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Dec 28, 2010

5 murders over the weekend; including teen stabbed to death in Hattieville

leon ebanks

The carnage over the holiday weekend was unabated. The year has not yet ended but it is the most murderous in history; a record number of one hundred and thirty murders make up the long list of victims of violence. Between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, five murders were added to the depressing statistics.  We begin our coverage of the bloodshed in Hattieville where nineteen year old Leon Ebanks was killed by a rival who pretended to be his friend. This morning Anthony Lewis, the suspect, was arraigned in court for the Christmas Day murder of Ebanks. News Five’s Delahnie Bain headed to Hattieville and found out that an old dispute was settled with Ebanks’ life.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting

Unlike most young men his age, nineteen year old Leon Ebanks spent Christmas Eve at home in Hattieville, manning the oven. That is until a friend invited him out to celebrate. Just before two on Christmas morning, his family learned that he would not make it back home.

Linsbert Slusher, Step-Father of Murder Victim

“The eve ih bake di ham fi ih ma and ih bake di turkey and pan ih way finishing the turkey, ih friend come and invite him and tell him les go tek wah walk, bring een di Christmas and ih tell ih ma ih gwein—finish the turkey cause ih gwein go tek wah walk down dah Hattieville.”

elroy henry

Elroy Henry, Landlord, Bamboo Cool Spot

“The incident start from Bombay and he run over to this spot, Bamboo Cool Spot, and sit down outside. Little while after, the guys them from over that side come to this side. This is according to information that I get from one of my friend.”

anthony lewis

Ebanks ran into Anthony Lewis, whom he had an altercation with over a year ago. He reportedly told Lewis that he was not looking for a fight and was fooled into thinking they could be friends.

Elroy Henry

“This youth sit down deh and get wah beer from young bwai too and den dehn start to talk. Weh happen, young bwai look like ih mi scared ah dehn too so dat’s why ih run from Bombay; cause ih feel dah fearness inna ih heart. So meanwhile going out back on the street, young bwai bend down fi ties ih tennis laces, according to information, and coming up back young bwai was right there to put it pan ah.  He run through the yard yah, gone through the back street and drop down facing Mr. Fox house. This is all I get but the youth noh get stab inna di bar.”

shimia flowers

Shimia Flowers, Sister of Murder Victim

“After one in the morning, my mom waked me to tell me that they have to go to Hattieville because they just stabbed my brother. So when they went down to Hattieville they found out that someone already took him to the hospital and when they rushed down here they found out he was already dead; someone stabbed him one time in the heart.”

Linsbert Slusher

“Dah peace ih mi di mek wid di guy dehn cause dehn mi have wah lee thing before and ih mi di mek peace and dehn just chance him out ah ih life. Ih neva did get wah break fi help ihself.”

Ebanks’ sister, Shimia Flowers, says that since the altercation, Lewis was told that if they ever had any more problems, he was welcomed to their home to talk it over.

Shimia Flowers

“About a year and change ago, he had an altercation with the same young man and that was over with. My stepfather even spoke to the young man, saying that if they—if Leon talked to them in any kind of way or if he troubles them, let them come to him and he would deal with Leon.”

linsbert slusher

Linsbert Slusher

“He [Leon] was a cool going fellow. He have friends, everybody love him in the village, Hattieville and seventeen and a half Bainsville weh ih live. He dah wah type ah person always, like comedian people like somebody weh give jokes and thing. When ih go dah your house and you unhappy and he sit down, he bring up some kinda funny story.”

Linsbert Slusher, the victim’s stepfather, says that Leon will be laid to rest this Sunday. Delahnie Bain for News Five.

Lewis is due back in court again on January seventh.

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13 Responses for “5 murders over the weekend; including teen stabbed to death in Hattieville”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    There is no beef or thing worth taking someone’s life. We have adults willing to step up & intervene to try to help these kids communicate, to resolve problems before they disintegrates into murder & yet this child is so consumed by hate that he chose to take a life. Put this rabid dog to sleep.

  2. The People Had Enough says:

    We debate over and over; how can these young men not value life? But, how can they value life when they were never thought of its value; when they don’t even value themselves; their own lives.

    A man who lives on the beach and get to see the ocean every day will not value it as much or sometimes at all; as the man who can only get to see the ocean once in a while.

    Value of life is very relative depending on who you talk to…and it is obvious these young men have no idea the value of life.

  3. happy in north carolina says:

    Now that have this individual in custody they need to make a good example out of this person. Put him in prison for life in this he knows that he will make out there anymore . This probably will send a massage to every one that crime would not be tolerated at all. Make him know that he a danger to society.

  4. junkman says:

    where will it end god is unkind to us in belize this year let ask for real peace for 2011 because 2010 was a year of pure brutality please god give us some peace for 2011 happy new year everyone

  5. Earl Grey says:



    We NEED A PRISON FARM for BUMS LIKE THIS to serve out their time….. LIFE!!!



  6. Elizabeth says:

    Leon was a nice and kind person, he did not deserve to die in that manner. No matter what he and Lewis had he did not have to take away his life, life will never be the same for Leon’s family after what was done to him. I just hope that justice will be giving.

  7. egbert says:

    Citizens should demand minister of education implement DISPUTE RESOLUTION into the curriculum of the country’s schools-starting from kintergarden. This is our ONLY HOPE!

    NOTHING ELSE WILL WORK–not even hanging!

  8. OW Resident says:

    why aren’t we using our laws.??? Chapter 101 of the Laws of Belize, The Criminal Code, Section 106 (1) clearly state ‘ Every person who commits murder shall suffer death”

  9. Roots man says:

    It’s really quite depressing to keep talking about all these issues affecting Belize and it’s people when the ones that are in power which were elected to take care of the needs of the people are not doing anything to stop this insanity.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    Charity begins at home,however Mr Barrow and his affiliates don’t need to continue been mute to the crime situation that is plaguing the Jewel.How many more Citizens do you need to see dead Mr Barrow?It about time for the GOB to start hanging these idiots.

  11. rjacuzo says:

    WOW…It is such a tragedy that they took the life of Francis Chukwu…whomsoever did this left three kids along and now they are without a father and no relatives in Belize. This world is in a very sad state. My wish is that anyone who knows anything about this should immediately report to the police because someone will and needs to be held accountable!!!!

  12. vigilante justice 316 says:

    It’s time for social reform! do it now before all the young men turn into murderes. How the hell does this boy think that stabbing someone in the heart over a slight is the answer to anything. It’s clear the adults tried to save them from this path but this Anthony had too much venom running through his veins to turn the other cheek and let by-gones be by-gones. Now he must pay the price for his unforgiving spirit.

    Before lang face Barrow put together videos announcing how great he think he is, why don’t they put together videos to teach kids in school how to talk and reason with one another, rather than run to pick up knife and machete! Start social reform in schools now before it’s too late to save our future!

  13. Reds says:

    I got Nothing to say but Goodbye to a Friend R.I.P

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