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Dec 2, 2010

Children of Belizeans For Justice’s Founder harassed by police

yolanda Schakron

While Belizeans for Justice’s founding member Yolanda Schakron was in San Salvador, her children faced a harrowing experience at the hands of police officers. Her seventeen year old son and fourteen year old daughter were pulled after classes and searched by cops.  Schakron says this is the ninth time her family has been harassed by police since the murder of her nephew, Christopher Galvez.

Yolanda Schakron, Mother of Teens Harassed by Police

“My seventeen year old had gone to pick up my daughter from Belize High School. On their way back home, by Freetown Road, they were stopped by police mobile, it’s a red vehicle. I know that it belongs to the gang unit that was recently formed. My fourteen year old daughter was taken out of vehicle so my son. Both of them were asked to put their hands over their head. Son and daughter complied. Her books were taken, her school bag. It was searched. Every paper was searched. My son was searched too. My son asked the police officers why are you searching my vehicle? They told him because you are driving a tinted BMW. My daughter was questioned about Christopher Galvez. They asked her, what is Christopher Galvez to you? I don’t understand what they are trying to ask about somebody who has been murdered for over a year. My daughter was very upset. She was told that if she wasn’t there with her brother, he would have been taken to the police station and locked up. For what reason, I don’t understand. My daughter was in school uniform. She said she was questioned about what high school she goes to. She said to Belize High School. The officer, especially one, his name is Ack, he was very rude, very obscene language. He asked her where is that high school and she told me mom obviously it is in Belize City. You know it is a new high school that has just opened. She is really very upset about the whole thing. She said that they already took Chris away from us, and now I’m afraid they are going to take my brother away, which is my son. My son has been patted down by the police nine times, you know, nine times and they have never found anything on him.”

Schakron says that the continued intimidation against her will not affect of the work being done by Belizeans for Justice.

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39 Responses for “Children of Belizeans For Justice’s Founder harassed by police”

  1. coral Black says:

    So now the policeman them the intimidate high school teenage girls. Instead a go look
    fi the real murder them. They don’t want the people them stand up and fight against the
    crimes weh di happen ina the country, so them go intimidate them kids.( Cures is the womb that bring forth them dogs deh). No weapons them bring against righteous people will prosper, because them only going to use pon themselves. Hurricane Richard still never wake them up huh. What uhh nuh want, Earthquake, Tsunami. Remember when yo dig a pit for someone who stand up for Justice and Peace, them the wicked and trouble makers will be the same one who will fall ina it. (Justice, Peace, and Love to the Sista and here family.) YHWH Yireh

  2. Earl Grey says:



    It is all about intimidation because they feel threaten by you; they are mostly corrupt people straight from out the dirt and straight into uniforms. The police need to be exposed for who they really are, and the world will know it, soon.
    I wish you and your family the best.

  4. rod says:

    we are behind you the only way for this to stop if for you to file a law suite against this pm the gov. and police department take them to court and sue them for 10million dollars i bet it will stop .

  5. Justice says:

    I would seek international help. Since I am being harrassed by the very people who are being paid with tax payers money are obviously not doing their job, This madness in belize must stop! I applaude Yolanda and all the mothers who are standing up. I really hope more people would join them as their is strngth in numbers.

  6. cindy says:

    Shakron with all due respect mam, you know the police officers? start f*** kill them, they will learn that they have to do their jobs. we all know they are involve in Drug trafficking, killing, stealing but nothing is done. let the peole do justice. we are ending no wher. stop complaining and get actions done!

  7. Proud Belizean says:

    Don’t suggest violence to this good-hearted lady, Cindy.

  8. belizean says:


  9. To Cindy says:

    Schakron is doing all she can Cindy. You see anyone else in Belize going to great lengths like her? This woman is putting everything on the line. I applaud her for being so brave.

