di inspector. Ih seh you could go tell who di f*** you want cause nobody can’t do me nothing. I tell ah well I gwein go report this you could seh weh yoh want. Ih seh you report this, memba yoh noh wah sleep good til I get rid ah you. Yoh wah missing directly hear, you go report this.”

Logan is going public despite the officer’s threats because he says nothing has come out of his reports to the Police Department.

Via Phone: Richard Logan

“Di next day I get di led and ker it to di inspector and ih tell mi mek I give some sergeant weh wah deal wid it and up to todeh nothing noh di happen.  Di police come deh, dehn ask me some question. Dehn ker me een, I give statement and I noh si nothing di go on. This morning I confront di man weh di deal wid it and ask ah weh di go on wid di case. Ih seh I refuse to ansa to dat.”

Delahnie Bain

“Even though he has threatened you, what made you decide to come to the media?”

Via Phone: Richard Logan

“Well, I si nothing noh di happen and he di threaten me so I want everybody be pan alert. Dis di happen fi too long now man. Everybody dah bally beat up so I decide well I have to go so if something happen to me well at least I done report I know weh di go on cause if I report to di police dehn and dehn noh do nothing den nobody wah know di man di threaten me.”

Delahnie Bain

“Do you know if he has found your nephew—the one he was looking for—since this happened?”

Via Phone: Richard Logan

“Every day he pass bally right front ah ih face but only when ih drunk ih go look fi bally. But I ask di inspector personally if dehn got any charge fi dis young man back deh, ih seh no we noh got no charge fi he. Ih look like dah wah old beef, few months ago weh he and bally got, he di try use ih job fi get to bally.”

The officer’s name is being withheld because when we contacted Independence Police, we were told that no one was available to comment on the allegations or any official investigation into the incident.

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7 Responses for “Police Officer allegedly terrorizes family on New Years”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Crispin is their boss, why has he not responded or sent Fitzroy out to stand there & talk but say nothing. If this story is true & it has a ring of truth to it, that Officer needs to be fired & prosecuted. We cannot have officers who believe they are above the law policing any community or they are no better than the thugs who now terrorize our streets.

  2. Robert says:

    Badges and booze don’t mix. Doug Singh must clean up all the police formations, get rid of the bad apples. Or replace him with someone who will do something positive.

  3. islander says:

    YUP but yet our foolish lawmakers want to pass laws that will make this corrupt PD have more powers and the citizenry just be like sheep…

  4. alberto lagos says:

    Hey man call steven seagall he will fix all those police madafires who think they are above the law including high ranking officers or ministers/ oh pardon me (sinisters)

  5. aha says:

    come on this officer cannot get away with this.

  6. jose says:

    all a them da the same that is why he had not been arrested and charge. the same thing the go on with san ignacio prosecuter

  7. vigilante justice 316 says:

    I believe what this man is saying. Some police da Dangriga take bribe and payment from certain bar owners to harrass people they have beef with. If they don’t pay them with money then they give the police free drinks when they go to the bar/club. No wonder this officer is an alcholic and a bully. Not only that but he is a criminal with a badge and should be taken out an whipped then sent to jail. How dare he say he don’t give a F* if he kill people picney that maddaF$%&&a!

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