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Dec 1, 2010

Breaking News: two murdered at gas station

At news time tonight, a Texaco security officer was murdered just before seven o’clock at the gas station in front of Courts Belize on the Northern Highway. A second person was shot and taken to the hospital. Initial reports are that it appears that the incident was a robbery. We’ll have more on this on Wednesday night.

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20 Responses for “Breaking News: two murdered at gas station”

  1. rod says:

    and the carnage continues unabated with no end in site this gov has got to go people.

  2. Justice says:

    Xmas is approaching and the BDF should be engaged in keeping the crime down.

  3. shirleynielson says:

    beaucoup crime in our newscast this evening. heads up. the end is near.

  4. Proud Belizean says:

    This is sad. Hopefully with the video they are able to catch the badits.

  5. concerned citizen says:

    The BDF are out patrolling the street, however everyone has to get involved in reducing the crime level in Belize. We are a small country, Our people are not safe to walk the streets. Please stop the violence, stop taking peoples lives. God giveth and taketh away, it is not any mans duty to take another persons life away.

    when are our young men going to realize that life is precious. That their own life should have more meaning than living th “thug life” , It is apparent that our government and our people are not ready to take on the fight against crime in our country , so I pray that a greater power will calm the storm that Belize has now become.

  6. Jerry says:

    Get a grip. people been d get kill da belize from b4 you and me born so no say dat da PUP or UDP da all a we u and me.

  7. Longsworth says:

    I haven’t lived in Belize for many years, it is sad to read everything happening in Belize and nothing is being done about it. Now this crime has hit very close to home as one of the victims was my cousin David. Rest In Peace, we will miss you cuz. Love

  8. James says:

    UDP , PUP or any other P will not make any difference. The crime situation will still remain. This is not a Government issue its a social issue. All of us need to do our part to get this fix. We Belizeans rely too much on others to fix our problems. We need to take up our responsibility. From being good parents and neighbors, willing to stand up against criminals and testify in court etc. If we don’t do our part to fight crime this will never end but get worse.

  9. christie says:

    I don’t know why everyone keep blaming the GOB? They have come into power to meet the spoils from the previous GOB. at least this GOB has been dealing with removing ministers and exposing things that need to be exposed. And they’re doing so on a low budget..the scraps from the previous Stealing GOB. It’s time to look at yourself Belizean citizens and ask..Where have i gone wrong? Stop blaming and blaming because that’s all it is..a blame game. Do your part and help develop a stronger Belize. One that your future generation will be proud of… the same way the US are proud..why can’t we be proud of our own country. it’s time to bring back discipline in our homes and help one another as we used to in a once proud Belizean society!

  10. somiah says:

    way to speak James! dont know why the young people today think that ever issue is a government responsiblity… ( I guess it is the blaming game ) Belize is a Democrocy not a Socialist country. Socialist country is all run by the government. Democracy is ” we the people, of the people, by the people ” meaning we the people need to get off our …. and help to solve the problem of crime in our streets, and it starts at home, not with Dean Barrow or any ” P “!!!!

  11. Joe says:

    stop crying My Belizean Brothers. We need to take a hard grip on the situation. Give guards guns – shoot to kill, not just on legs – SHOOT TO KILL.

  12. Martin says:

    There there Belize now you have 5 grave space remaining………..

  13. Chiclero says:

    Crime affects everyone. We have failed our children and now intervention is required to fix what needs to be repaired. We have to focus on the youths and stop the cycle from continuing. Statistics show violent crime continues to increase and believe me it will worsen as long as we continue on this path. until one body stands up and remains committed to our youths the responsibility falls upon all of us to do a part in changing lives for the better and let the feeling spread.

  14. jr says:

    ppl. it’s easy to point fingers, we need to understand the problem and its simple its the system we live in, tonite all we going to hear is the police are investigating and too men are in custody. we need conviction. we need detectives, we belizeans need to clean up the system starting at the top open we mouth with conviction, set examples to corrupt public servants, from cabinet to social security officers. wake up ppl. we the ones not doing anything about it. we close our eyes and just blame the government and at the end of the day both parties kick back and relax at princess lounge. government of the day start from the top and clean the system. feed the hungry cure the sick and help the homeless. stop the bs and get real u making us look real bad.

  15. belizeanpride says:

    another belizean brethren healthy and hard working killed by scumbags of our society. when on earth are the parents of these youths commiting these crimes have talk to their youth about lives being taken away for the greed of money? where is the family value? geez, they have no respect for life at all. i do think that every parent know their on children and youths at home and most know what kind of life they live in or out the house. So lets start implementing some family values to our small children now so when they grow up they won’t have a sick metality like what these scumms have right now. God have mercy on us belizeans and this beautiful country.

  16. mike 401 says:

    there is nothing we can do about the men killing others but the parents can see to it that they bring up there child/children in the right way and the government isnt to blame the parent brought them in this world and they cant handle the pressure so they let them go in the world to become hardcore and they now want to blame the government how stupid is society. any way i still love my country in fact the whole world and i serve only god not man. im 16 years old and people older than me cant understand or comprehend what is the problem and i agree with @rod

  17. R. Terry says:

    These things make me think twice about living back in Belize. This is the City Life. I think what is lacking in Belize is the proper forensic team to gather evidence and investigate. I have not looked at the number of cold cases on file but I bet in Belize it is higher than other countries as it relates crimes vs. population size. The Police seem to depend too much on force and not on forensic information. Now, I am not saying become like CSI. Just try to make better investment in technology that is going to help solve more crime in a timely manner. you do the crime, you should do the time.

  18. junkman says:

    this is bull pure and simple bull**** lets get the rope the hangman rope i will be prepared to hang the sorry @$$ killers for free and please add mr. nolle passeque the bally who allways show up in court to set these fo***** free no more of that haning time is here free killing days are over hanging is the solution get with the program kill the criminals by hanging now

  19. BZNinCALI says:

    Until parents step up & do their jobs, we can expect more of the same. There was a time when none of our parents would allow us to bring money or anything into their homes that we could not clearly account for. We were taught responsibility, jail was a bad place & shame existed in our culture, We need to start shaming the worthless parents & prosecuting them along with their children whenever we find illegal weapons in their homes or can prove that they have benefited from their children’s crimes.

  20. michiganprince says:

    or local police needs to be more on the streets and but it seems theres more money dealing drugs its a shame.

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