  10. jacob says:

    All you do is complain to get pity from the Belizean public. The police can stop anybody and search them as long as they have reasonable suspicion. I get searched too but I don’t complain because I am not a criminal. Only criminals get upset when they are searched because they have something to hide. If you were searched in Chetumal you won’t complain. Stop complaining and using your status and organization to get attention over legitimate actions by the authorities. In other words “stop crying wolf.” Start using your influence legitimately. Do you think that you and your family is special?

  11. belizeaninuk says:

    If it is that the police are targeting the Shakron family then this is wrong and must be address by the police high command. However, I am very skeptical about this constant reports of harassment by police, and it is quite possible that the complaints are just media sound bits to big up her organization. I could not help but read in the report above, how detailed she was of the incident as if she was there on the scene at the time. Like I said if her family is being targeted then this is wrong. However, It is in my view, even a greater injustice if people are making these things up. Let how that whichever way the BPD gets to the bottom of this.

  12. shaida says:

    cindy i dont agree with you, let me say this that breath belongs to no one so you instigating criminal acts is very dusturbing. why dont you get to know a police who is trustworhty who you can speak to and know that it will be kept cofidential. start helping your community girl. Of course they are officers involved in illegal activities but dont let that over shadow the good ones. Of course shakron knows the Police Officers. She knows one of them CARNALLY so what. he should help her unless he is just like the ones you are talking about. ANYWAYS LETS JUST WORK HANDS IN HANDS WITH THE POLICE AND MAKE BELIZE A SAFER PLACE. WE CAN DO IT – YES WE CAN!!!!!!

  13. marta says:

    Wow jacob u must be a corrupt cop. maybe u are even involved in the murillo and galvez murder. Or you must be ignorant. You must not have kids. a mother will protect her kids, no matter what. What can a 14 year old girl in her uniform be transporting. most certainly you are an idiot.

  14. Live for it says:

    this is an too much with the police abusing citizens, HOW CAN WE TRUST THE POLICE DEPARTMENT IF THEY CONTINUE TO ACT THIS WAY, very soon people with turn against you all (police) and you all will be very sorry. Do your job with honesty, let those that are working for the betterment of Belize do their jobs. IT IS FUSTRATING

  15. Francisco Patt says:

    I hear Shakron talking like if she is so self righteous and a lot of bull crap. All she wants is attention, watch how she will turns all of this into a political thing. Why doesn’t she tell the police or the public the reason why her nephew was killed, according to her, Chris confided to her things that led to his death. What is she doing about the young man Domingo that her nephew shot on Amara Avenue and now the young man is crippled from the Chest Down. Shakron is just a bser and herself encourages crime and is now hiding behind the Belizean for Justice Propaganda. Ask her if she gave a statement to the police when they stabbed up the young front of her establishment.

  16. Proud Belizean says:

    Jacob, stop hating on Ms. Shakron. Why don’t you join them in the fight against injustice? What are you doing to better your community?

  17. OW Resident says:

    Jacob… ur just being… ….Police searches are legal when done with respect and the dignity of persons are being respected. Police in belize lack tact. One thing is being searched the other being harrased frequently. Police mobiles need to have a surivellence camera on board to document searches and protect civilians and officer… Our police need reform and they need it yesterday.. there are several high ranking officers on pay rolls of rich influential people that have them on speed dial… We need to curb currption and it starts with not paying an officer 25.00 cash for a 25.00 ticket becasue you no want to go throught the legal hassel . I went off tangent a bit but we neeed to do it.

  18. Kay says:

    @Francisco Patt…seems like you know more than the media chooses to let up. Do say Mr. say. Let US Belizeans know what’s behind all this insanity and constant “police harrassment”. I knew there is always two sides sometimes three sides to a story please be the third side and bring some light it all.

  19. Chiquibul says:

    Yolanda, We will pray harder for you and your family. Evil will never prosper, no matter how long it takes. When evil fails, they will feel more than you. God Bless.

