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Dec 7, 2010

Gayle says race is not a determining factor in crime and violence

Among the various related topics brought up during Gayle’s lecture on Monday was the racial stereotype that Blacks and Hispanics are innately violent.  Gayle contends that race is not among the determining factors that contribute to crime and violence. Instead it is the fact that a specific group of Belizeans are being oppressed which has a direct effect on the society. Gayle also emphasized the importance of gender equality in treating both boys and girls in the same fashion.

Herbert Gayle, Anthropologist of Social Violence

herbert gayle

“Last night I started out by addressing the black/Latino stupidity. Theres this thing right around the world that black people and Latinos have an imprint of violence, which is such nonsense. That is a point where I had to begin because if the communitiesI mean Ive worked in many white communities where the people are extremely violent. I dont see any black people or Latinos there killing each other; its either welsh people or any oppressed people. Race is unimportant. Its the fact that once a group of people are suppressed to the fact where they implode they are going to harm each other especially if they cant find a funnel out of it. Actually its the opposite people are funneled in, rather than being funneled out and once that happens then people are going to be involved in violence. What I have been trying to bring to people is that social violence is a bi-product of social ills.

When you have children and you have a boy, dont treat him like an animal and treat his sister like a human being. That is the root of the bulk of the problems were having. If you look at the little boys running around, you can see malnutrition, you can see all sorts of stuff. 38 I saw one girlthe first case I saw, a girl walking the street with malnutrition and then after that I saw the boys all over the place. Another thing that came up very strong in the study was that girls were not far behind boys, they are suffering too and whatever programs we construct for boys must be also constructed for girls to ensure that we dont have an affirmative action which then tilts the boat but that we have a balance sense of progress.”

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8 Responses for “Gayle says race is not a determining factor in crime and violence”

  1. Also Concerned says:

    I can’t believe someone has to explain to us in the 21st century that no ethnic group such as blacks or Latinos is more prone to violence than others. Have we learned nothing over the centuries?

    I do believe Mr. Gayle that there are many malnourished, possible neglected and mistreated children walking around. We should be asking why this is happening and finding ways to put a stop to it. And not just at Christmas or for photo ops during election time.

  2. Skywalker says:

    Well, I sincerely HOPE that this was not the main focus of this man’s lecture. I did not need a PHD (or any degree in anthropology, for that matter) to tell you that.

  3. rod says:

    the problem in belize seems to me doesnt take a genious to figure it out blacks are the ones doing all the stealing and murders why because they are lazy they do not want to work how come this guy didnt mention how lazy the black race are they are so used to the world giving them everything that they have become the lazy people of the world they prefer to steal or kill instead of going to work and then this gov is the rest of the problem they have not produced any kind of jobs for anybody or any race period because of their corruption and ignorance doesnt take no doctor to figure it out.

  4. John Boy/Carson, California says:

    Rod , you are so right.It dosn’t take a doctor , but a jack ass to figure it out.Crime have nothing to do with race.There are many factors that is the cause for crime,and race is not one of the factors.

  5. daveyt says:

    What have us Welsh got anything to do with this? He claims race has no bearing on both violence and his report, and he singles out the Welsh!

    His verbal comments to the media are eroding any credibility to his report by the minute! Best he shuts up, let’s the people and those in Belmopan read the report now, or it’ll end up in the garbage.

    who commissioned him anyway? If it was the G.O.B., why didn’t they have a Belizean ‘expert’ do the report? Surely there are plenty of Belizeans more than qualified to do it…..

  6. Elias Avella says:

    The report by Dr. Gayle and his team is the most comprehensive Sociological masterpiece in Belize’s history. I urge every Belizean to download the .pdf and read from cover to cover on the most complete analysis on the dynamics of crime in Belize. A lot of effort went into compiling the graphs and data in this report. I congratulate Dr. Gayle and his team for doing a great job!

    I do urge Dr. Gayle to do a similar presentation in the Cayo District, since the District was a major foci to the report. Also, it will be convenient for the many residents to attend his presentation.

  7. Joe Devine says:

    I guess Dr. Gayle hasn’t heard of the Mayas down south. They are the most oppressed in Belize! Are they the most criminally oriented??

  8. Earl Grey says:

    rod…………… You sound so RACIST………………….WHAT MADE YOU THAT WAY????????????????

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