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Dec 28, 2010

…While 2 murdered in the Old Capital

patrick kerr

In the Old Capital, where the number of murders is the highest, two men were fatally shot. Patrick Kerr was a regular on the streets and in the courts. His past misdeeds came back to haunt him when his life was taken within hours of Christmas. On Boxing Day, a Nigerian who had just moved to Belize, and who earned his living as a taxi driver was found dead in his vehicle. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports on the two homicides.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The echo of gunshots a little after seven o’clock on Friday night sent patrons of a barbershop on Freetown Road scrambling for safety.  A number of young men including thirty-two year old Patrick Kerr were outside the small business awaiting their turn in the barber’s chair when a hail of bullets was unleashed in their direction.  When the smoke cleared Kerr, a laborer of Lavender Street and no stranger to gun violence, laid gravely injured on the verandah of a nearby food stall.  Like many of Belize City’s youth the events of his troubled past inevitably caught up with him.

Bernadine Stevens, Mother of Patrick Kerr

“Da mih just ih time you know and ih mih ease up wid all di crime and ting but then yoh just cyant, once yoh mek wah deal wid di devil yoh just cyant give een if you noh give your to God, right.  Yoh just cyant give een like that cause then di devil want your soul now.”

While the devil may have wanted Kerr’s soul his enemies simply wanted to settle an old score.  It is uncertain what transpired before the shooting but the retribution was merciless.  The last conversation Kerr had with his mother was a few hours earlier when he told her that he planned to visit his children.

Bernadine Stevens

“Ih say ih mih gwein by ih kids dehn and soh, you know, so I mih dih tell ahn Patrick yoh could just stay home and drink with yoh bredda dehn because pan dehn Twenty-Fourth night dah then di enemy dehn meet yoh, right and do yoh whatever.  Ih neva mih di pay me no mind ih still wahn go geh da lee haircut.”

As Kerr and an associate of his sat on the railing of the verandah facing the Special Education Unit a lone gunman blindsided them and opened fire.  While the other escaped unscathed Kerr was hit multiple times to the inner right foot, the left forearm, and twice to the chest.

bernadine stevens

Bernadine Stevens

“Ih aunt call and say Patrick Kerr geh, go check cause Patrick suppose to geh shot.  So when I come by dih hospital yah I mih haftu wait noh ‘til ‘bout 10:40 p.m. or so then di docta dehn come out and say ih passed away.”

Across town less than thirty-six hours later police had once again been called to the scene of another shooting incident behind the Lord Ridge Cemetery on Pitter Street.  This time the lifeless body of Francis Chukwu was found slumped in the front passenger seat of his vehicle.

francis chukwu

The Nigerian grocer and part-time cab driver who had been residing in Belize City for the past two and a half years had been shot once to the head.  These tire marks suggest that his vehicle may have skidded speedily when it came to a halt.  Initial police investigations are that shortly before three o’clock on the morning of December twenty-sixth residents reported hearing a single blast similar to that of a gunshot.  The motive for Chukwu’s murder remains unclear.  Earlier that night he took his three children to B.T.L. Park and had returned home on Neal’s Pen Road to drop them off before heading out again.  His family, for fear of their lives, wished not to appear on camera, but we understand that the entire Nigerian community in Belize is mourning the loss.

While Chukwu’s family are seeking answers to this latest urban mystery Bernadine Stevens, whose son Patrick was taken out execution-style on Christmas Eve, admits that he wasn’t exactly a model citizen.

Bernadine Stevens

“Patrick Kerr dah neva no saint, right.  Ih do wah lotta ting eena ih past and ting but ih gah lotta enemy noh.  Ih got lot weh love ahn to and da wah lee hero fi most people; most guys whateva friend and ting.”

His house which sits on the edge of the Belize River across from Belize Mills is decorated with a black bow.  Like other grieving families Kerr’s is not seeking revenge instead his mother is offering her prayers to the family of his killer.  In September of 2008 Kerr along with an accomplice were both shot during a foiled carjacking in front of Archie’s Restaurant on Central American Boulevard.  In that incident he was hit in the leg, knee and upper back. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

In both cases, police are looking for the gunmen.

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7 Responses for “…While 2 murdered in the Old Capital”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Miss Stevens, thank you for expressing the love you feel for your child and not sugar coating what you knew was his reality. I hope that you will be an example to other parents who can see beyond their grief & accept that the child/ren they gave birth did not become the adults they raised them to be.

    My condolences to the Chukwu family.

  2. Earl Grey says:



    BUILD A PRISON FARM IN TOLEDO………….. Kolbe is too close to Belize City.


    Unfortunately I cannot consider Miss Stevens as a good example for other mama drama’s out there. A better example of a good poster mother is a mother that would have sent her son to prison for committing robbery, or other criminal acts against the innocent man, woman or child who were victimized by her son.
    He was not Robin Hood by any means, did not steal from the rich and gave to the poor, yet some people their had their way by making the sociopathic loser looked like he actually did society more good than harm, as sad as this actually is to see I give the mother an 8-plus for sticking by her son side rooting for him even if he were, well despicable.
    What about his victims, think they volunteered to be victimized, sadly Miss Stevens did not cared enough to give her son victims their justice in court of law.
    Good shot.

  4. Trial says:

    Earl Grey go eat a bomb!!! please!!!

  5. Earl Grey says:

    Trial………… ??????????? WHAT’S YOUR POINT????????

    GOT A BETTER IDEA???????????

  6. vigilante justice 316 says:

    Why should Earl Grey have to eat a bomb? Better he say put them in prison farm and spare their life. I say, skip the prison farm and send them straight to hell!! I’m sick of these Jack@$$ with guns playing God with innocent people life. Any number of innocent people could have gotten hit with a stray bullet when this sh#t went down. But if you live by the gun you will die by the gun and every dog has his day.

    Shame that this Nigerian leave his own country only to come to Belize and lose his life! How shameful to me as a Belizean that his family is too afraid to show their face in fear for their lives. I hope this dag @@$$ that killed him meet with a bullet as well.

  7. Sweet says:

    Your plight is understood MADDYVANDIJK/DEREALIST, but Ms. Steven’s has nothing to do wt her son not being sent to prison for the crimes he committed. It’s the justice system that keeps failing us. Agreeably, parents play a big role in their children’s ubringing, but they can only do so much. So, I applaud her for keeping it real. My condolences to you and your family Ms. Stevens.

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