  20. wilbert says:

    Well !!!!!! is there any politician who cares about Belize or the people of Belize. we all regret voting for them. thought things would change for the better but WRONG!!!!. those people that are in authority that can intervene and do something, but instead keep silent and allow all this madness to continue are guilty also. Don’t give up Yolanda, God is with you and your family, we are praying for you, we plea the blood of Jesus on you and your family, may God cover you all with his mighty hands and bring justice where it belongs. The enemy will not have dominion over you, psalm 34:19 many are the affliction of the righteous, but God will deliver him from the all, LOVE YOU.

  21. al says:

    A lawless society has risen up in Belize. There i sno one in authority over anything. The criminals are free to do whatever, the police cand do whatever they please with no accountability. When is someone going to say enough is enough. It sounds like Belize is becoming like the lawless African nations where the military can brutalize the citizens for no other reason but that they can. Police should understand that reducing crime is as good for them as it is for the citizen. This is typical of a police force that is made up of high school dropouts and criminal elements who use the legal system to be criminals, that was obvious three weeks ago. There is no one to investigate police behavior becasue internal affairs officers are as crooked as the rest. It is like putting the fox to guard teh hen house. Belizeans do something they cannot kill you all.

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    The entire system is corrupted.Belizean Citizens are been violated because of this lame PM.


    Oh our belizean people, why can’t we for once see the good in people. These women from “Belizeans for Justice’ are doing so much in taking a stand against the insanity that is plagueing our country. Instead of trying to show Ms. Shackron in a negative way , we should be thankful for once that someone in our society (and a woman )has the gall to put herself out there. I hope this organization continue their good work and I would hope Ms Shackron would consider running for the Mayoral Office in the next election.

  24. Kenny Jacobs says:

    Why the police harassing people who are doing the right thing? they should be out there in the streets looking for the real murders, gangs, and all the those bad people…these are the ones they are afraid of…shame on them for this…when little things happen, they are ready to be there to pay…BIG…and when the real thing happens…shame on them again….they take sooooooooooooo long to appear………….am i correct? or am i correct.?……….i know i am……..for the love of my fellow teens, i am the director of teens belize organization…………

  25. Jah says:

    It appears that every time the Police stop and search one of the Galvez or Schackon family it is harassment, please stop your foolishness, Police will do their job and will search each and every suspicious person especially when they are riding around in fully tinted vehicles, stop cry and do what you do best, CRY FOUL……

  26. waste of space AGU says:

    Before the Schakrons, the Police used to only pull over the little black ghetto youths. Now they’ve expanded this type of harassment to anyone who dares to expose their dirty deeds. As the society becomes more informed, rogue law enforcers are forced to become more creative. On Sunday morning, this very so called ‘ Anti Gang Unit’, picked up an underage and troubled teenage boy, and when his mother protested, one of them shouted at her that she’s lucky this time, otherwise she could have found his body on a deserted road.

    I don’t know is whether that means that the ‘Anti Gang Unit’ will do the actual deed, or if it’s a warning to the underage teenager and his parent, as we know that he hangs out with some shady characters. In the case of the latter, as authority figures, these Officers should get the Social Police Dept to investigate the case of any minor hanging out. At the end of the day, GOB has approved the use of taxpayers fund for this cause so we should get our money’s worth.

  27. rootsman says:

    Yeah Francisco Patt will you please give us the other side of the story because it sure seems like something is missing from this story.

  28. Elgin Martinez says:

    We need more Belizean Sisters like Yolanda.We’ve got to many people pleasers in the jewel.Respect to this sista keep the fight going that is the only way change is going to come to the jewel.

  29. shabba says:

    your kids and family were directly affiliated and funded criminals (George Street) . Just because one of them died don’t mean all sins are washed away.

  30. evette says:

    @ Jah You r a real a$$ if it was u in that car uu Punk a$$ would have been right where she is,The policeman in Belize need better training as most of them r dunce or bully who is trying to make a name for themselves,Or they must have wanted money as they r also a bunch of thieves worthless Belize Police only a few is they who really care about their job an people of Belize.

  31. vigilante justice 316 says:

    Tinted windows should be against the law in belize if it is too dark. If I’m walking down the street and someone taking aim I want to see them aiming before they take the shot, tinted windows hide too much in a lawless society. I don’t condone police harrassment but little things like restricting how dark people can tint their window will help to allay fears and suspicion. With that said, I’m glad that( Belizean for justice) is around to make these problems known to the people.

  32. THE ONE says:

    If your son was searched nine times in a year (since the death of your nephew), then Ms. Schakron that is not Police Harassment. You should ask the average youth in the city and most would tell you they are searched nine times or more in just one week.. You need to understand that the Police have a job to do and we have a serious crime situation in our country. If other citizens are asked to produce Licence and registration at a check point, your status as leader of your organization does not exempt you. It is time to stop throwing your little PITY PARTIES through the media. Stop misleading the public. We all know there are good & bad cops, but I doubt that the department has the time or resources to be harassing you all on that level.

  33. Elgin Martinez says:

    THE ONE: I assume you are a Policeman or has some affiliations with the corrupted elements of the Police Department.It’s obvious that this Lady is been harassed.Let’s not try to justify the actions of these idiots.Some of these Policemen are just made because thy’re been exposed.Keep the fire burning Yolanda.Let’s get back our country from these criminals.

  34. Uprizin says:

    The law for the removal of dark tints from vehicle windows was already passed. The reason why this law was not enforced is because our own leaders (characters of politics) were being affected. How can a law be pass and enforced only for a few? Belizeans are becoming aware self-educated. I see blue plate all over the country and in wee hours at very indecent gatherings with very dark tints. On the other hand the police force is a group of organized criminals. These politicians use them as their own body guards. Even politicians are involved to a certain percentage in the crimes that affects our country, but you never see them in court much less behind bars. Belize is a very small country, and i am sure the Schakron family is well know for their diligence and hard work in fighting for justice for all. Well known to the society and to the police. So their is no excuse to search a known citizen nine times consecutively. The Police department are a bunch of uneducated fool and i don’t blame them i blame our leaders. What they want to create is a department that does not uphold the law but one that upholds their personal wishes. Keep up the good work Ms. Schakron.

  35. Hit-Girl says:

    And this is why we’re not moving ahead. Too much fuzziness, incomplete stories, shallow investigations (by both the media and the police).
    Need some clarity to win the confidence of people. Obviously this woman doesn’t have the support of the general public as demonstrated by the comments above.
    When will we ever make a step forward?

  36. Hit-Girl says:

    Suggestion: Interview these children that were harassed and let’s see how they tell the story. Get a picture of the car. Let’s have some more context here because Francisco Patt just stirred up an ant’s nest. Need more information.

  37. Ongle Ting says:


  38. reggie says:

    Minister Sing what are you doing to change the Police Force? look to me like you are just a Puppet Minister.You have to get ur officer in check.More and more it look like the police office did have something to do with the killing.Why keep going after the family?Is their name in the Black Book @ the Station that whenever you see the family ur officer must stop them. Did you take a course in criminal justice?If not you need to report to the Police Trainig School asap.We must start to write to the U.S.A. Embassy to inform them that the money they are giving to the Police Dept.would be better off to give to the Poor to pay for Lawyers to protect them.I think the Criminal would do a better job that the policemen in the force rite now,you should recurit from prison.

  39. louisville,ky says:

    I guess that’s why it can be said that there are always three sides to every story. In this case, Yolanda’s side, the Police’s side and now Patt’s side.
    By the way i don’t consider being stopped nine times and asked for proof of identification over a period of twelve, fourteen months, harrassment, especially if you are riding around in a heavily tinted automobile.
    Are’nt you asking the police to crack down on crime?……or is that only for the poor ghetto youth?
    Were the occupants of the car violated in any way, other than being stopped by the police? Come on now………..stop the b……. cloth crying.

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